15 June 2024
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To Become a Contributor Join Our Community of Bloggers Today

eMoneyIndeed.Com was started with bloggers like you in mind. We love to have upcoming bloggers like you with little or no prior experience, come to our blog and send us a post.


So here’s the deal, you send us an article and we give you fame by publishing it on our platform. You need not necessarily be an expert – a good command on English language and a little sense of humour is just fine for us.


You send us a great article written by you and we come back with an “Awesome”, we love it so much that we are publishing it” or “Sorry”, this is not something our readers would like, “why don’t you try again”. If it works for you, read the guidelines below to become a part of our family. Trust me; we’d love to have you over.

The Guidelines

They are pretty easy to follow. We want you to remember one important point at the start; we’d love to have articles from you as long as they are YOURS and not stolen from someone else.

Content Guidelines:

  • We do not entertain promotional content. A press release or anything reading like one will be rejected. Also, content that asks our readers to call on a specific number, contact on a website or social media account, subscribe to newsletter will be considered as breach of the guidelines.


  • All articles must contain images, videos, and links against respective points to improve the reader’s experience. We’d appreciate if you mention the source wherever you use images. Also, we don’t guarantee you that all the images given by you will be published as is, we might suggest some changes if required. We want your article to go out in the best shape possible.


  • Please note this is an opportunity for personal bloggers only to gain exposure for their NON COMMERCIAL sites. Include a short bio at the end of the post with no more than 1 link. You can link to your blog or social media.


  • If you are eager to promote yourself or your business, we’d recommend you write to us first at emoneyindeed@gmail.com


  • Our reader would love to see content that adds value holistically. That doesn’t mean you need to write about every topic you can think of. You can pick your favourite industry and write insights, stories, lists etc. Or you can write on topics rooting from different categories.

To Give You a Sense of What Our Readers Might Like (and the one’s that we publish gladly), Here are a Few Tips:

  • Blogging hacks, tools and tricks
  • Entrepreneurship and its challenges
  • Case studies, success stories, failure stories
  • Motivational, inspirational, etc.


We don’t expect you to write on unusual topics always. You can pick the simplest topic and write it in an unusual way and we’ll love you.


  1. We receive a lot of posts on a daily basis, we need you to understand the effort and time it takes to read and review posts sent by each one of you. Hence, we request you to send in articles in a ready to publish format. One’s that need changes will be sent back to you for correction while the ones that have too many mistakes will be rejected.


  1. We expect all contributors to be responsible for the accuracy of their content. If anyone found guilty of plagiarism, they will be subject to investigation and removal of all content from the community.


  1. Each article should be of minimum 1500 words and should cover the topic well enough for a reader to leave the page feeling content. Articles that are irrelevant, half-cooked and do not serve a good purpose will have to be rejected. If you are submitting an infograph, you must include at least 300 – 400 words of original text. The image of the infograph should be high quality and it should not link back to a company page.


  1. We also appreciate video bloggers, so if you have a video blog to submit, send us the video and we will tell you how to publish it on the platform.


  1. All the articles, infographs and videos will be published under one condition that they cannot be republished on any other blogs or websites once they are published on eMoneyIndeed. When you submit a post to eMoneyIndeed, you give us the copyright ownership of that post.

Head Over

Just Email Us at emoneyindeed@gmail.com to Submit a Guest Post

Please put the words ‘GUEST POST’ in your email subject line.


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