15 July 2024
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Traditional Data Center v/s Cloud Data Center

Some questions often swirl in my mind when I see the headlines Traditional Data Center v/s Cloud Data Center.

  • What is the need of having Data center?
  • What is Traditional data center and what are the limitations of using it?
  • What is the difference between Traditional data center and Cloud data center?
  • How would cloud manage the increasing demand of data storage?
  • What is the future of Cloud data center?

The article answers all the above question. With rapid growth in data flow, data storage is going to be the biggest concern. Along with storage, cost and scale are other key factors. Some known approaches of data storage are Server, Data Center and Cloud.

From all of this, Cloud data center has already started breaking the bars and is soon to replace Traditional data center. Let us now understand the concept behind data storage.

Before I start with what is the difference between Traditional Data Center and Cloud Data Center, Let us first understand the need of having a Data Center.

Large amount of data and information is being transmitted worldwide so here comes the question of storing the data. One approach is to store data on the Server and the other option is to store on Data Center.

The drawback of storing data on server is need for server rooms increases as the demand for storage increases.

Server rooms produce tremendous amount of heat and which in turn have to be kept cool. Cooling factor leads to increase in cost. Servers have to be maintained 24 X 7 by an individual.

Keeping critical data in house is like keeping money wide open for robbers to steal. This sounds financial and mental stress. Let’s now move on to the second option – Cloud Data center.

Cloud Data center is a repository either physical or virtual used for storage, management and transmission of data. Cloud Data center requires minimal maintenance cost as compared to servers.

Cloud Data centers have their own power supply so even in case of electricity failure the system continues to function. Cloud Data center are cost effective and require less man power as compared to servers.

By now, the concept of having a Cloud Data center might be clear.Now let us try to understand the difference between Traditional Data Center v/s Cloud Data center.

Traditional Data Center v/s Cloud Data Center

Traditional Data Center

Traditional and Cloud data center are being used for the same purpose i.e. storage of data.

The only difference is the mechanism used to store the data. As depicted in above figures, in Traditional data center each application has its own infrastructure, so if I have 1000 applications then I would need 1000 data centers.

Whereas in Cloud data center all the applications are hosted in one common cloud storage which reduces the cost as compared to Traditional data centers.

Traditional Data Center



The above diagram depicts the workflow of Traditional data center.

  • There are n number of application hosted within the network
  • Each application has its own physical storage
  • In this case, need for physical storage increases with increase in number of applications
  • Complexity increases with increase in number of physical storage

Key Features

  • Stores data within an organization’s local network
  • Requires special equipment and knowledge
  • Heterogeneous hardware environment
  • Complex workloads
  • Combination of different software architectures
  • Uses different management tools
  • The cost of running Traditional data center is much high since different application require different data center
    • Traditional data center requires almost 42 percent of cost in maintaining hardware, disaster recovery arrangements, power supply and networking.
    • While 40 percent is used for heating, air conditioning and labor costs. So almost 80 percent is spent on maintenance. (Reference: http://www.dummies.com )
  • Traditional data center are much secured.
    • Traditional data center been connected to local network only authenticated users of company can access it and so security is ensured.
  • Owners duty to maintain complete control over hardware and software
  • Renting is based on physical machines
  • Demands semi-automated repair in case of failure

Cloud Data Center


Cloud Data Center

The above diagram gives the basic idea of how a cloud data center functions.

  • N number of applications hosted in different location are residing on the same cloud
  • Primary and secondary(back up) database reside on the same cloud
  • As secondary database resides on the same cloud so even if primary database goes down, there would be no loss of data.
  • At any point of time new applications can be added on cloud, since it is easily scalable.
  • Different applications hosted on cloud are used by users across the world.

Key Features

  • Stores data on the Internet
  • Requires no special equipment and knowledge
  • Homogeneous hardware environment
  • Simple workloads
  • Single standard software architecture
  • Uses standardized management tools
  • The cost of running cloud data center is much low
    • Cloud data center requires 6 percent for operation, 20 percent for power distribution and cooling. Almost 48 percent is spent on maintenance
  • Cloud data center is an external form of computing so it may be less secure.
    • If cloud resides on different locations proper security steps have to be implemented. However, there are wide range of ways available to secure data on cloud.
  • Self-service, pay per use
  • Automated recovery in case of failure
  • Renting is on basis of logical usage
  • Platform Independent
  • Easily scalable on demand


With passing years the transaction of data across the network is going to boom and thereby the need of storage is going to increase rapidly.

When thinking about management of such rapidly growing data chain, data center will soon lose its dominant status. The reason behind this is scalability and the operating cost of data center.

Traditional data centers are heavily bound by physical limitations, making expansion a major concern.

Even if data center manages the explosion of data still no company would afford to buy it. Due to energy cost involved in running and cooling the data center, life of traditional data center is soon to end.

And as a result, Cloud data center would be replacing traditional data center.

Cloud data center can operate with bulk of data being generated.

Due to its pay-as-you-use model, companies find it more reliable to work with.

Minimal cost is required for operating cloud which again wins over traditional data center.

The results clearly state that Cloud data center offers immense potential in areas of scale, cost, and maintenance.

We hope you found this article Traditional Data Center v/s Cloud Data Center useful and informative.

Do leave your valuable comments below.

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