15 July 2024
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Top 12 Reasons To Buy A Franchise

Franchise Help Why You Should Buy a Franchise

While you might have guessed the tech or energy industries, it turns out the franchise industry has seen 20% higher growth than any other. That’s because of the reliability and staying power of franchises. While it might be intimidating to invest for the first time, there are plenty of resources for franchise help.

Many major brands franchise out their brick and mortar stores, so they can focus on the big picture issues that make a multinational company run. This opens up opportunities for enterprising entrepreneurs to start building their wealth and reputation with franchises.

If you’re thinking about buying a franchise but feeling a little wary, you should do as much research as you need to before you invest. Here is a brief franchise help guide to help you understand the top 12 reasons why franchising is a great idea.

Franchise Help: Why You Should Buy a Franchise

#1. Success You Can Build Upon

Every strong franchise has spent years working out the kinks and has suffered through the growth of a new business. Once they’re at the point where you could be investing in a franchise, they’ve achieved a level of success that you can tap into.

Before you decide, most franchises will offer complete transparency of the financial success of their other franchises so you can predict how yours will do. You won’t be asked to make any final decisions without having all of the information of how successful franchises are in front of you.

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#2. A Stable Brand

Franchising means that you’re going to be hitching your wagon to a brand that people already know about and believe in. You won’t have to spend your first five years clamoring for press coverage or standing on the street corner handing out flyers just to get people in the door.

Once you put that logo on your awning or exterior, people will know what to expect and will have confidence in you from day one. Local customer loyalty is invaluable.

#3. Streamlined Training

A strong franchise is built on:

  • Strong training
  • Team building
  • Human resources practices

They will likely provide you with a booklet or a training session to make sure that you’re hiring the best people around.

What every brand knows is that even when they hand the keys to a franchisee, using their training program is a winning strategy. They’ve spent years working through the kinks and will probably provide great reference material to help you through whatever gets thrown your way.

#4. Continual Support

Every major franchise company has a team that is completely dedicated to making sure that your franchise gets the support that you need. They don’t intend for you to run your business without a playbook, so they’ll often provide one.

When you face challenges, they’re there to help you get through the tough times so that you and the brand can grow together.

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#5. Marketing Support

Your franchise company will help you with marketing materials and strategies to help you get customers in the door. And once they’ve seen the kind of franchise you’re running, they’ll stick around through a combination of your efforts and the company’s efforts.

When there’s a TV or radio ad about your company, you’ll get more business from it without having to dig into your budget.

#6. Real Estate Help

When you’re looking for the ideal site for your franchise, you can count on the company’s staff to help. They will likely have a dedicated team to help you get good deals and keep costs down.

Real estate teams will offer your franchise help in making sure you’re staying within budget while having a great location.

#7. Construction Help

Once you’ve got the perfect location, you’ll have to install signage, your interior and any exterior trimming unique to that brand. You won’t have to handle it alone. It’s part of the deal that the company will get you the right furniture and equipment that you need to complete the look and feel of the franchise.

#8. They’ve Got Buying Power

Franchises build connections to a big network of vendors over the course of their company’s life. They’ll do all the work to make sure you can negotiate for low prices for everything you need.

If you need equipment, supplies, or inventory, you can bet that dropping the name of your company will drop the prices too.

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#9. Predictable Returns

It’s rare to be able to open a business and know exactly how much you’ll be making on an annual basis. Franchises offer a dependability few other types of investments can offer.

A successful franchiser is sure to stay in the black as long as they follow the rules, which is rare in the first few years of running a business.

#10. Legal Protection

The standards and practices that are laid out in your manuals and policy books won’t just be stylistic choices. Often, they’ve been carefully written to offer your franchise help in avoiding unnecessary lawsuits.

You might think that what you’re doing is company policy, but it may turn out to be a policy meant to comply with local laws and standards.

#11. Financing Will Be Easier

Getting a loan from a bank could be easier than any other type of business. If you are looking for financing help with your business, you’ll see doors open in amazing ways.

Funding a typical startup can take years. By dropping the name of your brand, their eyes could light up as fast as their pens hit the paper.

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#12. Marketing Will Be Taken Care Of

You won’t need to devote hours to managing your online presence, seeking new clients, or negotiating for ad time. You might even have a schedule offered to you for promotions. All you’ll have to do is put up a sign here and there and your marketing could be all taken care of.

Marketing Help Will Come Easy With A Franchise

Choosing to invest in a franchise is the best path into entrepreneurship. While many of the more difficult components of starting a business are taken care of, you can still learn how it’s done by working with a strong brand.

If you’re ready to get your financing together to invest in a franchise, contact us to get started.

Franchise Help: Why You Should Buy a Franchise
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