24 May 2024
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Protecting Your Business Mails – Advantages of Using Tyvek Envelopes


As a business owner, you’re probably sending out direct mail to your customers for several reasons, such as sending them billing notices, letting them know about upcoming promotions, or even to update them with any new products or services that you offer.

Once you send out your mail, you hope and pray that your direct mail gets your intended recipient without any problems. However, the mailing and postal service is not perfect, and there are many reasons why your mail might not reach the recipient, such as tampering, theft, or even damage to the envelope that occurred during the delivery process.

While there’s no 100% guaranteed way to prevent your business envelopes from being damaged, you can use a type of envelope that’s more durable and resilient: Tyvek envelope.

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What is a Tyvek Envelope?

The Tyvek envelope is a special type of envelope that was created by the DuPont™ company in 1955 and produces it until today. While a Tyvek envelope might look like a regular paper envelope from a distance, it is actually made from highly-dense polyethylene fibers.

The material goes through a patented process where the fibers are flash spun, then laid out in a web pattern on a moving bed. Heat and pressure are then applied to the fiber web, which results in a sheet of material that is then shaped into various sizes and types of envelopes.

Tyvek Envelopes

The Different Types and Sizes of Tyvek Envelopes

There are different types of Tyvek envelopes that you can choose from, depending on the use you have in mind.

You can choose among Tyvek envelopes, Tyvek Interdepartmental Envelopes, Tyvek Expansion Envelopes, and Tyvek Cushioned Envelopes.

#1. Tyvek Envelopes

If you need Tyvek envelopes for sending out bills, promotional materials, or other paper-related products, you can choose from their wide range of different types, such as their retail store catalog, office supply catalog, or even more specialized types such as credit card sleeves, disc sleeves, or school products.

These envelopes come in the same sizes as conventional paper envelopes.

#2. Tyvek Interdepartmental Envelopes

If you regularly send out interdepartmental memos in your business, using Tyvek interdepartmental envelopes allows you to enjoy using the same envelope over and over without worrying about the envelope ripping or wearing out due to wear and tear.

#3. Tyvek Expansion Envelopes, and Tyvek Cushioned Envelopes

These envelopes are strong, lightweight, and economical alternatives to bulky shipping boxes and containers. They are strong and durable enough to be able to keep most items safe during transit, and their compact size will give you savings compared to shipping conventional boxes.

If the contents you need to send are fragile, you can opt for either the bubble-lined or padded Cushioned Envelope series.

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What are the Benefits of Using a Tyvek Envelope?

  There are several benefits that you will enjoy when using a Tyvek envelope, such as:

#1. Strong and Durable

As mentioned above, the materials used in a Tyvek envelope will make it significantly stronger and more durable compared to conventional paper. This makes it less likely to be torn, ripped, or damaged during transit.

#2. Lightweight

The materials used in the making of the envelope also give make it lightweight, making it cheaper for you to send it.

#3. Water-Resistant

All Tyvek envelopes come with a special coating that acts as a barrier against moisture so that your valuable contents are protected against water damage.

#4. Puncture-Resistant

The coating also provides another layer of protection and strength to the envelope, making it puncture-resistant. This reduces wear and tear, especially if the envelope is used over and over.

#5. Recyclable

Dupont has a nationwide recycling system in place to receive used Tyvek envelopes. You can check their official company website to find out more about their recycling program and if there is a certified center near you.

#6. Tamper-Resistant

Tyvek envelopes come with a strong seal that prevents tampering with the envelope by other people. Once a Tyvek envelope is sealed, opening it will result in the seal being obviously removed.

How do I Address the Tyvek Envelope?

You can use conventional inks and markers to manually write on Tyvek envelopes. However, some types of ink may run on the surface of the envelope. The best choices for writing on Tyvek envelopes are permanent markers, pencils, or ballpoint pens.

Unfortunately, the material used for making Tyvek envelopes means that it cannot be used with laser printers. The heat produced by the printer during the printing process can melt the Tyvek envelope, which can damage your printer. This is why you receive blank Tyvek envelopes when you order them.

If you want to have the information on the surface of your Tyvek envelope printed, you can print the information on an adhesive label that you can attach to the Tyvek envelope.

Tyvek Envelopes
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