15 July 2024
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Things To Consider While Choosing A Website Builder Friendliest For Search Engines


In 2023, creating your business website is a complicated yet rewarding task. If you wish to keep it afloat, the principle of its SEO-friendliness is one of the most crucial for your upcoming success.

Simultaneously, not every website builder offers the possibility to make your website suitable and favorable for SEO searches and keywords. Some website builders suit bigger businesses, while some smaller and more intuitive ones can serve perfectly for a single function.

Some website builders offer ready-made blogging themes, while others are sandboxes where anything can be tuned and changed. As a result, the following material will provide background information on why SEO matters so much and why you need to choose the friendliest website builder so far.

Why SEO Matter?

As you create your website, you try to make it search engine friendly. Therefore, search optimization is the key to success, mainly if you do some e-commerce or blogging.

Accordingly, SEO aspires to make your website’s ranking in the list of search engine results as high as possible among similar-looking pages.

To do that, you need to insert as many keywords in your texts and advertisements as possible to match them with the potential searches from your customers. That is how your site accumulates keyword mentions, and the search engine defines your place in the search list.

As you have already guessed, the website builder should help you make this process as efficient as possible. A regular website sandbox contains thousands of ready-made templates based on web design best practices.

You do not need excessive knowledge of web design to create your business website and start earning.

Thus, we move to the most critical part of our story – the aspects to consider while you make your choice and select the best-targeted option for your business. We will provide some of our thoughts on which site builders suit some of the most popular website’s purposes below.

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Things To Consider When Choosing A Website Builder

There are several possible criteria to consider while you select the best website builder. These are the basic ones that will make your choice easier:

#1. Define Your Needs

The better you know your future website’s purpose, the better the website builder you will select. If you opt for e-commerce, Squarespace and Weebly can provide the best possible SEO tools to optimize your site for web searches.

If you have a business website that has multiple features and properties, WordPress may better suit your needs. Therefore, read carefully what a website builder can do to help your promotion and future accomplishments.

While all of the website builders have SEO tools, some may be limited or tailored for a particular purpose. Thus, know your goal.

#2. Estimate Your Web Design Knowledge

This aspect is highly crucial when you start working with the website sandbox. From this viewpoint, Wix is one of the most comfortable and most intuitive for a beginner, while WordPress may be slightly complicated for a web design newbie.

Still, this aspect is highly subjective as most website builders have the drag-and-drop principle of content publishing, like Zyro builder. Additionally, Wix can offer the most flexible tuning among the others that provides thousands of ready-made website themes. Try different demos for free to find the one you like most and select the most intuitive view.

#3. Do You Plan Expansion?

In the beginning, you might have opted for a smaller craft shop. However, after the initial success, you can observe significant profits that offer expansion to your business. Do you plan to move to a bigger platform? If so, you should consider the possibility of migrating from one type of website builder to another.

In our opinion, migration Wix-WordPress is most common, so do some research on what other website builders have. You never know how good your business can succeed, as it is all in your hands.

#4. Think if you Need a CMS

If you wish to add your HTML, manipulate .htaccess files and organize content on your website, the CMS might be a better option. If these aspects do not play a significant role in your site’s image, a website builder can serve you better.

Thus, WordPress is more a CMS than a website builder as it enables to emulate other builders into itself through the API. In website builders, the URL structure might be more tangled and limited. From this perspective, WordPress is the most popular choice for more prominent businesses prone to expansion.

Accordingly, the choice between a website builder or a CMS “blank slate” is also a matter of consideration.

#5. Check Reviews and if They Offer 24/7 Customer Support

If you opt for an optimizable website builder, you will undoubtedly need initial customer support to tune your SEO. Such website builders as Volusion and Squarespace are known for their image-forwarded interfaces, blogging suitability, and 24/7 customer support.

As a result, you will be able to create your website solo and customize its features with stable and friendly support, ready to answer your questions. Opt for a friendly site to make your launch easier and fun-to-work with.


At the end of the day, the modern market offers plenty of suitable website builders to start your own site. They have different options and suit versatile purposes, yet the majority of them have in-built SEO features.

The successful tuning of SEO allows you to place your website as high as you can in similar searches and dominate customer traffic. If you are into e-commerce, Squarespace and Weebly are the best possible website builders to make your site search engine friendly.

If you plan to expand your business, you may prefer WordPress. If you wish to tune every single feature of your website, Wix is our weapon of choice. The final decision is up to you depending on your business’ demands and needs.

Things To Consider While Choosing A Website Builder
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