24 May 2024
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11 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog This Year

11 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog This Year

Blogging is becoming more popular day by day.


Blogging helps to share your opinion, thoughts and ideas in a descriptive manner and it also enables you to earn some extra bucks.


These are only few of the many reasons why you should start a blog this year.


Learning Points


  • Benefits of personal blogging.
  • Why blogging is important.
  • Benefits of blogging for business.
  • What can you blog about?
  • How can you make money from a blog?


Blogging is exactly similar to teaching, the more you teach, the more you learn. If you want to know things, understand things and if you want to excel in those things, you should start blogging right away.


So let’s not waste any time and explore all the possible reasons which may compel you to start your own blog.


#1. Blogging For Expressing Your Thoughts and Ideas


First of all you need to decide what can you blog about? You can use different blogging platforms to discuss sports, politics, history, science, space and literally anything else.



No one is going to prevent you from sharing your ideology to the world and in the meantime, you will be known as a Blogging Scholar.


#2. Blog For the Promotion of Your Art


Leanne Regalla, manages a blog named “This inspiring piece” which describes how 49 people use blogging to do the promotion of their art. This is one of the many examples where a blogger uses his/her reach to advertise their forte.


Whether you are a painter, a writer or an aspiring singer wanting to showcase his talent, there cannot be a better platform for the promotion of your art other than a blog.


#3. Blogging For Transforming Your Hobby Into Business


  • Is writing your hobby, your passion?


What if you could transform it in to your business and earn some cash? Sure it’s possible. In fact many people are earning stacks of cash by writing their personal blog.


Consider this, Pat Flynn of “SmartPassiveIncome” has a monthly income of around $1,30,000 and he earns this amount without any fuss. Moreover after all this, he still gets enough time to spend with his friends and family.


#4. Blogging For Enhancing Your Writing Skills


If you want to master the art of writing then you need constant practice and consistency in your routine and blogging is just about that.


In one of the greatest books ever written, “On writing” by Stephen King, he explains that when he discontinued writing for several weeks he had lost his rhythm and words weren’t coming out smoothly. Thus writing blog transforms your writing skills from ordinary to extra ordinary.


#5. Blog Writing Helps You Gain Self-Confidence


May be you’ve asked yourself sometimes “Should I start a personal blog?” Or perhaps you’ve often searched reasons not to blog.


In any case, if you are unable to arrive on a decision it is just because of the lack of self-confidence you have in yourself.


The remedy, you seek is blogging once again. It will help you gain self-confidence and will let you speak out your opinion more convincingly.


#6. Freelancing, Blog Writing Makes it Easy


Carol Tice is a New York based freelance writer.  Everything is ordinary about her except for the fact that she is thriving in her freelance writing career and is making six figures annually and that too without any hassle.


Freelance writing can prove to be your niche as there is no better feeling than getting paid for what you love.


Blog writing can help you get freelancing gigs and this is one of the many reasons which state the significance of blogging.


#7. Blogging For Achieving Growth in Your Business


  • Why blog for business you may ask?


Simply because adding a blog to business can boost the sales and it helps to build credibility among consumers. More trust from customers means more sales.


Moreover blogs can generate surplus traffic to your business website which in turn leads to more buyers.


These are only some of the proven benefits of blogging for your business. Besides these, running a blog can improve the relationship between a buyer and seller.


#8. Money Can Be Made By Blogging


  • Is it possible to earn up to six figures annually through blog?


Not only it is possible but it’s quite normal now a days. So the question arises-“How to make money with a blog?”


Making money with blog is not as simple as starting it but is indeed possible as a lot of people are already earning a hefty amount of cash through blog writing.


Awesome Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog This Year

(Image: problogger.com)


As the figure indicates, the possible sources of money from blogging can be widely differentiated. You see, the flow of cash is from different direction and is targeted towards the single entity, being you.


At first, you should ask yourself – “What should I blog about to make money?”


Afterwards you should list out different topics you think you have expertise in. Then you need to choose the most appropriate one and start blogging.


However, you need to be consistent about the quantity as well as quality of the blog. Then only you will be rewarded for the hard work you put up.


#9. Blogging Can Help You If You Are a Student


With the modern day kids being able to type faster than they write, it’s not surprising that several students are utilizing this blogging platform to share their ideas, thoughts and experiences.


Students can summarize their ideas, arrange them in order and then they can respond to the situation accordingly. This process develops their academic skills and makes them a better learner.



Besides these, having your personal running blog can enhance your curriculum vitae to a great extent.


There are many blogs, being handled by students who are providing their owners a source of income thereby preventing them from doing any exhausting part time job.


Thus with several other benefits, monetization of blog aptly describes the importance of blogging for students.


#10. Blogging Helps Others


If you want to influence a positive change in lives of other people, blog is just what you need.


You can inspire upcoming generations and help them take the right decisions through blog writing. People who are struggling in their lives can benefit a lot from your blog.


Now whether it’s a political, social or an economical cause, a blog can help you to create the required alertness and harvest the necessary support.


#11. Blogging is Essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Purposes


Search engine Optimization is not easy to understand and the continuously changing norms of Google do not make it easier, but one thing that makes it easier for sure is blogging.


There are several techniques employed for SEO such as:



They demonstrate us why blogging is important for SEO.


Wrapping it up


You cannot deny the importance of blog on websites; neither can you ignore the impact they have on modern business ventures.


Site blogs are a real thing and they are continuously evolving. Innovations in the field of Blogging are incessant and they are gradually making this world a better place to live.


Success to you may not come straightaway but you need to be persistent about it and have an unfulfilling hunger for victory.


At last I’m going to leave you with some wise words from Collin Powell: “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.”


reasons why you should start a blog this year

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