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What is a Twitter Party and How to Throw Twitter Parties?

Tips on How to Throw a Twitter Party


If you’re interested in social media marketing to promote your business, here are tips for hosting twitter parties. You might be asking the question ‘What is a Twitter Party’? In short, it is a live, online discussion using tweets with product giveaways thrown in, in a bid to connect with your old and potential customers.


The event is also known as a Twitter chat and it takes place when businesses create hashtags around a topic, asking their followers on Twitter to follow the hashtag, at a specific time, so that they can have a discussion with one another.


If you take care to produce the right Twitter party, you could actually reach millions of your target audience. It helps to put your brand name right there in front using social media.



Twitter party is a means of interacting with customers and giving them more information about your products/services. So, what is a Twitter party anyway? You could be launching a new ebook or a product but don’t have the time or the funds to organize a real life party. You can reach out to a bigger audience with your Twitter party if you know how to use Twitter.


  • What is a Twitter party? It’s just a Twitter live chat on the social media Twitter where you use the hashtag search for organizing discussions and asking your target audience to participate.


  • After they join Twitter, as far as your customers are concerned, it is a party where they can meet old friends and make new ones, chat about subjects that interest them and also win some prizes.


Tip: Learn how to Join Twitter and check out the twitter bird logo.


  • Bloggers can also attend Twitter parties to meet influencers and know more about brands.


  • For the sponsors, it offers a means of connecting with fans and customers.


  • Businesses use the opportunity to generate a buzz about their upcoming products.


  • You can interact with your followers and other businesses in your industry or anyone who is interested in your company. You answer questions, give news, interact with participants, introduce team members and so on.


  • The best part of this party is that it is online. You don’t have to get out of your pyjamas, you don’t have to put on makeup and you don’t have to do your hair. Everything is done from the comfort of your favorite armchair. You just have to know how to tweet on Twitter.


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How Does a Twitter Party Work?


After you have mastered how does Twitter work and what is a tweet, you can get on to hosting a party.


  • One or several hosts post about the party in advance and invite followers, spreading the message through other social media as well.


  • They give details of the hashtag for the party.


  • In some cases, there are sponsors who offer prices to selected participants. These prizes are shipped to the chosen winners.


  • Some experts or influencers of the industry also are invited for participating in the discussion.


How to Throw a Twitter Party?


How to host Twitter parties? You can throw a Twitter party for your new book; product/service; new venture; a new partnership or a new logo or you can just do it for no other reason but to connect with your fans and customers. Here’s how to do it!


#1. Attend a Party


Learn how to find Twitter parties and how to attend a twitter party.


Before throwing a party, attend one to learn how things work and know how to organize a Twitter party.


  • As a part of this Twitter party guide, you must first select a Topic.


  • The topic should offer some value to your target audience or help the community in some way.


  • For instance, if yours is a photography business, you can send an envite for discussing photo editing strategies. Boutique owners can create a discussion about the latest styles for the fall. A cupcake shop could create a Twitter party on different styles in icing and so on.


Tip: Check out other Twitter parties having a similar topic, in order to get ideas. Use Tweet Reports for finding other Twitter chats.


  • Another idea for a topic is to check through your recent blog posts.


  • A controversial topic trending in your industry could also be a good option.


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#2. Researching Party Hashtags/Naming your Party


The hashtag ensures that all the tweets of the specific party are found in a single location that the host can monitor. They are the easiest ways to find content on Twitter. It gives your Twitter party an identity and helps people find you.


  • The hashtag could be your company name, a location or some other factors related to your product.


  • Use a hashtag that is already connected with your brand or just create a unique one.


  • Check out that the hashtag has not already been connected with any other negative topic or with the competition.


Tip: Check that the name is not an already existing Twitter username and that it has not been used earlier as a hashtag by using social media monitoring tools. Check out that it is not copyrighted. You can even use the same hashtag for several campaigns.


#3. Selecting a Party Theme


So, what is your party going to be about?


  • The theme should be something interesting and exciting. For instance, if you are launching an ebook, throw your party on the date of the release.


  • You could choose to host your Twitter party close to a holiday, as part of your theme.


#4. Sending an Invite


As part of strategies using Twitter for business, send the e invite for your Twitter party.


  • Update your profile before the party. You don’t want the default egg showing up on your profile.


  • Introduce your party hashtag and start tweeting about your party.


Tip: Don’t overdo this. Just one or two tweets a day should be fine.


  • Invite all your fans and followers from other social media as well, such as Facebook and Pinterest.


  • Create an invite on your business site.


  • Give details of date; time; the hashtag and the prizes you are proposing to give away at the event. This should entice them.


  • Link this page whenever you talk about your upcoming Twitter party.


  • Send emails to friends, customers and followers.


  • Add an RSVP form, so that you know how many people are likely to attend the party. It is any host’s nightmare to have just one or two attendees at a party.


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#5. Finding Influencers




#6. Choosing the Right Time


  • For getting the maximum response, you have to select the right time.


Tip: Consider time zones while fixing a time.


  • Select a time when your followers are usually most active on the site.


#7. Twitter Parties Calendar to find Twitter Parties Today


  • Followers usually use twitter party calendars to find out about Twitter parties.


  • Submit your Twitter event to Calendars in advance.


#8. Offering Gifts


  • Give your guests something of value connected with your business or with the event.


  • You can give away discounts; coupons. If it’s the launch of an ebook, give away some signed copies.


  • Connect with sponsors for your event to offer more giveaways.


#9. Script for the Twitter Party


Don’t plan on winging it! The last thing you want for your Twitter party is to end up in an awkward silence!


  • The format is usually in the form of Q and A. You as a host will ask questions or just post the topic in the form of Q1, Q2 etc. Your fans or followers or people attending the party will post the answers in the form of A1, A2 etc, so that it is easy to follow the discussion.


  • Send in a welcome tweet and ask participants to introduce themselves.


Tip: You can even schedule tweets well ahead, so they pop up automatically. Share your script with ambassadors and your company.


  • Establish the rules. For instance, if you’re giving away prizes, set the eligibility criteria.


  • Ask questions after every 10 minutes. Ask about 10 questions. Keep variety in your questions and prepare them predicting a flow beforehand.


  • You can also retweet an answer that you like.


Tip: The conversation should be brand led, but you can ask consumers for their opinion, positioning yourself as the authority on that topic.


  • Thank your participants at the end and give information about any other event in the near future.


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#10. Post Twitter Party Analytics


  • Check out the number of followers before and after the party.


  • Use tools for analytics.


  • Check out the success of your Twitter party, such as the reach, the exposure, campaign impact, the best or top contributors, location data, the level of engagement and traffic.


Wrap Up


Twitter parties are a great opportunity for marketers to promote their business. It offers you a great means of reaching out to your customers and get them to talk about your products.


It’s simple, easy and cheap but it can result in thousands of tweets about your company. All you need to do is to pick a time and a hashtag and bring people together.


So if your business wants to:


  • Connect with customers
  • Build authority in the eyes of customers
  • Build a one to one connection with customers
  • Get industry relevant information
  • Promote your brand name
  • Increase social media engagement
  • Share expertise
  • Learn from the community
  • Reach out to new prospects


A Twitter Party is a Must on your social media agenda!


What is a Twitter Party and How to Throw Twitter Parties?

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