15 June 2024
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10 Best Time Management Tips for Freelancers


Freelancing is one of the best career options for people who are skilled and like to utilize their talent by working independently. It offers a freedom that a regular 9 to 5 job cannot. But just like every other profession, freelancing comes with its own set of challenges and one of the biggest challenges is time management.

Managing time as a freelancer can certainly be tricky but it’s not as difficult as most people perceive it to be. On that note, we have compiled a list of 10 best time management tips for freelancers that can help you bring out the best in you and enhance your work along with your earning potential.

So, if you are wondering how to manage freelance work let’s dive into the details that will unleash your true potential.

10 Time Management Tips for Freelancers

So, enough of the scary talks. Let’s come straight to the point and directly dive into how you can actually prevent yourself from falling victim to lack of time management.

Here are some effective tips for freelancers that can help to create a proper work schedule without compromising your freedom. Let us take a look.

managing time as a freelancer

#1. Track Your Time and Work

Tracking your work and timing it accordingly helps you get an idea of how much you are accomplishing in a single day. For that, we recommend using the best time tracking app.

Not only does a work time tracker aid in keeping track of your work, when you know what you can do in a certain time span, but it also provides you an opportunity to enhance your workflow and increase your efficiency.

#2. Learn How to Minimize Distractions

You can’t always blame getting distracted on your family or co-workers. Sometimes, you might think that you are working without even realizing that an action as simple as checking your mail in between tasks can break your concentration.

Since a freelancer is always connected to the internet, there is a whole pool of distractions ready to drown him or her in. All you need to do is make some rules and follow them.

For instance, a good rule is to refrain from checking messages, social media notifications, and emails while working. Take a few short breaks in between for such activities. Set aside time for responding to emails all at once instead of going about one by one.

#3. Create a Schedule

Freelancers are known creators. So, why not create a schedule for yourself? Now, you must be thinking that if you wanted to work according to a schedule, you might as well have joined that traditional 9 to 5 dead-end job everyone once pressurized you to pursue.

After all you didn’t break all the boundaries to get stuck working according to some schedule, right?

manage freelance work

Well, flexibility is indeed one of the best perks of freelancing. You don’t need to be as rigid as employees but making a schedule and sticking to it can actually help you enjoy your life better. You can find out time to have fun instead of sitting in front of your laptop all day.

#4. Take a Day Off

There is a reason why the entire world takes Sundays off. You need to recharge yourself and take a break from work on at least one weekday and important festivals to maintain your work efficiency.

Plan ahead, be watchful of the finances and you can take a few days off without fretting over the consequences.

#5. Don’t Be Afraid to Say ‘NO’

If you think you can’t accommodate a new task into your schedule, don’t hesitate to refuse or ask for an extension.

Time management dictates taking up only what you can handle with ease. This is the time where you have to control your greed and think about the long term.

#6. Strictly Implement Your Time Management Policy

One of the most challenging tasks that freelancers have to accomplish is to organize their work from home schedule. Since there are a plethora of distractions a freelance artist has to face every day, it might seem that time is just flying by. Such circumstances call for a strict personal time management policy.

Since you are creating services, it requires both time and effort. Unfortunately, if you don’t utilize your time with the utmost self-discipline, the competition will crush your confidence and tear you down before you even know it.

#7. Realize How Important Time Management Is

You can’t practice time management without realizing its true significance for your career. We all have heard many people say that time is money. It might not be true in case of people pursuing traditional jobs or high-end businesses, but this statement certainly holds a great deal of relatability in case of a freelancer.

The sense of managing time is essential for freelancers to grow in their respective fields.

plan your time as a freelancer

#8. Use a Stopwatch

If you want to keep things simple or are not comfortable with using a time tracking tool, it is advisable to start the stopwatch when you start to work.

Almost all freelancers are bound by sharp deadlines. Timing your work accurately will help you to stick to the deadline and gain more clients. Also, gradually your speed will increase and you will be able to take up more tasks.

#9. Work in Short Spans

A popular opinion about freelancing states that they are bound to be in front of the laptop for life. That, of course, doesn’t have to be your reality. If you work in short spans, provided you work and do nothing else in that duration, you can maintain a better level of efficiency than gazing at the laptop for hours.

#10. Stop Multitasking

As mentioned earlier, the internet is a boon for a freelancer but also a vicious distracting tool. You might think you are an efficient multi-tasker but there is a great chance that all you are accomplishing during the time you beat around the bush is probably nothing.

Stay focused instead of diversifying your attention and you can get the best out of your time.

Bottom Line

Somehow, no matter how hard you try to practice time management, the distractions take over and slowly work their way to wear you down. The worst part is that sometimes you really succumb to them and as a result, your earnings are affected.

But if you are wondering how to manage freelance work, just follow the above-mentioned tips, not only can you uncover your real potential, you can improve your earnings to a great extent as well.

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