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19 Online Jobs from Home to Earn Money Online – No Investment Required

online jobs from home

In this age of internet and computers, many people are venturing into online jobs from home. With the rise in demand for work at home online jobs, there is also an increase in scam sites tricking people with fake earn money online promises.

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So getting to know authentic and scam free sites providing online jobs from home is very important.

Here I talk about some genuine ways in which one can earn money online.

 Content Writing

online jobs from home

Are you good in writing articles? Then you can earn good amount of money through content writing. There are many websites which offer freelance content writing jobs in which you can work at home and earn money online.

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Some of the important sites offering online content writing jobs are:

  • Upwork

Also there are some sites exclusively for content writing jobs like:

You can find large number of content writing online jobs from home in these sites.

Online Tuition’s

online jobs from home

Are you a study expert? Do you wish to earn money online by helping students around the globe to learn? Then you should start working on online tuition’s sites which connects you to students around the world.

  • Gotit
  • Chegg
  • eStudyHub
  • eTution

These Websites offers you online jobs from home as study experts. After registering in these sites, you would be asked to take qualifying tests for various subjects. If you are able to qualify, you can start helping students in that particular subject.

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You would be paid for each student you help. If you are good at various subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry etc then this is a promising work at home option.

Earn by Selling Photographs

online jobs from home

All of us like clicking photos. But what do we do with the photos we are clicking. Did you know there are sites where we can sell our photos? There are sites where you can earn money online by selling photos you clicked.

Some of the important sites where you can earn money by selling photos are:

The amount you can earn depends on your level of expertise. Professional photographers can work at home and earn good amount of money through these sites.

Online Surveys

online jobs from home

Online surveys are a good category in online jobs from home that helps you to have a source of part time income. There are sites hosting surveys regarding market research, academics etc.

After registering in these survey sites you can complete surveys and earn money online. These are not meant for earning big, but are good sources for you to earn a little extra income or cash backs.

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These are work at home options with no investment and the effort required for completing surveys is also considerably less. Some of the popular sites offering survey jobs are:

  • Global Test Market

Affiliate Marketing

online jobs from home

If you are having a website or a blog, you can earn money online through affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you try to promote some company’s product or service through your website or blog.

When someone makes a purchase after reading about those in your blog or website, you are paid a commission by the company.

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Big companies like Amazon have their own affiliate program where you can register and then work at home promoting their products.

Google AdSense

online jobs from home

If you are having a website or blog with a good traffic, then Google has an option for you to earn money online. There is a program called Google Adsense by Google which allows web publishers to monetize their content.

Google AdSense helps you to place advertisements in the form of text, image or video along with your content. The content owners are paid by Google on a per-click or per-impression basis.

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As the payment is on per-click basis, having a good traffic in the website is critical for high earnings. And traffic in your blog or website depends on the quality of the content in your website or blog.

Start a YouTube Channel

online jobs from home

Using Google Adsense you can also monetize your YouTube channel. If you have a collection of original videos which can get a lot of viewers online, then YouTube channels are an attractive option for you to work at home and earn money online.

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Start a YouTube, upload your videos and then register your channel with Google AdSense. Google Adsense would pay you for posting various ads in your channel. With more viewership, you can earn more money.

Online Jobs from Home as a T-Shirts Designer

online jobs from home

Have you ever had wonderful designs for T-shirts in your mind? Then non availability of resources to produce and market them might be the reasons that stopped you.

If so, then we have good solution for you. There are sites looking for talented designers around the world to design for them. Online sites like:

  • TeeChip etc. allows you to earn money online by designing T-shirts.

If you are good at designing, you can work at home and these sites will pay you handsomely for your work. This is simply one of the best online jobs from home for all designers.

Domain Flipping

online jobs from home

Buy some commodity for a lesser price and selling it for a higher price is the standard form of doing business. If the commodity involved here is a website domain, then it is called domain flipping.

You can purchase domains from sites like:

  • Flippa etc. and try to sell them for a higher price.

This is not an easy to master kind of online jobs from home. You should spend enough time in this business to have an understanding about promising domain names.

Once you have enough exposure in this field, this is one of the best paying online jobs from home. You can work at home and make good amount of money through domain flipping.


online jobs from home

If you have good writing skills and can write high quality articles related to any particular niche, there are lot of options for you to earn money online. One way is to start a blog of your own and earn by registering your blog with Google Adsense.

There are also many sites offering content writing jobs. You can register with such sites and earn money online by writing articles for various clients. But always remember, to be successful blogger high quality content is a must.

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You can check out experiences of successful bloggers who made lots of money through blogs. If you are a passionate writer, then this is one of the best work at home jobs to earn money online.

online jobs from home

PTC sites or Paid to click sites provide very easy ways to earn money online. These websites pay you for watching ads in those sites. Surprised? Let’s see how this works.

The business websites looking for huge traffic register themselves with PTC sites. PTC sites places links of those websites in their sites, so that people who are registered with them can click on them, view them and thereby increase traffic for those business websites.

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In return, PTC websites pay you on a per-click basis. You don’t get paid high, but the investment and effort required is less for this work at home method. This is one of the easiest online jobs from home available in the Internet.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

online jobs from home

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowd sourcing internet market place where you can register as a Worker and earn money online. Amazon mechanical Turk has a large number of HITs or Human Intelligence Tasks posted by various requesters / clients.

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When you register as a worker in Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can select HITs of your liking, complete and submit them to earn money online. HITs of various difficulties and of different types are listed.

You can get the payment directly to your bank account or can convert the money to Amazon gift cards.


online jobs from home

This is another crowd sourcing website like Amazon Mechanical Turk. Lot of easy tasks or “Jobs” are available in this site for users to complete.

These Jobs include easy tasks like liking a social media page, watching videos, writing short articles etc. Each job is listed along with its payout amount. Once you complete the job, MicroWorkers pays you.

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Your earnings in MicroWorkers go to your PayPal account. This work at home option is suitable for beginners as no high level skills are needed.

Data Entry Jobs

online jobs from home

Data entry jobs are one of the simplest ways to earn money online. There are different types of data entry online jobs from home available in various websites.

Some of the common data entry online jobs from home available online are plain data entry jobs, form filling jobs, formatting jobs, captcha entry jobs, audio transcription jobs, image to text jobs etc.

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Though data entry jobs are work at home jobs, some of them require full time dedication. So you should choose them wisely.

Freelance Jobs

online jobs from home

There are lot of freelance websites offering freelance jobs in a large variety of domains. If you are having expertise in any particular domain, you can work at home and earn money online through these sites.

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Some of the important sites providing online jobs from home are:

A lot of freelance online jobs from home like content writing, web designing, social media marketing etc are available in these sites.


online jobs from home

Fiverr is website where freelancers can offer various services to clients around the world. As of now, more than three million services are listed in the Website.

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You can register in Fiverr and list the service which you would like to offer along with its cost in Fiverr. You can do various online jobs from home through Fiverr like graphics and design, copy writing and translation, programming, Digital marketing etc.

This online marketplace is best place for a freelancer to find work at home opportunities from clients around the world.

Get Paid to Play Video Games

online jobs from home

This is an amazing way to earn money online for all passionate gamers. Big gaming companies are recruiting game testers who are supposed to play and identify bugs or errors in their games.

This kind of job is called beta testing. Games testing online jobs from home are available in sites like game-testers.net or in various gaming forums. This is mainly a skill based online work at home job.

Apart from a passion for video games, you should be a keen observer of things and should have good communication skills.

Website Designers

online jobs from home

If you are good at web designing but do not have enough contacts to get jobs, then there are options for you online. There are various sites providing web designing online jobs from home.

Different from a full time web designer job, with these sites you can work at home and earn money online. Some of the important sites offering web designing online jobs from home are:

  • Upwork

Making Mobile Apps

online jobs from home

Creating mobile apps is a good way to work at home and make money. Your mobile app. need not be a paid one to make money. You can also earn money using free apps. In-app advertising is how you make money through free apps.

You can make use of mobile ad networks like AdMob and InMobi to earn money. Making mobile apps is one of the best skill based online jobs from home.

  • AppyPie
  • iBuildApp
  • AppMakr

So far we have seen different types of online jobs from home. Each of them has its own share of pros and cons. So before venturing into any of these work at home options, introspect about your skills and expertise and choose wisely.

In all these work at home online jobs from home options, there are a lot of scam sites. Make sure you work with genuine sites that really pay you. The sites which I included in this article do not require any sort of initial investment and are hundred percent genuine.

Before starting to work for any sites offering online jobs, make sure you read different reviews about them in the Internet.

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online jobs from home
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