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Outsourcing Is The key to Productivity In Blogging

Outsourcing Is The key to Productivity In Blogging

Professional blogging requires a lot of skills. Content creation skills, SEO skills, marketing skills are few important ones among the many. Here in this article, we discuss about the tasks that should be outsourced by every blogger to improve productivity. That is how to do blogging by concentrating on one’s core competency and outsourcing the rest to external expert agencies.


Outsourcing Is The key to Productivity In - Blogging


This post is written strictly for professional bloggers. I have seen many bloggers struggling to create amazing contents against the constraints of time.


This article discusses about the tasks that should be outsourced by every blogger to improve productivity.



Learning Points


  • What are the two different types of bloggers
  • Outsource these tasks for more productive blogging
  • Why do we need outsourcing in blogging
  • How do we outsource blogging tasks in the right way
  • How to attain better productivity with blog outsourcing


These days many are taking up blogging as a profession.


People often consider blogging as an easy job. But in reality, blogging is a profession that requires hard work and dedication.


There are lots of tasks involved in blogging. Most bloggers fail because they try to do all these tasks alone.


No one can become the master of all trades. So the best strategy for a professional blogger is to identify certain tasks which could be outsourced and concentrate on his areas of expertise.



Types of Bloggers


Content Creators Vs. Marketers


Before we discuss in detail about blog outsourcing, let us understand the two main types of bloggers.


Firstly we have the content creators. These are the ones with deep knowledge in a particular niche and have the ability to produce high quality content.


Secondly, the marketers or SEO experts, they are not great writers. But they possess extensive knowledge about various Search Engine Optimisation techniques as well as Social media marketing options.


So basically a content creator could outsource tasks in the marketing area while a marketer can outsource tasks in the content creation part for better productivity.


Tasks that can be Outsourced


Let us first list out the major tasks involved in the profession of blogging.


Once you are in the beginning of your blogging career, you might be able to manage all these tasks alone.


But as the popularity of your blog rises, you are expected to work on shorter deadlines without compromising on the quality of content.


So it’s advisable to outsource few of these tasks to freelancers or external agencies.

Tasks that can be Outsourced


  • ResearchIdea generation for original contents and references for creating content are framed after thorough research. Better results could be obtained by delegating these tasks to an external expert agency.


  • Content Creation – Content is regarded as the most important aspect of a blog. Content is what you sell through your blog. As the popularity of your blog increases, there would be a demand for more number of articles to be published on a regular basis. A single person cannot cater to this increased demand. Hiring people for content creation would be expensive.


Check out this article for the major advantages of outsourcing content creation


  • Website Designing – The design and theme of your blog is an important aspect of your blog. A beautifully designed professional blog would easily attract the attention of readers. So it’s advisable for most bloggers to outsource this part to freelancers or experts.


  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation is very critical to the success of a blog. Understanding of SEO concepts like keyword research, link building are crucial for the success of your blog. So if you are a hardcore writer, it would be better to concentrate on content creation and outsource SEO to experts.


Read here to know when to outsource SEO for your blog.


  • Proof Reading or Editing – If you own a blog with a lot of traffic producing a good number of articles at regular intervals, it is recommended that you outsource the task of proof reading to an external agency. This would be the economical thing to do than hiring someone for this task.


  • Social Media Scheduling – Creation of viral blog posts is necessary for the popularity of blogs. But how do blogs go viral. At present, social media is the best possible way to make this happen. Promoting your content on various social media channels on a regular basis is equally important as its creation.



Apart from these core tasks like:


  1. Business strategy development
  1. Competitor analysis
  1. Blog performance analysis
  1. Tasks like image selection
  1. Email marketing
  1. Guest posting management
  1. SEO tasks like link management
  1. Keyword research
  1. On page SEO etc. can also be outsourced.



Read about an end to end guide to outsource in blogging from a beginner’s perspective in this wonderful article published by SEOblog.


Do Outsourcing in the Right Way


Outsourcing is different from hiring. It would cost you a huge chunk of money if you are hiring employees for various tasks involved in blogging.


If you are working on a low budget, then you can outsource your work to freelancers.


Online platforms like:



Helps you in connecting with freelancers with varied skills.


If you are ready to shell out more money, you could approach professional agencies dedicated to particular tasks. This would help in achieving better results.


Also I would recommend you to invest wisely while outsourcing. Also never opt for sites offering free outsourcing services especially in SEO. Only spammers gets traffic to your blog for free.


Outsourcing your blog is a strategic business decision. It should be a well thought decision. Read here what Kissmetrics blog has to say about this.


Need for Outsourcing


We have already seen that one cannot single handedly perform all tasks involved in blogging.


Instead one has to stick to his core competency and get others do the rest.


So, how to do this?


Hiring full time employees for this work would not be economically feasible. The solution for this is outsourcing.


Instead of hiring full time workforce, tasks can be outsourced to expert agencies in respective areas. The idea here is to increase output by outsourcing the not so critical tasks.


Time Sucking Blog Tasks You Can Outsource

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Few benefits of outsourcing are as follows:


  • Better quality work is ensured as work is outsourced to experts.


  • You can concentrate on your core competencies as other works will be taken care by agencies.


  • No overhead costs as you just need to pay for whatever services you are getting.


  • Overall quality and quantity of content in your blog increases. In short productivity would be enhanced by systematic outsourcing.


Wrapping it Up


So far we were discussing about how outsourcing enhance blogging productivity.


Once again I stress on the fact that most blogs fail or become less productive because bloggers try to do all work alone.


So the best strategy for professional blogging is outsource several tasks as your blog grow in popularity. This way you could constantly publish great content through your blog.


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Outsource these tasks for more productive blogging

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