1 December 2021

6 Things to Make Sure as You Flip a House

6 Things to Make Sure as You Flip a House

Buying a house, renovating it and subsequently reselling it while aiming to make a profit is not as easy as it appears on TV. As much as the business of flipping houses is rapidly gaining popularity across the globe, it is not for everyone. For one to flip houses successfully, …

Can You Be Socially Responsible And Still Make A Lot Of Money?


Making money and being socially responsible are not mutually exclusive. If you have a high level of ethics, that doesn’t mean that you have to either abandon your ethics or your will to make money. There is this idea that to be successful financially that you have to be cutthroat …

Email Marketing Campaign – Top 7 Do’s & Don’ts

Email marketing campaign

Looking for the cheapest marketing tool available to get a word out about your business?  Email marketing campaign is surely the standard package answer any marketing pundit would throw at you. The thing about email marketing is that it is not just low-cost but cost-effective too. Well, if you do …

How To Save Up For A 2021 Vacation


If you have been responsible and conscientious for all of 2020, you probably didn’t get to go on a vacation this past year. Though some celebrities were able to get out of their homes and party on private islands, most Americans were stuck inside, sometimes confined to a single room …

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