8 February 2023
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10 Things to Do After Publishing a New Blog Post


You have clicked the ‘Publish’ button and put up a new post up the blog. You’re justifiably satisfied with your work, but there’s still more to do before you can call it a day.

Check out these top 10 things to do after you publish a new blog post, to help your blog grow more quickly.

You have created content but what’s the use of great content without an audience. The day after publishing a blog post is the time you need to spend on promoting the content.

You’ll find several strategies for promoting content on the web, so just check them out and see which one works best for you. However, apart from these tactics, here are the steps you should be taking the day after you publish a blog post. Let’s dig in!!!

Important Things to Do After Publishing a New Blog Post

#1. Answering Comments to Increase Blog Post Visibility

Remember to check out and answer comments on your blog post, or you could just turn away a genuine visitor. How to comment on blogs? Engage with visitors who comment on your post and reply appropriately.

If you’re a busy blogger, you may not find time to reply to all comments but do as much as you can and offer solutions.

For instance, you have offered a step-by-step guide for SEO but your visitor has commented that there are no images and this is posing a problem. The solution here is an obvious one.

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#2. Set up Google Alerts for Your Main Keyword

A blogger just cannot afford to ignore this essential tool after publishing a blog post. Google Alerts tracks your post and sends you alerts through Gmail notifications, whenever your new post is indexed in response to a Google search.

It is a great tool for monitoring your blog post content on the web.

  • Sign in to Google Alerts providing the email id to which you want the notifications sent.
  • Type out what you would like your notifications to be about (the main keyword of your blog post).
  • Check out the advanced options with respect to how often you want notifications, the sources, the language, region and so on.
  • Include niche forums, so that you get alerts on discussions and can interact and drive more traffic, use backlinks to your post, etc.
  • Set up alerts for viewing comments by influencers in your niche.
  • Click on Create Alert.

That’s it! Now you’ll get an email notification whenever anyone mentions your blog or you.

#3. Use Twitter Tracking Tool to Promote Blog Post

One of the things to do after you publish a new blog post is to use Twitter tracking tools to check out the success of your blog post and increase interaction.

These tools help you to analyze which posts are your biggest hits, top performing tweets. You’ll be amazed to know that 41% users offer opinions on blog posts through Twitter.

  • Find out how many visitors are adding your content to favorites.
  • Users who are clicking on your blog post links.
  • Use the free, official, Twitter Analytics tool to increase engagement. To do this, click on the Twitter profile picture and choose Analytics. You can see the number of tweets, the increase in percentage, the profile visits, top followers, etc.
  • Use other free Twitter tracking tools to analyze the top performing content from your blog. For instance, you can see data related to the number of social media shares for your blog post. This will help you boost engagement.

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#4. Share Post on Social Media Account Page to Increase Blog Visibility

You’ve written a fantastic blog post with plenty of useful tips for readers, but you would surely like it to reach more people or your high quality content will simply be wasted.

These are some of the things to do after you publish a new blog post.

  • Include social share buttons on your post, as it is one of the easiest ways for visitors to share the post with others on their social networks.
  • Consider your audience and the kind of social media platforms they are commonly seen on. Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Focus your attention on these platforms.
  • Share a mixed content on your social media page, being an important part of things to do after you publish a new blog post.
  • How to promote a blog post? Share content in the form of links, images or GIFs and offer updates.
  • Share on the day you publish your new blog post and then repeat it every day, after a week, after a month depending on the response and the time you get maximum engagement on a particular platform. You can use tools like Buffer for making a proper analysis.

Tip: For Facebook, the best times are between 1 pm and 4 pm and from 6 pm to 10 pm as also on weekends.

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  • Share your post on Facebook through your profile, your pages or in groups. Put the main essence within the first 480 characters in Facebook. Upload images and links.
  • Post on your LinkedIn profile, company pages and on groups, being an important aspect of things to do after you publish a new blog post.
  • Use Images for posting on Pinterest (Tip: Keep the description short and include search words in the form of hashtags). Add links.

#5. Email to Subscribers

You must surely be having a subscriber list and in case you don’t, get on to it right away. Make sure that you get subscribers who can remember your brand name, or they will just consider it as a spam mail and not even open it.

Do networking to increase subscribers for email list, send an opt in form and offer an ‘unsubscribe’ option.

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Tip: DON’T buy a list. You could get blacklisted and it’s a sheer waste of money.

  • Keep your email informing subscribers about your new blog post, short and sweet, as their attention span could be just 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Add a CTA, so that the subscriber can land on the targeted page in your new blog content
things to do after you publish a new blog post
  • Offer options to share on social media to increase the email list

#6. Post Comments on Other Blogs in Your Niche

You’ve spent a lot of time writing out your blog post. Now it’s time to spend some time on commenting on other niche blogs. It naturally stimulates link building and improves your SEO campaign.

Tip: Use Disqus commenting system as it integrates with social networks.

  • Find related blogs. Visit quality blogs. Do your research and create a list of such blogs.
  • Use a name instead of a company name, to increase credibility.
  • Read the post and make relevant and thoughtful comments to establish credibility. If it is a high profile blog in your niche, people might visit your site.
  • Form relationships through such comments.
  • Include your blog link (if it is allowed). Though these are no follow links, they can still add value

#7. Establish Relationships to Exchange Comments

  • Select niche blogs and comment regularly on these. You can meet other bloggers this way and they might visit your site and make comments as well.

Tip: Try to connect with bloggers whose work you genuinely admire, not just because of their massive influence.

  • Don’t suck up to them. Just talk sincerely about post, their YouTube tutorials in an engaging manner. You can even try meeting them offline, if they’re conducting a workshop, for instance.
  • Develop friendship and acquaintances among other bloggers in your niche.
  • Let them know about your content and make comments on their blog posts. They are more likely to return the favor. Invite blogger friends to visit your blog post and comment on it.

Tip: There are Facebook groups where you can meet other bloggers for comment exchange.

#8. Join Blog Networks

Join blog networks or platforms that work on the principle of exchange. You scratch my back; I scratch yours!

Promote relevant content of other bloggers and they will share yours as well. It is an exchange with other social media bloggers.

#9. Bookmarking on Popular Sites

  • Submit your blog post to social bookmarking sites, as it is easier for readers to find topics in specific categories. You also get better link juice and a flood of traffic, especially if it ranks on the front page.
  • Remember to optimize your post with rich keywords and accurate title and select the proper category.

Tip: Instead of the home page, try focusing on a relevant sub Reddit page to get improved results.

  • Have a conversation. Start valuable discussions.
  • Be active and use your personal account.

#10. Links from Earlier Posts

If you make regular blog posts and they attract a lot of shares and clicks, you can use the old blog posts to draw traffic to the new blog post.

  • Find old and popular blog posts.
  • Incorporate links from these posts to the new post.

Tip: WordPress has an easy way of doing this by accessing Posts screen and entering relevant keywords for searching.

Wrap Up – New Post Up on the Blog

So, you now know what to do if your blog posts are not getting any traction even if it has exceptional content. You just cannot afford to neglect your post after publishing it. In fact, you should be spending more time on it after publishing it.

Follow the above steps and see your blog post moving from a barren patch of land to a prime tourist attraction spot!!  You and your new blog post could go sailing off into that sunset. Are you ready?

things to do after you publish a new blog post
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