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Getting Your Name Out There: How to Market Your Water Jet Cutting Business

Water Jet Cutting Business

There are some 119-million Google results when searching for water jet cutting. The water jet cutter industry is growing by leaps and bounds, creating a lot of tough competition.

Anyone in this business should explore every marketing option to remain competitive.

What gives an edge in the waterjet cutting industry? Online marketing.

Most people now discover businesses through online search. They use Google queries, social media discussions, and recommendations to influence their decision.

The sections below outline how to market your water jet cutting business online. Each section shares simple but effective tactics for increasing reach and sales.

Use of these tactics close the competitive gap, letting your business flourish. Learn more and see how you can leverage these to your advantage.

Creating a Hub for Your Water Jet Cutting Business: A Website

Think of the website as a hub for all online activities — including:

  • Communications
  • Customer service
  • Sales & marketing

The website is the 21st century’s business card. Not having a website removes effective marketing tactics from your business opportunities.

Not having a site is unprofessional as parties have no great way to find you save social channels.

The website — acting as a hub — houses content you’ll use across online channels for lead generation. This content acts as assets for existing customers while defining your brand, too.

Setting Up a Quality Website

A quality website is:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to navigate
  • Lush with information

Your website should offer helpful content like:

  • Tutorials and guides
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Technical documents
  • News and promotions

You can build the site using premium website templates found through theme marketplaces. Or, handcraft the code from an in-house or outsourced team.

The goal should be getting visitors to what they want, as quickly as you can.

Each content piece published on the site acts as lead generation. Search engines index the content for keywords, creating organic lead generation.

Publishing content also defines your authority which builds the market’s brand perception.

Optimizing the Site for Organic Leads

Every page should have a unique:

  • Title
  • Description
  • URL

You’ll include targeted keywords within these elements. This is the basis for search engine optimization.

Applying keywords in these sections and page content helps it rank in search results.

To find valuable keywords:

  1. Visit Google’s keyword planner tool
  1. Type in keywords about your industry
  1. Compare search volume and competition
  1. Export keywords into a list

The main keyword should appear a few times in the page content. Secondary and related keywords should support the topic and keyword use. You can use these keywords for the topic basis, too!

Developing Content for Long-Term Growth

Content is your ultimate marketing tool — it:

  • Gets indexed and drives search traffic
  • Gives something to share on social media
  • Generates discussion with site visitors

Your content becomes the sales pitch and marketing funnel. Those discovering it will learn of your brand and offers. Great content, paired with marketing, generates leads and industry placement.

Consider creating the following for your water jet content marketing:

  • 2 – 3 giant guides about a major industry topic
  • 5 – 10 long-form posts about your products and services
  • Convert the best content into other media like video or graphics
  • Regular updates like news and quick content pieces (M – F)

The smaller pieces act as resources and funnels to the larger ones. The larger one’s help convince and convert visitors into customers.

The content plan evolves with the industry and keywords found through website analytics.

You will use content for outreach and link building, too. Link building signals that your site provides valuable information and offers.

Try guest posting or encourage news coverage as part of your outreach campaign.

Beyond the Website: Marketing Water Jet Machining to the Online Masses

Until now, you have:

  1. Build a great website
  1. Filled the site with engaging content
  1. Optimize the site for search and user experience

The next step in marketing a water jet cutting business is distribution. This is creating a presence on platforms and using content to attract leads.

Or, enticing fellow webmasters in promoting your brand and offers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is about exchanging conversations and content for engagement. The goal of SMM is getting people to learn more about your business. The content acts as the sales pitch — done right and you generate free referrals with the platforms.

Your business needs to be on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

How you use the platforms is up to you and your goals. Yet, the basic practice is sharing content from the site on these social channels.

Or, engaging people with topics and building relationships so they entertain your offers.

Try sharing:

  • Your business updates and news
  • Site content and interesting finds
  • Opinions about an event or topic

Your presence and engagement build your brand’s authority. You’ll amass a following helping reshare content to reach a broader audience!

Affiliate and Referral Marketing

Affiliate and referral marketing transforms followers into salespeople. You provide an incentive — commission — in exchange for leads and/or sales. You’ll provide marketing materials to help people promote the brand, too.

You can set up an affiliate program through:

  • ShareASale
  • Commission Junction
  • MaxBounty

…or using plug-ins and an in-house affiliate system.

Participants will build websites and/or create content promoting your offers. This helps expand your brand’s growth and link building efforts.

Affiliates may create guides and reviews to increase conversion rates and sales.

Nurture your affiliates through support and bonus incentives. A couple high-performers can drive hundreds — if not thousands — of leads to your business.

Pay Per Click and Online Advertising

Paid advertising you should explore include:

  • PPC
  • CPA
  • Display
  • Native

Pay per click through Google AdWords is a great entry point.

You’ll bid on keywords for online placement with PPC advertising. You can use this to build a brand presence or direct sales.

CPA works a similar way but pays when someone acts on the ad.

Consider placing ads on relevant, industry websites, too. Create ads in-house, with templates, or outsourced.

Then, seek placement by searching for sites offering to advertise.

Send people to an optimized landing page promoting an offer. This removes distractions and places your offer front-and-center. You can use this opportunity to introduce your brand and build a rapport.

Staying on the Cutting Edge of Water Cutting

New water jet cutting businesses are bound to launch every month as the demand grows. These new operations attract tech-savvy talent learned in online marketing and growth.

The competition is bound to become cutthroat.

Your commitment to an online presence requires up-to-date knowledge of trends and tactics. This lets you explore exciting tactics in building your brand and attracting leads.

To continue improving, see our entrepreneurship & startup section for more inspiration and growth guides.

Water Jet Cutting
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