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6 Super Steps to an Exciting and More Productive Morning

6 Super Steps to an Exciting and More Productive Morning

Productive Morning Tips


If you wish to have a productive day, you’ve got to embrace the ‘early bird catches the worm’ theory. A morning person is more likely to achieve greater work productive.


Some morning habits lead to more productive morning as well as efficiency throughout the day. You’ll have noticed that most successful people are early morning people.



The first two hours of the morning are really important. Instead of just lazing around at this time, you can turn your body and mind into a productive machine.


Time is always a rare currency and you need to make the most of it. The way you begin your morning sets your attitude for the rest of the day, so let’s dive in.


Ways to Make Your Morning More Productive

 Ways to Make Your Morning More Productive

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#1. Evening Preparation to Increase Productivity


You don’t have to wake up and immediately rush into those morning tasks to attain a productive morning. Do some preparation the night before. For instance, pick out your outfit, empty the dishwasher etc. instead of binge watching on Netflix.


If you want to be productive, make sure to make a list of the tasks on hand that have to be completed the next day. You could just do it the old-fashioned way or use mobile apps for to do lists. Prioritize the list into urgent and non-urgent tasks and cross the done tasks regularly, highlighting the urgent ones.


Tip: Pick an app that suits your purpose. For instance, the Toddledo app is good for getting things done. For a basic tick off kind of list, check out grocery list apps like Microsoft To do.


#2. How to be More Productive at Work? Get Quality Sleep


The time you go to bed is really important for productivity improvement and a productive morning.  Don’t stay up beyond midnight, however get enough sleep. But make sure that you get quality sleep. If you don’t get quality sleep, you’ll only end up hitting the snooze button on your alarm.



If you find that you’re not able to sleep even long after hitting the hay, check out your lifestyle and make appropriate changes.


Tips: Turn of mobile phones, television and other tech stuff an hour before bedtime. Avoid caffeine at night in order to achieve the most productive work schedule.


#3. How to Wake Up – Morning Productivity Tips


Wake up productive, by waking up early. If you’re new to the habit of waking up early, begin by waking up at 7 am. You could slowly push it till you reach an earlier hour, say 5 am. Make it gradual.


If you want to attain more productive time, think of something to look forward to, as it gives you an incentive to wake early. It could be as simple as a hot cup of coffee or a morning walk with a friend.


Begin the day with something productive or something you’re passionate about, say listening to music or gardening. It is the best morning routine for success and ranks among the most common morning habits of successful entrepreneurs.


Make sure to keep a pleasant sound for your alarm clock for a productive morning. Have a fixed schedule for sleeping and waking up, so that your body gets conditioned to a routine.


#4. A proper Breakfast


It is the most important meal of the day and provides you with the physical and mental energy for being productive throughout the day.

Morning Productivity Tips

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Tip: A healthy breakfast must consist of a good mix of fruits and vegetables, along with grains, dairy and protein for a productive morning.


#5. Exercise


While considering ways to be more productive, try to get into a fitness regime. This will result in amazing energy throughout the day. You will be more focused and become more creative.



Do you know that Michelle Gass, former President of Starbucks gets up at 4.30 am and starts his day with a morning run? So, Starbucks’ secret weapon is not only coffee after all.


Exercise increases flow of blood to the brain, sharpens your senses and enhances work performance leading to a more productive life. It could even set the creative juices flowing inside you and offer a solution to the problem you were wrestling with the entire week, leading to a productive morning.


Tip: Try walking to the not so near coffee shop for your morning coffee. Take the elevators. Walk around office hallways. Get a buddy to join you to make it more fun.


#6. Prioritizing Tasks


While trying to be more productive at work, try to do the most important task for the day in the morning. You can do it so much better, as there are fewer distractions. For instance, among the productive things to do at home, if you’re preparing for med school, this is a great time to be going through the MCAT early in the morning.


If you’re a financial planner, reach out to those prospects first thing in the day when you reach your workplace, for a productive morning. This is surely not the time for browsing through Twitter or Facebook or answering your emails.

Last Word


The early bird does really get the worm. So be an early bird, not a night owl. There’s absolutely no doubt a morning person can maximize output and efficiency. However, not all of us is that eager to get out of bed with the sun coming in. All you need is a little bit of practice to achieve a productive morning.


Tell your mind to take control over the mattress. Learn to convert the morning hours into a productive machine. A productive morning can have a drastic impact on your productivity for the rest of the day.


You get more control and focus over your tasks for the rest of the day and this could result in amazing career success. Follow these tips for a productive morning and hit the ground running every day.


Steps to an Exciting and More Productive Morning

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