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Web Hosting Problems and What-to-Do’s

Web Hosting Problems and What-to-Dos

Using a website that doesn’t go your way is hard and annoying; so does managing one. There are lots of companies offering web server and web hosting services, and if you’re one, your goal is to be a cut above the rest.


Your business, your company, your name must stand out amidst all. You must know not just the strategies on how to build a good website but also the problems that such industries face concerning your users and of course, the measures you must take to overcome the challenges and to immediately get out of the danger zones.


Below are problems regarding web server and hosting, followed by some guides on how to find a way out and put an end to them or clean up the little or big mess they caused.


#1. Turtle Services


One of the most common web server and hosting issues that everybody tremendously hates is slow web service. People have gotten accustomed to technology and its advancements that now, they have so little patience to wait for a page to load. For the site to immediately load upon opening is a big factor for people to spend some time in your website.


People are tired of waiting in long lines and for the tiring week to end, you shouldn’t make them wait for too long while your site loads. If you do so, they’ll be out of your website in a little while. Their demands and standards went higher than ever. You can lose half of possible visitors with a really slow site.



What to do: Keep in mind that the there are several factors that can cause your website to slow down. There could be unoptimized photos, lots of videos including autoplay and numerous plugins.


If none of the mentioned has a problem, check on your web host. Consider choosing a faster web host based on your own preferences and needs.


If you’re still looking for a web host, find out about its speed by testing their websites. Have a fully managed web service and solutions to keep your page load time quick.


#2. Unknown Facets


There are companies which do not disclose some information regarding their products and services which will affect your decision to buy, and most likely, those are their flaws and limitations. Some don’t divulge technical descriptions.


Of course, they won’t push themselves off a building by proudly telling their possible customers that they have outdated software, old hardware’s, a limited broadband connection and all the other drawbacks.


What to do: Be keen to the information they give you. Do research on the web host and builder. Read reviews from other who experienced their service.


#3. Lack of Flexibility


Your business grows, your needs grow, your reach grows and your website must also grow. Make sure the service you provide for your customers doesn’t suffer.


What to do: Be certain your web host doesn’t deprive you of growth and expansion.



#4. Unresponsive Support


Whatever business type you may be running or whatever website you may be managing, you’ll probably be needing support somewhere and some time. Web hosting providers offer support, but not all of them really give dependable and excellent support. You may experience conflicts on your website which you’re completely not familiar with.


Whatever your concern is, reaching someone immediately and getting your issue resolved is essential.


Traffic increase is usually affirmative, indicating that your strategies are functioning well and that your brand is making some good noise.


The down side is that when high traffic is sudden, functionality issues may be experienced, causing slow page loading.


What to do:  Get a web hosting provider to directly support you in preventing possible issues of high traffic. See to it that you can consult them ANYTIME if ever you’ll need any help. They must be reachable and responsive to inquiries and needs.


Of course, you don’t want to just get support; you want very good and satisfying support from someone knowledgeable of your site’s problem.


Also, read testimonials and reviews about them so you’ll know more about the competency of that web hosting provider. It is important that you can easily contact a team you can trust so when issues arise, it can immediately be given specific helpful measures.


#5. Vulnerable Security


Security is one of the major considerations of businesses and of individuals, yet it is also one of the top concerns they face problems with. Identity theft and hacking have been common attacks concerning security.

There are posers and illegitimate pages using names of other businesses or personalities. There are expert hackers opening other accounts to create bad image and reputation. Some viruses also function to hack and get valuable information from accounts.


Some people are hesitant with putting their personal information when it comes to online transactions because of those.


If your website handles business data and other important information, security is really a big matter because you’re not just taking care of yourself but also your company, staff and clients.


An evidence of insufficient security provision is getting hacked. That means your web host isn’t working well for you. That is not only it however; it is also about the plan you choose. Web hosts should also render backup services to guarantee your data’s safety.


What to do: Select a web host who can sharply keep an eye on your system’s susceptibility and formulate solutions if a security threat or breaking approaches. Secure connections, backups and virus scanning are offered by reliable web hosting providers as part of regular web hosting packages.



#6. Total Crash


Slow-loading pages suck, and a hundred times more does a complete website crash. Downtime is truly costly. It can hugely affect you and your business’ name and create a decline in staff productivity. This could be the worst that could happen – web service becoming totally unavailable, and everyone reacting negatively to it.


What to do: Always be ready with a proper backup because if not, your site could be gone for so long. Take on the services of an efficient web hosting provider to avoid server management issues. Place a team you can totally count on that can guarantee that difficulties are immediately given attention and resolution.


#7. Incomplete Needs


Some regret getting their web hosts because of the limitations they’re experiencing with it. After purchasing the service, that’s the only time they discover that it won’t give them a time and experience worth what their bills. The features you need depend on your own particular needs, and you must get it through your web host.


What to do: Clearly know and understand the web host service you’re planning to get. Make sure it matches your needs and fills what lacks. Compare it with other web hosts too. You can provide your clients’ needs if you have the complete and right needs too.


#8. Matching Quality and Cost


Some companies use inviting words like “trustworthy” and “cheap”, but don’t walk their talk. Some get fooled by companies attracting people with “low offers” and “high quality” slogans but don’t actually provide the best for them. The cost is a big consideration in web hosting.


What to do: You don’t want to get into enormous offers, but also don’t bite at once with a web host just because it’s “cheap”. It is important that before you sign up and decide that you’re getting one’s hosting service, you research more about the company’s features, strategies and services.


Don’t be blinded by irresistible advertising. Never ever give out money for services you’re unsure with. Take not that low price isn’t always equal to good value. You don’t want that, but you also don’t want to pay more than you should for the right web hosting. Don’t just look at introductory prices and sentences. Read and scrutinize everything first then make your final decision.


Wrap up


Managing a website and putting into consideration those things and a whole lot more is definitely a challenging quest. It really does require certain and wise strategies which will prepare you and/or your business whatever happens, if ever problems such as the ones mentioned, occur.


Remember that aside from your web host, there could also be lapses on your part, so check yourself first before judging your web host. And if you’re still looking for a web host, the above information might be very helpful to your search.


Always think of your website visitors and your potential leads, clients, loyalists and advocates. Think long-term matters. Ponder on your present and future needs as well as the people’s. Make every experience a good one and a worth-repeating one. Be wise, alert and persevering towards your own goals and your desire to provide great quality services to people just as you do from services you also get.


AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for UK Dedicated Server, a hosting provider for businesses in Manchester and anywhere else in the globe. Because of the course she took up in college, Nicole has become interested in film critiquing and film-making. She is into events hosting and voice over acting and hosting. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


Cover Photo by – Pixabay


Web Hosting Problems

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