20 May 2024
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8 Simple App Ideas Startup Companies Should Consider Investing In

Simple App Ideas Startup Companies

People downloaded 255 billion apps in 2022, up by more than 80 percent from 140.7 billion app downloads in 2016.

The app market might seem saturated. If you were trying to create conventional apps, you might hit a wall and make no money.

The internet has proven that human imagination is almost limitless. If there is a new niche, you can find it.

Who knows, you might revolutionize a whole industry like Noom did with the diet industry.

If you’re looking to build an app startup, here are some simple app ideas.

#1. Simple App Ideas: A Similar Book Database

Have you ever finished a book so fast that you’re like, “Man, I wish I had another book like this to read?” Well, if that’s you, you found an empty niche.

This is one of the best ways to figure out if a niche is a good startup idea. You ask, “why isn’t there [blank]?” and you fill in the blank.

You’ll need someone who knows how to create a search engine. This might take some startup capital, and you’ll want to take advantage of an App Creator.

The app would take your list of stories and books read and analyze for themes and keywords. It would then recommend similar books and stories based on your preferences.

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#2. A Gardening Social Media App

Every industry needs a social media app now. The good news is that creating a social media app is as easy as plowing a garden.

The three cornerstones of a social media app are these: a forum-like home page, a video content page, and a messenger-like feature.

You could encourage gardeners to share tips and tutorials on the video content section of the app. The forum/groups section could facilitate price shopping and advice on landscaping companies.

Fund the venture through ads. Gardening companies will pay to target your particular niche.

#3. Mobile Travel Agent

Are you tired of going to a travel website, asking for a quote, and getting a billion pop-up windows? Why is it so hard to find the cheapest flight available? And why couldn’t someone do it all for you?

Why not create an app for that? It’s odd that travel agents aren’t a thing of the past yet. Why do we still need humans to book our vacations for us?

If you could leverage machine learning and bot technology for travel booking, you’d make millions.

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#4. A Recipe and Shopping List Creator

Speaking of machine learning, why isn’t there an app that decides what you should eat that week? Programs do exist that curate a hand-picked meal menu. But you still need to print out your shopping list even if it’s organized by grocery aisle.

Why not have an AI do it for you? You could create an app that quizzes you on your meal preferences, finds recipes, and creates an aisle-by-aisle shopping list.

You might be saying, “but there are already apps that do these things.” The problem right now is that there isn’t a single app that does all of it for you, and you often still need to manually create your shopping list.

Apps should save you time. If they cost you more time, those apps are not useful.

#5. Speed Limit Indicator

Have you ever been driving and realized that you haven’t seen a speed limit sign for miles? It’s a common problem and you’re still liable for the speed limit even if you don’t know it.

What if there were an app that could tell you what the speed limit is? Of course, this app would need legal protection and disclaimers. But here’s how it would work: pay drivers to note down speed limits on the roads nearby. You could use a points system like SweatCoin.

With SweatCoin, you earn points for walking or running outside. Companies offer various perks and items users can trade for points.

Offer companies a chance to give users perks for discovering speed limits. You could offer more points for remote locations. The types of companies you query could be travel related, adventure related, tech related, or even sports related.

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#6. Grocery Line Monitor

Wanting to know when the best time to visit the grocery store? Perhaps you could create an app for that?

This could be simple. Build a timer. Insert a text field where users can type in the store they’re shopping at. The user starts the timer when they enter the line and stops the timer when they grab their groceries.

You would need a discard button. People will forget to turn off their timers from time to time.

Create an algorithm that averages the wait time. Over a certain period of time, your app would give daily averages and indicate when you’re likely to hit a lull.

#7. The Self-Reviewing App

This may go against some rules and regulations, so please do your research before trying to implement this one. Reviews are the biggest promoter in most app stores. Reviews are also the bane of every app developer.

This app could go one of two ways. It could be a self-licking ice-cream cone. In essence, its only purpose is to be reviewed for points. Again, using the SweatCoin model, you ask companies to give discounts and items for points (this is cheap advertising for them).

You could also use it as a platform for other apps and their reviews. Getting people to review an app is difficult. Why not reward people for reviewing apps?

#8. A Mix-Tape Creator

This startup idea could bleed into the real world. If you could secure the rights to the songs, you could play off the nostalgia present in cassette bound mix-tapes.

Create a searchable database of songs. Build an AI who could build mix-tapes based on preferences. Then record the mix on actual cassettes and ship them.

If that’s too expensive or not feasible, you could do the same thing with digital-only content.

Implementation is Difficult

Coming up with simple app ideas is the easy part. Implementing the ideas is another ball-game altogether. If you need some startup money to help bring your idea to life, check out these top online business loans.

What other cool app ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

Simple App Ideas
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