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Top 10 Places To Watch Free Movies Online No Downloading

Top 10 Places to Watch Movies Online for Free No Downloading

If you want to know about the best sites to watch free movies online without downloading, you’ve landed in the perfect place. I’m just about to share some of the top free movie streaming sites that will allow you to watch movies on the Internet.


No More Downloads


The Internet offers a host of websites to watch free movies, but finding a suitable site to watch movies online free is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Downloading movies is rather painful and tedious. Also, the download quality is not satisfactory.



Top movie companies like Warner Bros or Paramount, seeing the potential of the Internet, allow their movies to be streamed on the Internet for free or for a small fee.


You can watch free movies online without downloading them. All you need is a good Internet connection. You can view HD quality of movies. No more worrying about torrent, downloading or waiting for hours.


Ease of Viewing


No more going to stores, purchasing movies or buying them online. You can watch these movies online free instantly without waiting for the entire movie to download.


These sites are free and are ideal for casual movie viewers as well as serious ones who want to watch online movie streaming every day.


Where to watch free movies online?


Here’s Our Top Pick of the 10 Best Online Movie Sites for Watching Free Movies Online Without Spending Any Money


#1) Movietoken.net


Top 10 Places to Watch Movies Online for Free Without Downloading Movietoken.net


  • No registration, no fees with movies for free on Movietoken.net.
  • You can read a short description of each of the listed movies. This helps in deciding whether you want to watch a particular movie, as you can see the genre, the IMDB rating, the director, the major artistes, the run-time of the movie etc.
  • Ease of selection while searching for movies to watch for free. You can select a movie viewing the list or by searching in different categories like Most Favorite; Top Rated movies; Top IMDB and Most Viewed.
  • Your search can also be based on genres like Action, History, Thriller, etc. You can make a request for a movie that is not present on the site and the movie is provided on the site within 48 hours.
  • If you’re wondering how to watch movies online for free, the site has a good data base of movies in various genres like Action, Adventure, Horror, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Crime, etc. offered in HD.


#2) Yesmovies.to


Yesmovies - Watch FREE Movies Online & TV shows


  • One of the best free movie sites Yesmovies.to offers a range of free movies to watch along with TV shows.
  • It offers an add on to your browser using It allows users to access all the content from the movie site from the browser.
  • You can also get alerts for free films online when new content arrives on the site.
  • You can watch films online without registration. There is also an option for logging in.
  • Watch online movies for free, based on various genres like Action, Drama, Mythological, War, Sport, Thriller and so on. You can also search based on Countries, Top IMDB, News category and make a personal request for a specific movie.


#3) NewFreeMoviesOnline.com


Free Movies Online (2017) _ HD Free Movie Downloads


  • You can avoid pop ups on the site by downloading AdBlocker. How to watch movies for free? You can stream or download free HD movies and watch movies free online instantly on this site.
  • Check out the Most Recent category to watch the latest movies online.
  • Watch free online movies with search options including: most viewed; longest videos; popular videos and random videos. You can also search based on the year of release and the usual categories of Action; Adventure; Family; Comedy and the like.
  • No sign up required for watching movies online on NewFreeMoviesOnline.com.


#4) TubiTv.com


Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online _ Free Streaming Video _ Tubi TV


  • Tubitv.com is one of the free online movie sites offering HD quality.
  • No annoying ads.
  • You can also download movies with subtitles.
  • One of the top movie streaming sites, with download option to watch movies offline as well.
  • Search based on usual categories as well as free new movies online.
  • Option for subscribing to a mailing list. You can get alerts and updates for the latest movies and tv series and other news.


#5) Yidio.com


watch movies online without spending any money


  • Yidio.com is one of the top free movie watching sites.
  • However, all the movies on the site are not offered for free, as some are gathered from premier sites like Netflix and Amazon.
  • Some movies require single payment and other need subscription.
  • Click on a movie and then look for the Free section below the image.
  • Some free links might take you to another site.
  • All the usual genres available for easy selection.
  • In addition, you have rating filters showing R or PG 13, NR, NR 17 types of movies. This is a unique feature not usually seen in other streaming sites.
  • Check out popular or newly added videos on the homepage.
  • Offers features like full screen, volume control, fast forward, etc.
  • Ads present in all videos.


#6) Moviewatcher.io


free sites to watch movies


  • Moviewatcher.io offers index of over 300 video hosters with streaming links.
  • Free streaming.
  • Video player is integrated, so you can stream your favorite movie directly on its movie page, without being redirected to an external site.
  • Community managed. Users can submit their streaming link, report a dead link.
  • The site interface is intuitive, user friendly and navigation is simple.
  • Few ads.
  • Huge database of latest movies as well as television series.
  • No sign up needed.
  • Allows streaming of HD, 720 videos.


#7) Viewster.com


Watch Original Free Movies and TV Shows Instantly Online - Viewster


  • Viewster.com is one of the free sites to watch movies that recently became more popular with the additional anime service.
  • Great choice of animation and cartoon movies for children.
  • You can search for movies from the list offered or use the general search button.
  • No ads.
  • Registration is free.
  • Great database of movies.
  • Category for different movie genres.
  • Also supports a feature for ‘Watch Later’, so that you can select and store it for future viewing.


#8) Crackle.com


Crackle - Watch Movies Online, Free TV Shows, & Original Online Series


  • Crackle.com offers good video quality with ads.
  • Watch new movies online for free with a great choice of movies and popular TV shows like Seinfeld, with many new videos as well as old ones released way back in the 60s.
  • Videos available only for limited time frame. I’d suggest you watch the entire movie in one go, or it could be gone.
  • Customization of subtitles with adjustment for font size, background or border color.
  • Full screen mode offered to give a theater like experience.
  • Great mobile app with categories and sections, with details of the cast, rating, movie description etc.


#9) Popcornflix.com


watch films online


  • No sign up and registration required.
  • Sorting of genres is easy with movies categorized into different genres like thrillers, comedy, romantic movies, documentaries, biographies and so on.
  • Just visit Popcornflix.com, select a movie from a category and hit on play.
  • You can watch the movie online without downloading from your laptop or smartphone (iOS or Android).


#10) Snagfilms.com


watch free online movies_ snagfilms


  • Snagfilms.com offers a good collection of free movies/TV shows with several HD options.
  • Not too many ads.
  • Search based on Recommended, Similar movies, as well as the usual categories.
  • Each genre comes with subsections, so narrowing down to your choice is easier. For instance, if you are in the Comedy genre, you can further narrow it down to categories like Friendship; Teenagers; Wacky etc.
  • It starts recommending movies based on your viewing patterns.
  • Options for changing volume, fast forward or rewind, entering the full screen mode available.
  • No subtitles option available.


A Word of Caution


While watching free movies online, users must be aware of safety and legality, which are valid concerns. Most of these sites offer streaming of indie movies or else they pay for the license using ads on the site. Red alerts to look out for while watching movies online are:


  • Streaming of brand new movies.
  • Cam rips or clandestine recordings that were done in movie theaters.
  • Movie content containing a brand logo of a premium site like Netflix or Amazon.


That said, all the above sites are great options to watch movies online without spending money. The quality is decent and the ads are not too long. There are also no major buffering issues on the sites. The menus are simple and quick. In short, they are great sources to watch free movies or television shows.


10 Places to Watch Movies Online for Free No Downloading

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