3 February 2023
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10 Top Ways of Making Huge Money by Investing Small

10 Ways to Invest Small Amounts of Money And Turn It Into a Large Amount of Money

This article aims to provide useful advice on how to invest relatively small amounts of money and multiply that amount until you get to a substantial profit.

It is especially aimed at those people that think investing is only for those individuals that can invest thousands or hundreds of thousands to get an impressive return.

But, shocking as it may seem, you can start with a few hundred dollars or even under a hundred and learn how to do it in such a manner that it will amount to a great profit.

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Of course, this is one of the extremities of investing and for all future uses, a small investment should be defined as an amount larger than $100 but that doesn’t go over $1000.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 most efficient ways of investing such amounts for a nice profit.

10 Ways to Invest Small and Turn it Into Large Amounts of Money

Ways of Making Huge Money by Investing Small

#1. Bank Investments

Even though a bank investment is not the most exciting form of investing, since the profit you make is relatively small, this form of investing is preferred by many individuals simply because it poses a very low overall risk.

This makes bank investments the proper method for those that are aiming to steadily increase their balance in order to open up new ways of investing money for a more substantial and faster profit.

Also, without discriminating any age category, the bank investments are preferred by elderly persons that see the banks as trustworthy places to keep their funds in.

#2. Betterment

Betterment is a form of investing that specifically appeals to small investors. Everything starts with completing a questionnaire regarding your overall investment views and what’s your tolerance towards risk.

According to the choices you make in this questionnaire, you will be assigned a portfolio of several exchanged funds that best fit your needs.

One of the best things about Betterment is that it doesn’t have a minimum amount to start with and the fee on the account is around 0.35%.

#3. Lending Club

This online P2P lending platform allows borrowers to get loans whilst the investors provide the cash for an attractive interest rate. It’s not a rare sight to see double digits return rates and that’s what makes this platform so appealing to investors.

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You can give it a go with a minimum of $1000 and you can divide your investments in increments of $25 so that means you can have a portfolio of 40 different notes.

If you’re concerned about safety and a guarantee to recover your funds, you need to learn that the application works with escrow accounts, the payment being made with their own funds while the recovery of funds from the lenders is entirely their concern.

#4. Motif

If, for any reason you are looking for a different investment platform, Motif is most probably the way to go for you. The system behind Motif is not complicated at all as users can build their own or invest in mini-mutual funds that follow some fixed investment criteria.

The name for these mutual funds is ‘motifs’ and that gives the name for the entire platform as well.

If the definition is still a bit blurry for you and you’re looking for some clear examples, you can choose to invest in solar energy in Hawaii and there are hundreds of different motifs out there for you to invest on. The minimum amount to start with is $250 and it’s a very interactive experience to go through.

#5. Getting Rid of Debt

Indeed, this is not really a method of investment, however, you shouldn’t even think about investing your money if you have active debt. However, it can be viewed as an investment method if the debt you’re going to repay accumulates interest as time goes by.

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Even though you’re not actually making more money, you’ll have less payments to make out of the money you gain, leaving you with the same type of increase that an actual investment will get. Especially considering that credit cards, as an example, can have a return rate as high as 25%.

#6. A Retirement Plan

No matter if we’re talking about an employer-sponsored retirement plan or another plan that you find interesting, investing your money in such a thing is a great idea and a good back-up plan at the same time.

Not only that with every paycheck you can decide what amount of cash goes towards the retirement plan, but it’s the type of investment that you can collect when most needed.

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Besides what you rightfully obtain from the state, you will have your own back-up money that come in great especially when it comes to traveling or taking care of your health when you reach an older age.

Another awesome aspect related to the investment in a retirement plan is that there’s no minimum or fixed monthly amount, you can contribute with a different amount each month and kick it off.

#7. Prosper

This investment method is quite similar to Lending Club which was covered above, however, there are some differences as well. They state that they can offer a 16% return rate on an annual basis, a percent that is more than appealing.

Even though it’s less safe than a bank investment, the 16% guaranteed by Prosper is a figure that the banks can’t even dream of. So, it’s a matter of high return against higher risk, the same old issue of any investor.

#8. Treasury Securities

If you’re more of a fan of conservative investing methods but you’re not that willing to go with the banks, there’s always an option to invest in Treasury securities. Basically, you get debt obligations issued by the Treasury Department of the state you live in or a foreign state.

The interesting fact about investing in securities is that you can choose a maturity date between 30 days to 30 years.

The minimum amount to get started with securities investment is $100 and you can sell them even before the maturity date, as you seem fit.

#9. Invest in Your Skills

This concept is not a new thing; however, it was proven that one of the best forms of investments is the one you do for yourself. If you’re interested more about the potential return of the investment, using your money to support one of your passions or skills is probably the best way to go.

Not only that this course of action increases the chances of a solid return in a short amount of time but it also helps you become a better person, increase your skill set and be better prepared for any challenge that may arise in the future.

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No matter if you decide to invest in equipment to create something such as a 3D printer or you invest in different certifications that give you the upper hand when it comes to landing a better job or increasing your income, there’s no way you can lose out of it.

Especially since we’re living in a constantly changing environment, you can never know which type of skills will help you in the future so it’s best to cover more than just one field.

#10. Start Your Own Business

All the previous suggestions for investing alternatives were all about other businesses or systems that were already set in place. However, what if you start your own business and invest in it instead? After all, the previous point that talked about investing in your own skills goes hand in hand with this one and it can come with impressive results.

No matter if we’re talking about a passion or a brilliant business idea, starting your own business is always a step forward.

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Sure, it might seem frightening for most, however, if you take that leap of faith, you might come to realize that you had immense potential that was just wasted with working jobs that weren’t really letting you display all the skills and knowledge you have.

Besides all the other benefits of investing in your own business, you will feel a lot more motivated to work and make things happen when it’s all about you and the way you see things for that specific business.

No boss to pressure you with deadlines and discontent about the way you do your job, no more slacking to make time go by, you’ll be entirely focused on your goal and growing your business in such a way that you will be able to sustain a decent living from it.

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Last Word

So, there you go, 10 of the most common investment tips you can apply to round your income and make things go in a positive direction for you and your family.

Perhaps you know other ways of investing your hard-earned money with the intent to multiply it and enjoy life the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. If you do so, feel free to share them in the comments section below and perhaps start helping others achieve their goals with your ideas.

The overall key is to grow together and sustain a better future.

Author Bio: Nika Goddard, Psychologist, writer-freelancer, traveler and just creative person, lover of world cultures, languages, food, wild spaces and urban places by nature. Editor at own website.

10 Top Ways of Making Huge Money by Investing Small
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