15 June 2024
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7 Ways of Making Money Online That You’ve Never Thought Of

Ways of Making Money Online That You’ve Never Thought Of

Blogging and affiliate marketing are great but they are far from being the only ways of making money online. Today you can find dozens of creative jobs you can do from your home. Many of them won’t even require any substantial capital, only a bit of creativity and a lot of dedication on your part.

7 Original Ways of Making Money Online

#1. Become an ESL (English as a Second Language) Tutor

You don’t need to have a teaching license and degree in order to work as an online language tutor. All you need is the knowledge of your language and understanding of how to share it. Don’t worry if you’ve never taught before.

There are many online courses that’ll help you master popular teaching techniques. You can also use websites like teachingenglish.org.uk to get guidance and materials. Also, don’t forget resources like TED, which can be used as both lessons for your students and learning materials for yourself.

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There are online platforms where you can register as an ESL tutor like ESLTutor or VerbalPlanet. You should also have your own website when your practice starts to grow. It’ll add to your authority and respectability as well as help you find more clients.

You can add a blog to it in order to both boost the website’s visibility with Google and make the website more useful for your students. However, don’t forget that your webpage is an online version of an office, so it must be inviting and stylish.

Like for any online business, your website’s performance and security will matter greatly. Consider using specialized resources that help find the best web hosting. They offer detailed reviews, comparisons, and even discount coupons.

#2. Share Your Knowledge for Making Money Online

Original Ways of Making Money Online

Today you can make money online by literally monetizing your brain. Services, like SubHub are designed specifically for people who can ‘rent’ their knowledge in any area. These hubs offer a chance to monetize anything, from cross-stitch patterns to recipes.

You can fuse this business with online tutoring and/or your blog. Be creative and use every one of our skills to get the most out of your fledging online business.

#3. Start Your Own Channel

Online video streaming is more popular than ever before today, even more so than regular TV. The salaries of leading YouTubers are staggering and now we also have Twitch, where you can get money by simply streaming how you play your favorite games. YouTube Gaming offers that same option as well.

All in all, having your own online channel is a great business opportunity if you have any skills to show off. And if you don’t have any, show off your opinions, like popular critics do.

Travel channels are also very popular, and you don’t even have to travel far to have one. Just focus on exploring your local sights or create a guide of ‘known only to locals’ targeting tourists who come to visit your city.

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#4. Monetize Your Opinions for Making Money Online

Ways of Making Money Online

Another way of making money online that’s getting more popular now is sharing opinion videos through specialized apps like Voxpopme. It’s similar to online surveys that offer some cash for testing brand products.

This kind of thing won’t bring you much in terms of income, but you can use it for making some extra cash and complementing your more profitable personal channel, blog, etc.

#5. Become a Social Media Consultant

You don’t have to be a marketing professional to learn how to promote a business on social media. There are plenty of seminars, courses, and free materials on the subject available pretty much everywhere online.

The efficiency of social media marketing is a well-known fact, so you really don’t need to pitch it to any business worth anything. What you can do, however, is to pitch your services in managing that marketing to the companies too small to have a social media marketer of their own.

These are usually small businesses that can’t afford to invest a lot of time in their promotion even though they understand how important it is. You can contact them directly or offer your services on various freelance marketplaces. It’ll be a boon to have a well-developed social media account of your own to show off your skills in promoting it.

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#6. Become a Paid Researcher

freelance job offers that call for a researcher

If you don’t feel like you have a talent for writing, you can help others in their work. There are many freelance job offers that call for a researcher, meaning a person who will find and collate materials on certain topics.

This way you can help bloggers, writers of academic papers, students, actual science research projects, and even professional authors.

Many businesses also need the help of such researchers to help investigate or monitor their consumer base. Simply put, there’s a research project on any topic you can think of. All you need is to look for it.

#7. Sell Your Photos to Make Money Online

If you have a passion and a bit of talent for taking pictures, you can easily sell them online. Unique images are needed in every industry and you’ll easily get customers from the group which doesn’t want to use generic free pics but can’t afford high-scale professional photography.

Get in contact with small businesses and various WordPress theme developers as they usually need lots of good pictures.

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If you know more ways of making money online, you are most welcome to share them in the comment section below!

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