15 June 2024
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Swagbucks Review – Scam or Legitimate? How it Works

SwagBucks Review - Is It Legit or Scam

When a site offers you money for things you do online anyways, it is quite natural to have doubts if it is legit. This Swagbucks review does an in-depth analysis of the site and gives out its verdict on the possibility of a Swagbucks scam.

 Swagbucks Review - Legit or Scam




With a unique catchy name like that, I was expecting it to throw up some surprise and it actually did. Unlike the other paid-survey sites, Swagbucks doesn’t pay you in dollars but rewards you with a virtual currency called Swagbucks often lovingly abbreviated as SBs.


So what is the market value of an SB?


1 SB roughly translates to about 1-2 cents depending upon the mode of redemption you choose. And SBs aren’t part of a Swagbucks scam that tries to rip you off. Every SB you earn can be redeemed from the Swagbucks store.


Let’s head our Swagbucks review to the Swagbucks Store right away.




Swagbucks Review - Legit or Scam


Swagbucks store works very well towards proving that Swagbucks scam is just a myth. The store lets you redeem your Swagbucks for almost everything under the sun. You could convert your Swagbucks into gift cards, apparels, electronics and even solid cash. 2500 SBS can be cashed out through PayPal to get 25$.


But, I would advice you to go for the non-cash options like gift cards as they give more value for your SBs.


Now, let’s focus our Swagbucks review on different ways and methods to earn those SBS.




Swagbucks Review - Legit or Scam


Anthropology? What the heck is that! Ok, let me google that. NOO!! Let me swagbuck that.


Give up on your google and use the swagbuck search engine.  Why? Well, Swagbucks offers you SBs for just using their search engine.


And don’t go on assuming that it is a spammy, shady marketing type search engine. You can believe this Swagbuck review when it confidently states the swagbuck search engine is as good as google and bing. There is no big swagbuck scam in this.




Swagbucks Review - Legit or Scam


For all the gamers out there, this is the part of the Swagbucks review you should focus on. The site pays you SBs for playing fun flash games. And if that isn’t thrilling enough, you can compete with other gamers for a reward.


The more popular games on the site require you to pay and play. Using your hard-earned SBs for making more SBs is just a normal risk-reward scenario and can’t be termed as a Swagbuck scam trying to take away your SBS.




Swagbucks Review - Legit or Scam


The site’s in-house video channel rewards you with 3 Swagbucks for watching 10 videos. The videos can also be watched through the android app too. While all the videos can’t be termed as super-engaging, they are still watchable and mildly interesting. I have even seen movie trailers coming up once in a while.


The loading time for the videos depends on your net connection and the site can’t be put to blame for this.




Do you have a great friends circle? Put that to good use then.


Swagbucks lets you earn SBs for referring their site to your friends. I can assure you that there is no Swagbucks scam in this regard as I always get credit for the SBs my friends earn.




Swagbucks Review - Legit or Scam


Though termed as a paid-survey site, my Swagbucks review should make it clear that this is my least favorite part of the site. It is very hard to get qualified for surveys and even once you do, it takes much longer time compared to the other earning methods. But, the good thing is that they give out one 1 consolation SB for trying.


Surveys are one major reason that raised doubts among users about a Swagbucks scam.




Feel like it’s your lucky day?


Try and enter the Swagbucks sweepstakes. But, entering the contest requires you to part with some of your hard-earned SBs. So, there is of course a lot of risk and luck involved.




It gives you 1 Swagbuck per day. Period! Nothing more, nothing less and it just takes one second of your time. Not a second more, not a second less. Just make it a habit to participate in the daily poll everyday.




This would be real fun for all those hidden-object game lovers. The hidden object here is what they call a swag code.


You have to be on the lookout for one or more swag codes posted by Swagbucks either in their site or on their social networks. The official blog of Swagbucks is the best place to search for it. Finding the swag code wins you a truckload of SBs.




Just like any other paid-survey site, you sure can’t make a living of it. But, it is one of the best sites to earn you some pocket money. It doesn’t come with false promises and tall claims. This Swagbucks review can confidently conclude that there definitely is no Swagbucks scam.


To sum up, Swagbucks isn’t going to help you pay your loans, but does fine enough to buy birthday gifts for all your loved ones.


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Swagbucks Review - Is it Legit or Scam

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