21 April 2024
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Tips for Cold Email and Advertising Lead Closing

Sending out cold emails could be a powerful way to generate a lot of buzz about a business. While this old-school technique has somewhat of a bad reputation, it can be incredibly effective when the approach is tailored to address the needs of the specific business.


What would it take to close leads after you’ve sent out cold emails for advertising purposes? There are a few important aspects of such a campaign that you’ll need to consider in order to make the most of it.


Understand the Specifics of the Audience


Experienced writing service providers will tell you that knowing your audience is the number one rule for making your content stand out and be effective. The very same rule applies to carrying out cold email campaigns.


Cold emailing is usually somewhat generic in nature but you can still learn a bit about the leads in order to boost the conversion rate.



Who is your ideal customer? What is that person interested in? The very nature of the email you’re going to send and the content that it would be based on will depend on answering those questions.


Analytical tools can be utilized to get more information about the outcome of a campaign and to do better targeting the next time around. You should also have at least a basic idea about the metrics to track. The click through rate (CTR) is an obvious one but it doesn’t provide a lot of information about conversions. Thus, you may want to focus on other metrics like the number of people who undertook a specific action, the bounce rate and the overall ROI.


Personalize, Personalize, Personalize


A cold email can be personalized and this is one of the most important things you’ll need to learn how to do.


Always tailor the message to the specific audience that you’ve identified. A generic mention isn’t going to work because people today are bombarded by spam. If you send yet another offer that doesn’t feature anything specific, chances are that the letter will end up in the junk email folder.



Once you’ve thought about your target audience, who this person is, how their brain functions and what they want, you’ll find it a lot easier to write the email content that the person will connect with and respond emotionally to.


Remember that one of the most important things to personalize is the subject line. Many people will base their decision to read an email or delete it on the subject line. Avoid sales terms and stereotypical hype. Create a unique value proposition that tells people what they’re going to get from the email and why they should be opening it.


Always have a Call to Action in the End


If you want people to do something, you have to prompt them gently to undertake the specific action. One of the best ways to accomplish the goal is the inclusion of a simple call to action towards the end of the email.


A CTA is the one thing you can use for the purpose of boosting engagement. It can be a simple link for people to follow, a button or a phone number that you’d like them to call in order to establish that initial contact.



Placing a CTA in a cold email is an absolute essential but you have to be strategic about it.


A powerful email call to action is short and actionable. Don’t use an entire paragraph to describe something that can be mentioned in a single sentence. Also, the CTA should focus on one action. If you demand too much from the audience, chances are that people will not give you the time of the day.



Once you tell people what to do, you should also tell them why they should do it. What’s the perk linked to giving you a call or downloading your ebook? Will you be offering a free consultation? Will you be giving your clients something that no other company can offer? If you can accompany your CTA by such information, you’ve won half of the battle already.


A final thing you may want to do with CTAs is split testing. Send out two groups of emails, each one featuring a specific CTA. An A/B split test will give you tons of valuable information about your audience’s attitudes and the message that these people are more likely to respond favorably to.


Always Give Your Audience Something Valuable


The final and probably the most important thing you have to learn when it comes to closing cold email leads is that you have to give something in order to see a return.


An email should open up with what you have to offer (without expecting anything in return). Cold leads aren’t the same like the ones marketers worked with 10 years ago. People today are looking for good content from brands. Otherwise, the engagement level is going to remain incredibly low.


Think about the things that can make your emails valuable. It could be your industry experience. It could be a special offer that will be available solely to email recipients. If you focus on irrelevant stuff that doesn’t give your recipient anything new or valuable, you will be wasting a massive opportunity to win new clients over.



If you don’t know how to do it, get a professional to create email campaigns for you. The cost of this advertising approach is low and the return on investment will be high whenever the campaign is created effectively.


Valuable content is also very important for building your reputation. When people enjoy your emails or they get something useful from them, chances are that they’ll continue reading the next ones you send. Think of it as an investment in the future of your brand.


Cold emails still work and they’ll probably continue being an effective marketing tool in the years to come. In order to get the best results, however, you will have to be strategic and creative.


A generic email is no longer going to do it. Instead, try to be original and innovative. The more time you spend on design, content creation and putting together your unique value proposition, the better results you’re going to get.


Tips for Cold Email and Advertising Lead Closing

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