26 June 2017
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  1. Thanks ! for sharing a list of plugins.

    What makes WordPress really awesome is the different types of plugins which can be added to any blog or personal website. Plugins are the user built packages which contains precoding of that plugin functionality. So, there are a no of plugins based on our use, for e.g. sometimes we may need a plugin for doing seo of our site, for providing security to our website, we have no of plugins with different features. The best plugin I would recommended every site should have is the social warfare plugin, it is because any business we run is incomplete if we don’t have any social media presence among people.

    Social warfare plugins are among them, there are a no of such plugins which may help us to get good reputation.

  2. Excellent article, thank you! Social Warfare is very useful, I use it too. It is expecially useful, if your blog attracts enough readers to share your post. Additionally I use Blog2Social, it is not another social media button but a perfect plugin, to share your own blog posts directly to all your own social media to attract more readers.

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