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Legit Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Registration Fee

Online data entry jobs are the easiest freelance works available on the internet that require no technical skill.

You can comfortably work from home on a part time basis to earn money equal to your job without any investment.

But finding legit data entry websites or companies with whom you can work and get regular projects is quite difficult.

There are so many fraud companies that ask for money as registration fee and then stop communicating.

Therefore, I have hand-picked 15 legit online data entry jobs websites and companies where you can register for free and start earning like never before.

Legit Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Registration Fee and Investment
Learning Points
  • Why should you be interested in part time online data entry jobs?
  • Legitimate work at home jobs that require minimal skill.
  • Legitimate data entry jobs from home without investment.

Why Should You Be Interested In Part Time Online Data Entry Jobs?

If your regular job does not pay you the salary to fulfill your wishes or you have plenty of free time throughout the day, data entry job is a great option for you.

An online data entry job is definitely a dream home based work. You can work anytime you want, which could be after your office or college hours.

They are the best online jobs for college students to earn money for paying their fees and other expenses.

There is no dearth of data entry jobs and project flow will be regular. The pay is good enough given the fact that it requires no skill.

The faster you can type, the more money you can earn. You can make as much as your regular job’s salary every month.

Most importantly, you get to work from home with all the comfort and no strict surveillance and pressure from your boss.

According to PayScale, the hourly rate of a data entry worker varies from $9.7 to $17.2.

Why Should You Be Interested In Part Time Online Data Entry Jobs

Legitimate Work at Home Jobs That Require Minimal Skill

Apart from online data entry jobs, you can do several other part time online jobs to earn plenty of money.

Legitimate Work at Home Jobs That Require Minimal Skill
  1. Online Tutoring Jobs – You can be an online tutor and teach school and college students.

There are working people who hire online trainers to learn new languages, do courses on self-improvement and prepare themselves for any important exam or interview.

The pay for online tutorial jobs is quite high, and you can also sell your services through various marketing places.

  1. Virtual Assistance Jobs – By being a virtual assistant, you can be a part of a company’s customer support team and assist clients in simple troubleshooting or answer to queries related to sales.

These are referred to as telecommute jobs where you use your internet connection, email, and telephone to earn money online as home agents.

Virtual Assistance Jobs
  1. Translation And Transcribing JobsTranscribing jobs are one of the highest-paid online jobs where you have to listen to audio clips and convert the spoken words into text form.

Translation jobs are quite popular and have a good pay because not many freelancers are available in this space.

Translation And Transcribing Jobs

Besides all these, if you have a certain specific skill set, you can work as a freelancer in web designing, graphic designing, content writing, SEO works and likewise for which multiple freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr are available.

Legitimate Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment

Before you sign up for any of the following websites, make sure you have an up-to-date computer, high-speed internet connection, and a fixed schedule.

#1) AccuTran Global

AccuTran is a renowned company that hires candidates regularly based on their skill and experience.

They started their journey in 2002 and established themselves as a trusted company for hiring freelancers and working for global customers.

Always keep an eye on your home page where they post job requirements mostly for transcribers and data entry workers.

transcribers and data entry workers

#2) AXION Data Entry Services

AXION is a popular data entry service provider that hires remote data entry writers as per requirement.

They are also one of the most trusted companies and have a regular flow of projects from clients. They provide all the instructions that you need to follow.

Payment is done per-piece basis on every other Friday. On average, its workers work for 25 hours a week.

#3) Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon MTurk is a marketplace for getting micro jobs that computers are unable to perform.

Online data entry jobs are the most popular and widely available. There are unlimited number of online data entry jobs you can do from home every day and whenever you want.

Apart from that, there are multiple other micro jobs that require human intelligence but no technical skill as such.

#4) Capital Typing

Capital Typing started its operation in 2002 and has a wide client base. They provide different types of typing services like transcription, translation, data entry, customer support, and bookkeeping.

Getting hired by them is little difficult, but once you are in, you can do simple online data entry jobs and earn more than your regular job.

Bookmark their site and keep following their social media pages for job openings.

#5) 2Captcha

Captcha writing has become an emerging entity among data entry part time jobs.

These are so easy online data entry jobs that even students from high school do it to earn some bucks quickly.

2Captcha is the leading website for getting unlimited captcha writing works. The pay is around $0.3 – $1.2 per 1000 captchas.

#6) DataPlus

DataPlus is one of the oldest companies in data entry business. It started its operations in 1992 and has become a globally recognized name. Here you can get bulk online data entry work from home jobs.

Go to company’s employment page and submit or email the required information along with your CV and their team will get back to you.

#7) Quicktate

Quicktate has all the different types of typing jobs for you. It can be a job for transcription, letter writing, data entry, recording data, virtual assistance and much more.

They accept experienced freelancers only after reviewing the applications.

Create an account for free, apply for a job, wait for the proceedings and once approved, get started.

#8) DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions is one of the biggest names in data entry industry. They have unlimited clients from all over the world, and hence, they often hire freelancers for full-time or part-time data entry jobs.

You need to submit applications through email mentioning your availability and experience.

#9) Scribie

Scribie is a dedicated audio transcription service providing company. As stated earlier, the payment for transcription is quite high and ranges from $6-$20 per hour.

If you want to earn huge money, you should get acquainted with transcription job and apply to Scribie.

#10) Gorge Warehouse

Gorge Warehouse is a legit data entry company, and they keep on listing new projects and hiring requirements.

Apart from data entry, they also hire virtual assistants, web and software developers, and online coordinators.

The dealings are very transparent as the corresponding salaries from every job are clearly mentioned.

#11) SigTrack

SigTrack hires only US freelancers and one has to give a 5-minute interview to get selected.

You should check their system requirements before applying. Payment is made via PayPal, but the frequency of hiring people is not high.

Hence, you have to stay glued to their website for new openings. Check out their pay conditions.

legit crowdsourcing company

#12) Lionbridge Smart Crowd

It is a legit crowdsourcing company that allows its free members to accept micro jobs as per their skills and get them done in due time.

The pay varies according to the job and budget of the clients.  It is fast becoming one of the emerging platforms for getting online data entry jobs as per everyone’s time-schedule.

#13) Clickworker

Just like Amazon MTurk, Clickworker is a marketplace for micro jobs. They have some of the renowned companies who keep on posting jobs on their platforms.

Most of them are work at home online data entry jobs. The average hourly pay is $9 though payment is made per project. Just create an account and get started.

work at home online data entry jobs

#14) Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a popular platform to get online data entry jobs.

To work for Working Solutions, you have to become an agent. First, you have to create a profile and pass a few assignments to get approval. After that, you have to select your category of work and get started.

There is unlimited number of projects available for data entry works.

#15) Birch Creek Communications

It is primarily a transcription service provider but also posts legit data entry jobs in bulk.

You should head over to their employment page to understand the process of applying for employment. You can work full-time as well as part-time as per your availability.

legit data entry jobs

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, now you have got some new online jobs ideas on how to earn money online.

If you choose to work for any other data entry website or company other than the ones I have mentioned above, make sure they are scam free.

Check online reviews, payment proofs and only when you are totally convinced, go for them.

There are so many scam websites providing data entry jobs that you can end up signing with one of them.

Do not get distracted by the monthly payment amount they are advertising for part timers.

Focus on increasing your typing speed, and your income is sure to increase exponentially.

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