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How to Start Teaching Online as a Home Based Tutor

How to Become an Online Tutor and Start Teaching Online

If you are passionate about a subject and want to become a tutor online, there are plenty of options for legitimate work from jobs for teachers. You can opt for full time or part time online teaching jobs to earn extra income.

How to Become an Online Tutor and Start Teaching Online Today

Online tutoring has become very popular these days with increasing numbers of online jobs for teachers. People don’t have the patience or the money for spending at actual centers. They can learn from their homes using a computer, so it offers a cheaper alternative.

Home-based educators can earn extra money from the comfort of his/her home with a flexible schedule.

Types of Online Teaching Jobs

Tuition jobs range from part time online tutor jobs to full time ones. Many of the best tutoring companies to work for can hire you as an employee; you can become an independent freelancer or you could opt for your own online tutoring business from home. It can be an employment work or a contract job.

Online tutors interact with students seeking online education, through a platform or through their own site, by interaction enabled by Skype or a webcam. You can offer lessons on a one to one basis or for a group. You can choose to work independently or by joining tutoring companies.

That said, it is easier to land the job of a tutor online through tutoring websites, as the site acts as a platform helping tutors and students to find each other.

Qualifications/Requirements for Giving Online Tuition’s

As far as qualifications for online teaching jobs are concerned, some online coach positions need teaching certifications as well as classroom experience. Some others only ask for a college degree and expertise in the subject matter, whereas others don’t even specify college degrees.

There are several options available as online tutoring jobs for college students as well as part time online tutoring jobs for teachers after school.

You will need the following for online teaching positions:

  • PC or laptop for online coaching jobs
  • High speed Internet
  • Webcam/Headset with Microphone

Options Available to Become an Online Tutor

  • The most popular subjects for online tutoring are math tutoring; English and Science.
  • Tutors for K 12 (from pre-K to 12th grade) and college level students.
  • ESL teachers for online English teaching jobs, and foreign languages tutor.
  • SME or subject matter experts are hired in subjects like Accounting; Management; Finance etc.
  • Online math tutor jobs physics tutor; Science tutor; chemistry tutor; English tutor online; French tutor; for elementary school, up to college level.
  • Tutors for exams like SAT, GRE, AP, GED and other scoring jobs.

(For instance, Kaplan hires online tutors for test preparations and professional training. They offer tutoring online positions for K12 learning, as well as accounting, IT; healthcare; finance and legal courses in the form of virtual teaching jobs)

How to Get Started with Online Teaching Jobs

Online Tutoring Jobs Sites

How to get started with online teaching jobs? There are many online tutoring sites like tutor.com; and several others offering the best online tutoring jobs, offering a range of subject options. You can set your rates and your schedule for your online classes.

  • Flexibility: While searching for online teaching positions, work from home teachers get more flexibility by joining these sites to teach online. For instance, if a particular week is really busy, you can schedule just a few hours. On the other hand, if you have more time, you could sign up to offer more tutoring hours.
  • Support: The sites offer services for online teaching, like billing and payment along with customer support. Both tutors and students can access these platforms and work in a secure environment using interactive whiteboards.

For instance, at the Chegg website, chegg.com, tutors can chat and use videos as well as upload documents or write on shared or interactive whiteboards. This helps the tutor in getting across the lesson to the student more easily. To add to this, the payment is around $20 straight away, though the requirements are also stricter. It’s a great option for both beginners as well as experienced teachers.

  • While selecting home tutor jobs or online teaching jobs from home, you can get assigned to students, according to subject expertise and your availability. Some sites also list your expertise and students visiting the site can select the tutor they want. You can also bid for online teaching jobs posted on these sites.
  • There are several legitimate tutoring companies like Upwork, where you can get hired as a freelancer.

Tutoring Sites/Platforms: How it Works

This is by far the most popular and easiest option for beginners.

  • Create your profile for online tutorial jobs (fill out basic information, such as your education; training; work experience and so on)
  • Select the subjects that you can teach while applying for tutoring jobs online.
  • Some sites allow students to directly message you, or the site matches registered online tutors and students.
  • Allow students to go through your profile and find you.
  • Search for a suitable tuition posted by students.
  • The site usually also offers teaching tools or features so that you can teach effectively online.
  • Students and tutors offer ratings, so that quality is maintained.
  • Teach based on your available hours and get paid through the sites (Billing is handled by the site. Most tutoring sites might charge a commission of 15% or so)

Employee Position

As I mentioned before, it is not mandatory that you have a teaching degree to get an online economics tutor job. There are several opportunities available for college students as well as industry experts.

Online tutoring jobs for university students run the entire gamut from K to 12, ESL, SAT/ACT as well as college preparation.

You can apply for an employee position as an online tutor at some of the best online tutoring we sites. This type of online tutor job has its benefits. For instance, you might get paid for vacations and there are retirement plans as well. You may have to upload resumes and then employers can find you through these sites. You can also search for a position on your own on these sites.

  • SmartThinking is a company hiring online tutors. However, they have to complete their online program for online instruction strategies. They also have to work for at least 9 hours a week and the payment is on an hourly basis.
How to Start Teaching Online as a Home Based Tutor

Home Tutor Business

You could also start out on your own and begin an online tutoring business. The rate for subjects like Mathematics or for an online English tutor is about $20 for an hour.

If the subject is a specialty one, you could even charge up to $50 an hour for a personalized coaching or private tutor jobs.

  • Identify your expertise or subject, though a formal certificate is not mandatory. You can mention any certifications to offer greater credibility to potential students who wish to find a tutor.
  • Register your business and get necessary permits.


How much does an online tutor job pay? Most sites offer a payment of $8 to around $12 for an hour. But your earnings depend on several factors.

  • If you are employee of a company, it all depends on the subject, your expertise and the company itself. (for instance, payment for elementary subjects is less than college level ones)
  • If you have a degree certification, are an expert in a subject, have special training in it, you will be paid more.
  • Some online tutor jobs are paid hourly, whereas there are many platforms that only connect tutors with students, taking a commission of the fees.

That being said, subjects like math and English as well as Science, TOEFL and social studies are always in high demand.

Some Best and Legit Sites Offering Online Teaching Jobs

Rounding Off

There are pros and cons to the different types of tutoring arrangements.

For instance, if you are working as an employee at a company, there is no investment required and you get additional benefits like paid vacations.  You don’t need to search for students either. But the pay rate and work hours might not be flexible.

If you work as a freelancer at tutoring sites or platforms, you can bid and set your fees, choose your students or get hired.

If you choose to set up your own tutoring business, there is more flexibility and rate choice. But you have to find students on your own. You will also have to set up your own tutor website to publicize your business.

A new era has dawned in the world of teaching. The Internet offers you a worldwide reach for teaching with plenty of trusted sites where you can teach part time or full time to make money.

Keep your skills sharp and help students of different ages in grasping and understanding difficult subjects. Online teaching jobs are totally worth the time, both in terms of money and mental satisfaction. Why not give it a try?

How to Become an Online Tutor and Start Teaching Online
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