21 April 2024
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Medical Coding Career Path: 7 Key Benefits of Becoming a Medical Coder


Due to innovation in the healthcare industry in recent years, it’s becoming more promising than ever for those who are seeking medical careers. But, not everyone knows what occupation they want to pursue.

Medical coding is a promising position in the healthcare field that offers a wide range of benefits. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at some of the largest benefits you should know about the medical coding career path.

#1. Remote Work

One of the most enticing benefits of a medical coding career is the ability to work from wherever you want.

While staying at home is the perfect option for those who have newborns or space for their own office, many medical coders choose to travel while their work. Some even choose to live abroad.

Plus, you’ll also save plenty of time and money by not having to drive to a medical facility every day, allowing you to spend more time on your friends, family, hobbies, etc.

#2. Education is Available Online

If you’re looking to get into the field (or improve the skills you already have), you don’t need to enroll in school. There are plenty of resources that you can use online to educate yourself and get certified in various areas.

Those who aren’t certified should strongly consider doing so in order to increase their available business opportunities. As with all forms of education, learning more will never hurt your chances of success in the future.

You can visit this resource to learn more about medical coding classes and get started on your career in the field. Even medical professionals can get certified or recertified online nowadays, and hone their skills in courses such as Basic Life Support.

#3. There’s a High Demand for Talent

Due to the overall growth of the healthcare industry and the importance of medical coding’s role, this occupation is in high demand.

Those who can complete jobs quickly and efficiently will find that securing a job is a relatively easy process. This is especially true if you have previous healthcare experience.

It’s important, though, to cultivate as much talent as possible. The healthcare industry is subject to constant changes in regulations, meaning medical coders need to consistently be at the top of their game in order to succeed.

So, you should strive to eliminate any chance of you being a liability, as mistakes in medical coding could be potentially devastating to both you and your employer.

#4. Gain Experience in the Industry

Many people want to gain experience in the healthcare industry without being exposed to the clinical side of things. Treating patients isn’t something a medical coder has to ever worry about.

So, you’ll be able to work on the business side of healthcare, allowing you to gain experience in the industry that you can use to advance your career.

You also won’t need to go through rotary or residency, allowing you to get right to work once you’re educated enough. This saves years of your time and often hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans.

Before you know it, you’ll have a handful of years in the healthcare industry that can help you either advance your career as a coder or shift laterally toward a similar occupation.

#5. Start Your Own Business

After you’ve worked long enough in the industry, you’ll have made enough contacts to make starting your own medical coding business a feasible option.

If you choose to go down this path, you’re in luck. There’s very little overhead to worry about (often no more than your own home), and you can work entirely from a laptop or desktop computer.

As you gather more and more clients, you can even begin to hire other employees as your company grows, paving the way for a high-income business in a low-stress environment.

Or, you could keep your medical coding business as a side project while you pursue other passions or endeavors. Once you make it to this level, the possibilities are nearly endless.

#6. Job Flexibility

Yet another attractive aspect of a medical coding career is the flexibility in the jobs you perform.

Gaining experience in medical coding can lead to other options in the future, such as auditing, helping companies with healthcare compliance, medical coding consulting, etc.

If you so choose, you could even pursue a career in education using your medical coding experience.

So, you won’t be trapped on one path for the rest of your time in the industry, which is a common issue that many people have with their current occupations.

#7. Solid Pay

For being able to work remotely and not needing a medical degree, the compensation for medical coding is noteworthy.

The average salary for a medical coder is approximately $18/hour.

But, also take into consideration the money you save on gas and depreciation of your vehicle. Medical coding’s flexibility also allows you to cook all of your own meals if you wanted to.

So, while the pay isn’t going to put you on the Forbes list, it’s more than enough for a person with an average lifestyle to save and invest.

Additionally, choosing a medical coding career while taking care of young children will potentially save you thousands of dollars on daycare or nanny services.

Understand the Medical Coding Career Path Can Seem Difficult

But it doesn’t have to be.

With the above information about medical coding career paths in mind, you’ll be well on your way to deciding if this career is right for you.

With a job that allows you to set your own path, the sky is the limit. So, take advantage of everything it has to offer!

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