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How to Start with Guest Posting Quick Tips & Benefits

How to Start with Guest Posting Quick Tips & Benefits

In the world of SEO, guest posting is a technique that many beginners as well as pro bloggers discuss a lot and have embraced successfully. However, as a beginner you may have wondered what is guest blogging or guest posting, what is guest posting in SEO and what are the benefits of guest blogging for SEO? More importantly,

  • How to start with guest posting?


Guest posting means quick success, and is a gold mine for instant traffic where you harness the huge audience already created by someone else. So here are some quick guest posting tips for beginners and benefits that can help you:

  • Get started with guest blogging and master it.


“How to Start with Guest Posting”


Choose the Right Blog to Write For


When you submit a guest post, the audience you write for should be able to relate to your post and understand it. Therefore, before you choose the blog to guest post for, do some research so that you avoid writing for the wrong audience. Check out existing directories that includes a:


Free guest blogging sites list, and

Free guest posting service



Go for guest blogging sites that have the same niche as yours as well as good traffic and a huge subscriber base. The larger the audience is, the better the chances of recognition as a writer and increasing traffic on your blog. However, along with quantity look out for a quality audience.


A high quality audience will give you feedback on your post and discuss it further, and this is exactly what you need from them. Get the right balance between high quality and large quantity audience.

How to Start with Guest Posting Quick Tips & Benefits

Ensure that the owner of the blog is friendly, is a regular blogger and an expert in your niche. A blog with a high page rank or domain authority accompanied with some do-follow links is a good source of:

  • High Quality Backlinks


Finally, before pitching for a guest post opportunity, subscribe to the blog yourself and get familiar with their writing style, and what they expect from a guest post.


Secure a Guest Posting Opportunity


After narrowing down, out of all guest posting sites, on the blog you plan to guest post for, pitch for it in the right way to secure the guest posting opportunity.


If you know the owner of the blog personally, ask for permission to submit a guest post. However, it is always good to drop in an official mail irrespective of whether you know the owner personally or not.


Guest Blogging


The email should have a professional tone and ensure that it contains a clear subject line, your name, email, blog address and social media account links.


Attach a sample of your work too. This will help the owner to understand you better and decide whether you are good enough to write for his blog.


Pitch in a guest post idea or title that may attract the blog owner’s attention as well as the possible outbound links that you may want to insert in the article.


Be patient after pitching for a guest post and do not be pushy by sending constant reminders to the owner of the blog. Pitch for as many guest posting opportunities as possible as this will increase your chances of winning at least one.


Guest Posting Structure


Before you start writing a guest post, keep the audience in mind and have a fixed structure in place.  Below is one structure you can follow with a few notes:


  • Title:

The title should be brief and catchy. Have multiple options to choose from and select the best.


  • Introduction:

The introduction should grab the attention of the reader and reveal right away what the article is about.


  • Content:

Make sure the content is unique and plagiarism free. Do some keyword research and optimize your article for the keywords.


Include a few links to other related articles within the same blog. This will improve internal linking on the blog, draw more readers to the guest post, and please the blog owner immensely.


  • Conclusion:

An effective conclusion is one that summarizes the whole article briefly and leaves the reader with concise points to ponder on. Also, include a call to action section to help the reader figure out what he can do next with regard to the subject of the article.


This is the right place to include a link to your blog. However, be careful not to stuff in too many links or make it obvious that you’re redirecting to an external page as this will drive away your readers.



Do not in any way directly promote yourself or your blog in the article. Rather, focus on rich and beneficial content for your audience. Add a line at the end of the article, asking your audience to comment on what they feel about it.


After completing the article, get it proof read, preferably by an external editor. On submission of the guest post, be open to the possibility of rejection. If it does get rejected, you can always use the article on your own blog, and ask for further feedback on how you can improve.


Drive Traffic to Your Guest Post


If your guest post has been approved, it will receive organic traffic since you have optimized it for specific keywords. In addition to that, promote the article on social media and social bookmarking sites to garner some more traffic to the target blog, and eventually to your blog.


Is Guest Posting Enough? What Else Can You Do?


 Guest Posting Quick Tips & Benefits

Simply writing a guest post and promoting it is not enough. To benefit out of it fully, focus on building a good relationship with your readers as well as the blog owner. 


Thank the blog owner for the guest post opportunity, promptly reply to comments from readers and answer their queries or doubts to build credibility and authority with your audience.


This active interest will also score you some points with the blog owner and he will be more receptive the next time you approach him for future guest posts.


In summary, having considered how to guest post even as a beginner, here are the benefits you will reap:


  • Higher exposure to your blog with more quality traffic and subscriber growth


  • Recognition as a writer


  • Greater credibility as you are attached to best in your niche


  • A solid portfolio to pitch for other guest posting opportunities


  • High quality inbound links


  • Social media growth


  • Greater networking opportunities which can open up new guest posting possibilities



Follow the basics of guest blogging, do your best, keep pitching and build strong relationships. You will ultimately land up with the opportunity to write for a well-established niche site that drives traffic to your blog.


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How to Start with Guest Posting

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