14 April 2024
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A Beginner’s Guide to Project Management: Terms You Must Know

A Beginners Guide to Project Management Terms You Must Know

A ‘Project’ is not merely a task to be completed, but a milestone to be achieved. It can make or break your reputation in the industry. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to develop a habit of managing the projects effectively, right from the onset. No matter whether you are a corporate conglomerate or a startup, you can’t do without project management.


If you fail to manage your projects properly, you are going to be pressed for deadlines which can hamper your reputation, making clients apprehensive about sharing work.


Although many organizations are using a simple project management software to promote collaboration, not everyone is completely accustomed to the internal jargons that they should be knowing.



Terms to Know About, While Managing Project Through Software


  • Project – The major task to be completed; it may have multiple tasks related to or branched from it.
  • Due Date – The project completion deadline as estimated.
  • Task – Main milestones or parts of a project.
  • Sub-task – Small tasks, which are to be completed, in order to get the whole task completed.
  • User – The people (accounts), which are involved in the project.
  • Permissions – The power of doing something. Permissions may include ‘right to add users’, ‘right to change project details’, or any such thing.
  • Roles – The types of permission and authorities, given to a user. For example, an ‘admin’ role can be given to a user, who can perform all type of operations such as project creation, deletion, modification while a project manager can only edit the tasks, subtasks and assign it to other users.
  • Assignment of Task – The project management tools allow assigning the projects, tasks, and subtasks to a different user.
  • Comments – For enhancement of results, users can leave comments so that the colleagues can follow the instructions and work on it accordingly.


What Should You Learn About Project Management?


The established companies or businesses may find it easy to know the core of the project management process while startups may face issues. Therefore, startups must focus on understanding essentials for excelling.



Though getting started with project management may appear intimidating, it requires being familiar with some of the important terms, that may ease the entire process. Let us have a look at the terms which can help the beginners in project management.


#1. Budget: Being a beginner working on the budget can prove to be a big achievement. It should always be kept in mind to set up the entire working schedule as per the estimated budget. The needed resources should be allocated at the right time for the budget so that the working doesn’t get hampered at any stage.


#2. Specifications: Can you move ahead without knowing any details about the walking path? Without knowing how to do things creates confusion and degrades project performance. Therefore, getting a clear picture of the specifications of the project is the driving factor for making a project success. Hence, the specifications should be noted carefully and taken care of while working on the project which can help eliminate many errors in the project.


#3. Deadline: This is one of the most crucial details that should be given the most importance. It would be of no use to work hard on a project if you cannot deliver it within the agreed timelines. Deadline is the time within which you promise to deliver the project to your customers. Therefore, the customers may lose their reputation if you fail to deliver the project on time which in turn can impact your ability to get more projects in future.


#4. Establishing Goals: If you don’t know what you want to achieve, how will you be actually sure that you have achieved that? The same happens in project management. If you haven’t established any goals you can never be sure if you are working as per the needed efforts. Moreover, managing the performance, time and other factors will also get difficult. Therefore, your first job is to establish goals for your project before getting started.


#5. Planning: If you fail to plan today, you plan to fail tomorrow. This is not yet another cliché as a lack of planning may cripple the project in many ways. Without planning, your teams are bound to lose focus and they can also face issues in communication once the project is in its full-swing.


#6. Performance Management: Another important factor that the project managers must focus on is the performance. They should always maintain an eye on the various parameters of performance to ensure that things are working as per the plan. Managing the performance will help the beginners to save them from any severe risks that might occur in the future.


#7. Management Software: Technology! This one word has made our lives so convenient and easy that imagining life without it is now difficult. The technology has not only been a turning point for the customers but also for the business world. The use of various project management software and tools are a clear example of the effectiveness of such software.


#8. Risks: Project management is not just an easy-going ride where everything falls right in the place. It is more of a mixture of various challenges that the project manager face for getting the final result as the success of the project. Therefore, other than keeping all the good and positive things in mind, the negatives and the risks should also be considered.


#9. Teamwork: No project can get completed on an individual basis. Managing a single project requires the attention of the manager on a number of areas which becomes difficult for obvious reasons. Therefore, it becomes important for the manager to have a trained team that can help them cover all the areas of project management. Startups must focus on working as a team as they are still working in the process for carving a distinct reputation in the industry.




It is not that difficult for the beginners to mark excellence in the field of project management. The beginners must not feel disheartened if failed in initial attempts.


All it takes is to be aware of the various factors and terms that are the pillars of the project management. The various businesses are making the use of the easy project management software available in the market for ensuring success.


Author Bio: David is a technical writer; his works are regularly published in various papers and top-notch portals. His rich experience in Project management domain helps him offer latest and fresh perspective on improved efficiency in work flows across organizations. His informative works on similar lines can be reached out on ProProfs Project.


A Beginner's Guide to Project Management: Terms You Must Know

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