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Mystery Shopper Jobs – Become a Mystery Shopper (A Guide)

Mystery Shopper Jobs

What about a job where you get paid for shopping at your favourite brands. Here we discuss about Secret Shopper Jobs or Mystery Shopper Jobs and how to become a Mystery shopper in this article.


But before starting with Mystery Shopping Job, a proper understanding about the job and the companies operating in this niche is needed as there are a lot of scam websites in this industry.


What is Mystery Shopper Jobs?


Mystery Shopping is a new innovative way adopted by companies to improve their customer experience. Let’s see how this is done. There are a lot of companies advertising about Mystery Shopper Jobs. Let’s discuss about various options to become a Mystery Shopper.

Mystery or Secret Shopping Jobs

Someone looking for part time income can register as Shopper and companies looking to improve their customer experience can register as Clients in these sites.


Shoppers would do shopping with the clients as normal customers. After shopping you are asked to fill a survey regarding your shopping experience with the particular client.


This information received from Mystery shoppers are used to derive insights regarding the customer experience provided by the companies.


Companies don’t do this directly. Instead they register with various Mystery Shopping websites which make use of trained Mystery Shoppers to generate the required information.


Finding Scam Free Mystery Shopping Jobs


Every day we find our inbox filled with mails like ‘Mystery Shopper Jobs’ or ‘Do you want to become a Mystery Shopper?’. But how to find out whether they are genuine or scam? Here are some things to be considered while registering with a Mystery shopping website.


Scam Free Mystery Shopping Jobs

  • Do proper research before venturing into Mystery Shopping. Do thorough search on internet for various Mystery shopping websites and read reviews about them. Make sure you don’t get misguided by fake reviews.


  • No legitimate Mystery shopping website will charge you for registering with them. There are lot of scam sites charging money for training, list of companies etc. But make sure you become a mystery shopper without making any such payments.



  • People from US can check Mystery Shopping Providers Association website for a list of genuine Mystery shopping companies in US. Details of scams related to Mystery Shopper jobs are also available in this website.


Some genuine Sites offering Mystery Shopper Jobs are listed below. These sites provide excellent opportunities to become a mystery shopper.




Mystery Shopper Jobs


This is an Indian based Mystery Shopping company. You can do Mystery Shopper Jobs using the Redquanta mobile application. The attractive user interface helps you to easily navigate through shopping assignments and select the ones which suit you.


You can search for options to shop, to eat and more near you. When you are done, submit the assignment report and get paid.


Feedback’s collected from Mystery shoppers are used by Redquanta to help its clients serve their customers in a better way.


So why wait? Become a mystery shopper with Redquanta at the earliest.






Mystery Shopping Jobs


You can find a lot of Mystery Shopping deals in FloorWalk. You are supposed to observe certain things when you do Mystery Shopping for FloorWalk.


Based on your observations, you would be asked to fill out an online form. And all the times you shop for Floorwalk, you are reimbursed with an amount little over your expenditure.


At the same time it’s a wonderful earning opportunity as well as an amazing way to shop. You can do Mystery shopping at your favourite stores, hotels, multiplex, airlines and many more.


Become-a-Mystery-Shopper (2)




Mystery Shopping Jobs


This is a US based Mystery shopping solutions company. With Bestmark you have opportunities to work as Mystery shopper for leading companies.


You can do shopping at your favourite restaurants, stores, casinos, resorts and more and at the same time make an additional income.


There are more than 10000 assignments offered each month from various industries, so that you can choose the ones that match your liking and become a mystery shopper.

Lots of opportunities for Mystery shopper jobs are available in Bestmark.


Become-a-Mystery-Shopper (3)


Secret Shopper


Secret Shopper Jobs


A member of MSPA, Secret Shopper is a very credible Mystery Shopping company. Any one above eighteen years of age can join as a mystery shopper in Secret Shopper.


A large number of shopping assignments are available for shoppers in the Website. Payment normally varies between 12$ and 25$ and is carried out through PayPal. Exceptional written communication skills are required to become a mystery shopper in Secret Shopper.






Mystery Shopping - Become a Secret Shopper


IntelliShop is one of the leading US based mystery shopping companies which helps clients from various sectors to improve their customer experience.


This innovative mystery shopping company is an easy and fun filled way to earn a decent amount of money by doing just one thing – do shopping at different retail stores and submit feedback to the company.

Your best pass time can become your money earning activity.




But again be very careful while searching for Mystery Shopper jobs as most of such sites in Internet are scams. But with a genuine site it’s real fun and exciting to become a mystery shopper.


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Mystery Shopping or Secret Shopping Jobs

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