20 May 2024
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Online Game Tester Jobs – Start Earning Money Playing Video Games

Online Game Tester Jobs

How many of you are interested in playing video games? For all the passionate gamers, here we talk about opportunities to get paid to play video games. Continue reading if you are looking for online game tester jobs which allows you to work at home.


Online Game Tester Jobs – Know the Profession


So what exactly are these online game tester jobs? How could someone get paid to play video games? Let me answer these questions first.


Gaming industry is becoming bigger than ever before. Big gaming companies are investing huge amount of money in developing fascinating games.


Online Game Tester Jobs


Developing such games is really complicated and lot of aspects are involved. Getting everything right in the first go is near to impossible. There comes the role of game testers. According to wikiHow, “Imagine doing what you enjoy doing most – and getting paid for it! Sounds like a wild fantasy, right? Think again. The time to PowerUp is now! Many gamers get paid to just to spend time playing the latest games. They are called video game testers.”



Gaming companies open up online game tester jobs for ardent gamers. They are made to play games which are in the beta testing stage. Their job is to identify the bugs or errors in the game and to make sure all the elements are working as expected.


In short you get paid to play video games. This is one of the most lucrative online work at home professions.


Starting a Career as a Video Game Tester


So how do you start your career in online game tester jobs? You don’t directly get paid to play video games. Here we discuss about certain guidelines to be kept in mind while searching for work at home online game tester jobs.


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Make sure you have a resume that stands out among the others in the lot. This first step towards a career in online game tester jobs is very critical.


Your resume should highlight your education, experience in testing and communication skills. With an attractive resume you could easily get paid to play video games.


Look at the right sites for online game tester jobs. There are many scammers in this industry. Sites offering genuine game testing jobs are available in the following sources:Online Game Tester Jobs


  •  You can find them in freelance websites like UpWork and Freelancer


  • Sometimes they are directly available at websites of game development companies


  • Game developer forums are a good place to find genuine work at home game tester jobs. Once you have registered with the right site, you would definitely get paid to play video games.


Be serious about your job. Don’t experiment with your first job. Completing your first assignment with full dedication can get you more jobs. Once you start getting projects you can comfortably earn through work at home online game tester jobs.


Skills Required for Online Game Tester Jobs


Obviously a genuine passion for video games is expected for excelling in this profession. But is that all? Not really. Online game tester jobs require certain other skills too.


An online game tester should be a good observer. He is expected to identify the bugs and glitches that went undetected during the development stage. At a time many testers will be working on the same game, so detecting unique errors or bugs gets you more work.



Certain gaming companies opt for testers with good technical knowledge. Still there are a lot of opportunities in testing for pure gamers. An experience in gaming is always expected as to test the difficult levels in games; one has to be a proficient gamer.


Making good bug reports is as important as detecting bugs. Companies are looking for testers who can provide coherent reports free from spelling and grammar mistakes.


Get Paid to Play Video Games – How Much You Can Earn?

Online Game Tester Jobs


A career as an online game tester is really challenging in the initial stage. You might find it difficult to get projects. And the projects won’t pay you high. But once you have successfully completed good number of projects, you can earn handsomely with this profession.


On an average you can earn 5$-20$ per hour. On an average a project pays 50$-200$. These figures are just average figures. Based on your commitment and dedication, you can earn more than that. There are people earning more than 200$ per hour through online game testing work at home.


Not an Easy Job! – Online Game Tester Jobs


Though this seem like an easy job, in reality it’s not that easy. You don’t get paid to play video games of your choice. The gaming companies would decide which game and which levels you need to play.


Online game tester jobs may not always satisfy your gaming passion. Sometimes you might end up playing a game which you don’t like over and over again. So patience and professionalism is what you require most here, than just plain liking for video games.



Tight deadlines and long working hours is another challenge in online game tester jobs. But a dedicated allocation of your effort and time can help you excel in this career. Moreover, since you can work at home, you won’t find it difficult to cope with these challenges.


Like every job, online game tester jobs have its share of challenges. But this work at home job option is one of the exciting careers for an ardent gamer. You get paid to play video games and that means much for a gamer.

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Online Game Tester Jobs

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