2 October 2023
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7 Reasons Why Site Speed Is Important For Your Blog’s Performance

Reasons Why Site Speed is Important for Your Blogs Performance

Slow blog sites can kill your business. Do you know why speed is so important for your sites? There are many ways to improve your site speed and attract more followers. You’ll be more likely to improve your blog speed if you know why it’s so important. That’s why we’ve …

An SEO Guide for E-Commerce Websites

An SEO Guide for E-Commerce Websites

Anyone who deals with e-commerce business knows that competition is strong in the online world. With the sales growth of 310% over ten years in the U.S. alone, there is no short supply of e-commerce competitors. That’s why every e-commerce business owner is looking for any type of advantage that …

How Website Speed Influences Search Ranking

How Website Speed Influences Search Ranking

Website speed has become one of Google’s most critical page ranking factors. This change has been a part of search engine’s Mobile First campaign. We’ve all heard that mobile internet is going to reshape the digital world. Since mobile internet users have outnumbered the desktop ones two years ago, Google …

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