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What is Off-Page SEO? Techniques to Boost Page Rankings

What is Off-Page SEO? Techniques to Boost Page Rankings

Starting with basics, SEO, an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by web developers to raise the ranking of a page in search engine results. If optimized well, your web page would appear before other competitors on Google that in turn, increases your web traffic. There are two categories of SEO, On-Page and Off-page SEO.


This article will discuss in detail about off page SEO and Off-page SEO techniques 2016 that will help you boost your search engine rankings. It also features Off-page SEO tutorial and tips and certain off-page optimization techniques that you can cross off from your Off-page SEO checklist.


Difference Between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO


On-Page SEO deals with all the optimization tactics that you can perform on your website. Example: Use of internal linking, tags, and Meta descriptions.


Off-Page SEO deals with other optimization tactics available off your website. Examples of Useful Off-page SEO techniques: social networking connections, developing content, and blog marketing.



Importance of Off-Page SEO


Search engines like Google are constantly evolving and developing better algorithms to make their results better and faster. With most web pages acing their On-page SEO optimization, the algorithm is now considering other quality factors like your web page’s Off-page SEO to rank them on search.


Off-Page SEO and its Importance

Off-Page SEO also helps a web page instruct its importance on Google and other search engines to give you better ranking with Off-page SEO. A web page with content-relevant references extracted from trusted sources will rank higher. Internal and external linking marks your content as authentic and genuine, recommended by Google to its users. It is beneficial for social media managers, as the content would attract more audiences through shares and likes on Facebook.


You can boost your Page rank, a quantitative measure of your web page’s validity, through proper Off-Page SEO. The rank is given on a scale of zero through ten, an index developed by one of Google’s founders, Larry Page. Based on the rank, Google determines your web page’s relevance to the words searched. You can read Here an interesting article on What is Off Page SEO by Alex Chris.


Off-Page SEO Techniques That’ll Boost Your Search Engine Rankings


Build Online Reputation Through:


Social Networking


 Social Media Sharing

With over half of the world’s population on social media, maintaining a proper online profile is the first step in building an online reputation and improve search engine optimization. Through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. you can promote your website’s content within your niche and beyond. Social Media platforms are ideal for building your online reputation.




Apart from social media platforms, blogging is one of the many ways to increase your page rankings on search engines. A blog is conventionally updated once every week. This way, you can encourage people to visit your web page for new content. An active web page would be more exposed to Google’s search algorithm. This should help in raise the ranking of a page in search engine results.


Building an online reputation will require maintenance. Development of unique and engaging content for your blog/social media account in a format that favors the reader is crucial. Experiment with formats like Infographics, List articles, Viral Videos, etc. More importantly, try to use your words well as you get very little time with the reader. You can always hire professional writers to deliver content for you optimized with SEO techniques That’ll Boost Your Rankings.


Off Page SEO for Blogs


Promote Your Website Through:


On Blogs


You can also promote your website by posting comments on certain blogs that share common interests with you. This kind of blogs, known as ‘Do follow‘ blogs, allow others to comment on their articles and help readers find web pages that fall under the same niche.  


You can add links in the comments that direct the users to your web pages. Search engine algorithms consider such web pages to be of more value thereby helping you improve your Off-page SEO.


On Forums

 Forum Posting Off Page Seo

Forums, where people of a specific community discuss their issues relating to a product/service, are one of the best streams to promote your website. It is important you find forums that are relevant to your website. Once you find a proper forum, you can get involved in the discussion, reply to people’s comments, and promote your website’s content via links to specific web pages of correspondence. This enables search engines to give you better ranking with Off-page SEO.


Apart from forums, one can also actively answer relevant questions asked on websites like Yahoo Answers, Quora etc. In doing so, one can establish themselves as experts in a given field and promote their web page’s content by adding links in the text. You can add links in the source section for the reader’s future reference.


Submit Your Website:


On Search Engines


If you are on the internet, it will not take much time for a search engine to find you. However, it is always profitable to initiate the process and register on services offered by Google so that Google’s search engines pick you up instantly. Apart from Google, registering on Yahoo, Bing etc. is just as beneficial to improve your Off page SEO.


On Directories


Even though directories are barely in use, registering your website, especially on specific directories that fall in your niche, you can increase your web traffic. If you pick effectively, you will be able to publish your information on the best directories and raise the ranking of a page in search engine results while optimizing through Off-page SEO.


Broadcast Your Website Online


One way to broadcast your website online is Social Bookmarking. It is an Off-page SEO tactic used by popular websites use to attract people to their content. All you have to do is submit your content, like the latest blog posts or articles to bookmarking sites, like Reddit, StumbleUpon etc.


As content on these bookmarking websites is updated very frequently, Google’s search algorithm is very active for these websites and increases your website’s ranking position in search engines.


It is important to broadcast your content over a wide network and not in a specific niche, the more the web traffic for your website, the better the rankings.


Link Baiting


Similar to Internal Linking for SEO, Link baiting is an Off-page SEO version that is extremely popular among websites looking to promote their content. If one of the articles you have published on your blog is used by another website as a source for their posts, they will mention your website as a source link in their article.


You can similarly do the same for the content you have taken from other sources. This will not only increase your website’s ranking position in search engines but also help you avoid plagiarism issues on your content.


To Conclude


For your website to be one among the top few on Google’s search result page, it is important to optimize your content using both On-page SEO and Useful Off-page SEO techniques. The latter will serve as a strong determinant in your web page’s rank online and help increase your website’s ranking position in search engines.


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