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Social Media Sharing Tools for Marketers & Bloggers 2018

Social Media Sharing Tools for Marketers & Bloggers

We all know how important Social media sharing is for an online marketer or a web publisher. Social media sharing sites are an unavoidable factor for online marketing. Social media sharing buttons and social media sharing plugins in WordPress are decisive tools for a successful blogger. Today social media sharing and SEO are so closely related and a good knowledge about social media sharing tools is essential for achieving high search engine rankings.


Most of us are clear about the large number of social media sharing advantages, but how much we know about the various tools to achieve these results. Here I discuss about some of the best social media sharing tools for marketers and bloggers in 2018.


Listed Below Are Few Important Social Media Sharing Tools


Social Warfare – Ultimate Social Media Sharing Tools Arsenal


Social Warfare - Ultimate Social Media Sharing Tools Arsenal


Let’s start with social media sharing for WordPress. Social Warfare is one of best social media sharing plug-in for WordPress users.


This amazing WordPress plugin helps you to add vibrant and fast loading social media sharing icons or buttons to your WordPress blog.  


These buttons can be placed very easily without spending time on social media sharing codes or social media sharing scripts.

Social Warfare Plugin

Social Warfare Plugin

Social Warfare Plugin

Social Warfare Plugin(The above Social Warfare Sharing Button Pictures are Courtesy madlemmings.com)



Though it’s a premium tool, a trimmed version of Social Warfare is available as a social media sharing free plugin for WordPress. Many other features like Twitter Cards, Click to Tweet feature, Analytics Integration and many more are available with Social Warfare.


Share buttons can also be placed using social media sharing html codes. You can also read the full Social Warfare WordPress Plugin Review which I did recently. Test drive the premium version here.


SproutSocial – Engage, Publish, Analyze‎


Social Media Sharing Tools


Social media management is made easier than ever before with Sprout Social. Making your social media communications smart, fast and efficient is much needed for better customer engagement.


Building communities in social media, integrating your CRM with social media, market your brand in social media and many more are possible with SproutSocial.


According to Helga Moreno on MonsterPost, “Social media marketing is an inevitable part of each and every online marketing campaign. But going random on social sites is similar to the journey you don’t have a map for.”


The three stages of social media sharing – Schedule, publish and analyze – could be done in the best way using SproutSocial. Three different versions are available for this premium tool – Deluxe, Premium and Team. The price ranges from 59$-500$. You can also opt for a 30 day free trial.


Buffer – A Smarter Way to Social Media Share


Social Media Sharing Tools


This is one of the most important content curation tools used by online marketers. This wonderful tool helps us to save a lot of time while working with social media.


Buffer provides a better and smarter way to share content on social media. You can do all aspects of social media marketing from scheduling, publishing and finally analyzing your posts in one place with Buffer.



Using buffer you can create a schedule for posting your content to different social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. In short it’s a wonderful social media sharing platform.


Adobe Spark – Communicate with Impact


Social Media Sharing Tools


Have you ever thought about ways to differentiate your content from your competitors? The best way is to make your content visually appealing by inserting stunning images and using attractive templates.


AdobeSpark is an impressive tool which would help you create amazing social graphics. You can select from the number of images, templates and fonts and publish your content in the most beautiful form using Adobe Spark.


CoSchedule – Social Media Sharing Tool to Plan Your Marketing


Social Media Sharing Tools


This tool offers one of the best ways to plan and schedule your social media marketing. This tool is widely used by web publishers as well as online marketers to organize and schedule blogs or online marketing campaigns.


Content marketing as well as social media marketing can be streamlined using the CoSchedule calendar. It can be easily counted amongst the best social media sharing tools available.


It’s a premium tool and the pricing range from 60$ per month to 300$ per month. Generation of marketing calendar, Social media scheduling, Workflow management, Analytics features and many more are included in this essential tool.


Cyfe – Online Business Dashboard


Social Media Sharing Tools


You might be into a lot of online activities varying from social media marketing and analytics to sales, support and infrastructure. At times you would find it difficult to keep a track of everything.


You need not worry anymore. With the all-in-one business dashboard tool Cyfe, you can easily keep a track of all your business activities from a single system. The premium version of Cyfe is available for 19$ per month.


Crowd Booster – Social Media Analytics


Social Media Sharing Tools


This is basically an analytics tool for Facebook and Twitter. You can get a fair idea of user engagement for your content in Facebook or Twitter with Crowd Booster. You can get social media sharing statistics as an excel file from Crowd Booster.



Using the social media counter options of Crowd Booster, you can strategize about when and what to post. This is one of the basic analytics tool among the essential social media sharing apps. This premium social media analytics tool is available at three prices – 9$ per month, 49$ per month and 119$ per month.


Tweetdeck – Tweet Like a Pro


Social Media Sharing Tools


Tweetdeck helps you to monitor social media sharing for your website or blog on Twitter. Apart from scheduling your Twitter posts, you can also analyze your feeds in real time.


You can use multiple accounts at a time. You can monitor various activities like feeds of a particular user or feeds for trending contents etc. This tool can be availed free of cost.


Brand 24 – Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Tool


Social Media Sharing Tools for Marketers & Bloggers 2016


This is an important analytical tool available to assist social media marketers. Using this tool, you can get to know social media mentions about your brand across various online pages.


This helps you to swiftly respond to customer experiences. Customer grievances can be set right by proper analysis of social media content.


Pricing ranges from 49$ per month to 349$ per month. You get a 14 day free trial.


Secure My Social – Social Media Real Time Alerts


Social Media Sharing Tools for Marketers & Bloggers


Now let’s talk about a tool used for securing your content in social media. At times we unknowingly post certain content that would lead regulatory violations and legal problems.


The tool Secure My Social would come useful in these situations. Secure My Social provides real time alerts if you post content which could lead to any type of risks. Currently it’s available only for businesses.



So far we have seen some of the most important social media sharing tools for online marketers and web publishers in 2018. Still there are more to be added to this list.


Make sure you use social media tools extensively as Social media is the best way available today for promotion of your content online.


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Social Media Sharing Tools

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