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Top 8 Keyword Tool for Bloggers – Review

SEO is not an easy thing to do and consistency is the key to your every effort, you need the right keyword tool to accomplish your goal. You must also check out this post on keyword stuffing in articles which I did recently and what are the impacts on the search engine rankings.


I have been doing SEO for last 4 years and one thing I have learned is that there won’t be any time in the course of SEO where you can sit back and relax thinking that you have done everything.


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The ever-changing rules and updates in Google and other search engines algorithms keep you on your toes. Keyword is a big part of every SEO campaign and if you’re running a business or personal blog, it becomes a major one.


Keywords help you achieve organic rankings in a quick time and in an organized way but you should be aware of what keywords are helpful for you and what is your position on using them.


These tools have helped me a lot over the years in keyword generation and checking out my competition’s efforts on keywords and I hope you will get some help too.


These are the Top 8 keyword Tools for Bloggers


  • Google Keyword Planner: Google Keyword Planner is a free tool for getting keyword suggestions for your blog. You can search for a keyword using phrase, website or category.


google keyword tool


Google Keyword planner gives you the keyword popularity according to the location you choose and used in the Google Search. You can put the keywords in the negative keyword list if you would like to omit some words.


Google Keyword planner lets you pull up the search data by your relevancy by months. It is a free tool and works great in suggesting you popular keywords.


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  • KeywordTool Planner: If you’re into long-tail keywords, keyword tool planner is the tool for you. The software has a free and a paid version. The free version shows up to 750 long-tail keywords and the paid one generates 2 times more keywords.


keyword tool


Keyword Tool planner is helpful in giving you long tail keywords that Google keyword planner is unable to find out. Keyword tool planner is also great if you want to take your blog to international level.


  • SEO Monitor: SEO Monitor has a great product named SEO keyword tool to give you insights into keywords from various categories. SEO keyword tool is free to use and gives you keyword suggestions for different realms of your work.


keyword tool


You can get started by entering your website name and search engine preference. In the next step, enter the keyword you want to target and the software gives you the keywords suitable for you by their difficulty and relevance.


SEO Keyword tool is a part of SEO monitor, which has more features than the SEO Keyword tool.


  • SEMrush: SEMrush is an all in one tool for all your SEO needs. It is a great help in your SEO Campaign and helped me over the years in achieving results.


SEMrush lists all the competitor keywords by looking at your domain and scanning it for keywords.


keyword tool


It then provides you a list of your web rivals’ and your weaknesses and strengths on the web by scanning your organic keywords.


The SEMrush Organic Competitors Report is helpful in telling you which domains you’re competing against in Google or Bing top 100.


With time, you can monitor the changes in the domain ranking of your competition and calculate your progress in SEO efforts. The Basic plan of SEMrush is available for $69.95 and it’s a must have tool for your SEO Campaigns.


You can check out this SEMrush review to get a more clearer picture as to what all you can do with this awesome tool.



  • Long Tail Pro: Long Tail pro is a keyword research and generation tool that helps you measure your Keyword ranking and you can analyze the top 10 links in google for each of your keyword.


keyword tool


You can also get the Meta and title tag for domains from Long Tail Pro that are helpful in boosting the search rankings.


Domain search in long tail pro gives you the domain name and extension matching your keyword requirement. You can also export the logs and details in an excel sheet to take appropriate measures.


  • Keyword Spy: Keyword spy helps you tone up your keyword game by giving you insights into your competitor’s keywords.


keyword tool


The data updates daily in order to give you the updated information. You can also get the data for AdWords service charges spent by the other websites on CPM.


Not only google, the software gives you the keyword data for Yahoo and Bing! Based on highest search data in real time.


It comes in two versions, Agency and Enterprise categorized by search results, exports and multi user access. You can get the free trial too for the software to help you get through the interface and functionality.


  • WordTracker: WordTracker is a keyword generation tool that will help you a lot in your SEO. WordTracker gives you the Keywords based on real searches by real people.


keyword tool


The Software has a database of 320 million right keywords for right niches that helps bloggers and website rank higher on search result rankings.


WordTracker gives you search suggestions in real time just like Google search. It has been the fastest keyword research tool for me out of all the tools used. The real time updation with Penguin and Hummingbird update makes it one of my favorite tools.



  • SpyFu: Spyfu is a great keyword generation tool that gives you insights by looking at your competition. It can give you every keywords organic rank, and every ad variation in the last 9 years for your competitor domain.


keyword tool


Learn about your competitor keyword strategy and prepare as such. Spy Flu helps you build up your keyword authority by looking at your competition. It also gives you the list of keywords you’re competing for, with your rival website.


The data is presented in beautiful charts and even if you’re starting out in the SEO space, you won’t feel lost with Spyfu.


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