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Snapchat – Closer Look at What Snapchat is all about

Snapchat - Closer Look at What Snapchat is all about

If you ever wondered ‘what is Snapchat and how does it work?’, then you’ll be surprised to learn that Snapchat is a mobile app but one with a difference, making its success within the short time it was launched seems inexplicable.



Here’s some information on Snapchat and who is the owner of Snapchat –it was officially launched in September, 2011 by its partners Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown.


As for what is Snapchat used for, well, Snapchat users can use it to send photos and videos to others only to have the same disappear into thin air within a matter of minutes, giving the phrase “here today, gone tomorrow” a whole new twist.


How Snapchat was created makes for an interesting story all on its own but moving on, what makes Snapchat stand out from the other apps is that it comes loaded with some great features putting it on par with other social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, etc.


But before that, if you are a first time user, chances are that you are bound to find the experience a tad surreal since the Snapchat app, operates like a camera.



Of course, once you become a Snapchatter or a Snapchat user, you can use the app like a camera, snap pictures, share them with other users in real time, add captions, apply filters and give your images a makeover.


The interesting part is that you cannot save any images or videos shared on Snapchat; at most, you can take a screen shot of the same and save it in JPEG format.

How Snapchat Works

How Snapchat Works


If you are wondering ‘How can I download Snapchat?’, well, the process is just the same as with other apps and you should be able to download, install it and use it without any hassle.


Any Snapchat user can snap a picture or shoot a short video and send it over to others online; but the fun lies in using the features on Snapchat.



Essentially, Snapchat app utilizes the camera on your phone and when you install the app, the camera screen should pop up. Makes sense since the app is an image and video messaging application with frills.


Essentially, the app operates as a camera, one that you can use to snap pictures, doodle on it or add captions to make it snazzy and forward the same to your friends and followers.


Once you download and install Snapchat, the app opens up the camera screen where you can toggle the icons on the top left and right to operate the flash, move between the front and rear cameras, and use additional options for lenses and filters.


And if you are wondering whether Snapchat is safe for kids, the answer is a resounding “yes”; Snapchat is safe for kids.


If you are wondering how to use Snapchat on android, the process is the same as with other apps – you just download and install it on your phone and you should be able to start snapping your own story, in no time at all.


Of course, the concept of “instant destruction” may take a while to get used to, but Snapchat does come packed with options where you can take screenshots of snaps or videos and save it as a picture.


You can also create a story, where you add snaps to the story and broadcast it to everybody.  The ‘story’ can be viewed by anyone, any number of times over the course of a day.



Snapchat operates more on an ephemeral level where all the pictures and videos shot disappear into the ether within ten seconds. Or so it used to be, until Snapchat rolled out memories, through which both images and videos can be rolled into memories and downloaded by users, making the ephemeral tag, a thing of the past.


As of May 2014, this app has generated over 700 million snaps/ day which should give you an idea as to how popular it is, which is why it is still a great social media tool to use and market yourself, and your products and services.


While the basic demographic of Snapchat happens to be teens and young adults, it is fast catching on among others.


Now according to Reuters, with a lucrative public offering of $20 billion in the play and an income target of $370 million for 2016, Snapchat may turn out to be more than just a marketing medium; it may well be the best investment option in a decade. 


Tips on Using Snapchat for Marketing


Tips on Using Snapchat for Marketing


‘How does the Snapchat story work for marketing?’ is what most companies and individuals are asking themselves.


Snapchat is extremely popular with millions of Snapchatters clicking snaps every few seconds, this is why it makes a great idea to use this app for marketing and here’s how you should go about it.


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  • Leak the Story: Assuming you are poised to release a product or introduce a new food dish at your restaurant – you can use Snapchat to snap a few ‘behind the scene’ pictures and even get a celebrity to participate. This should definitely get the picture to go viral and McDonalds has already done the same with James LeBron and their new sandwich.


  • Account Takeover: If you are worried that you’re just brand new to the Snapchat scene and do not have that many followers to make any meaningful impact, don’t be – for you can get a few influential Snapchatters to take over your account and any snaps you post will get instant exposure to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers, depending on how much influence that Snapchat user really wields.


  • Sharing Promo Codes: You can use Snapchat to release pictures with promo codes, promo videos which others can use to avail discounts at your shop.


Other merchants have done the same with great success; for one, it nets you a large amount of followers resulting in more visibility for your snaps.


And since these snaps and promos are only visible for about ten seconds, the other Snapchatters have a really short window in which to capture the image, forward it to others and claim the discount.


  • Feature Others: One of the methods to building a loyal customer base is by featuring your followers while getting them to contribute to your story with relevant snaps and images.


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Apart from engaging with your niche audience, it helps gets the word out, snags in more followers and valuable leads. These are some of the ways by how you can use Snapchat to effectively market yourself online.


According to Haley Overland, senior editor at Chatelaine, in one of her tweets, “People bore easily, they want action” and this is what Snapchat does; it provides just that in the form of unadulterated raw content.


In fact, one fashion magazine’s editor-in-chief even used Snapchat to feature a leading fashion show, offering other users a ringside view of all the models strutting along, with funny captions accompanying the same; that Snapchat clip went viral instantly.


Over to You


Snapchat is not a new app any longer; it has evolved along with other social media applications and is fast turning out to be one of the top trending apps for this decade.


While new users may need a while to familiarize with how it works, Snapchat is easy to operate and a great way to get the word out about yourself and all those around you.



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