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How to Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing Business

Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing Business

In this article I will share with you some very interesting facts about Affiliate Marketing and how to use it effectively to make money online from the comforts of your home.

Marketing in the 80s saw the influx of the door-to-door salesmen. But it isn’t the 80s anymore, is it?

I feel people these days answer their mails more readily than their doors. So does that mean that it is time to adapt?

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Yes. But How?

Affiliate Marketing is my two word answer. Letting you earn money online from the coziness of your home, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

Work From Home & Make Money Online


The initial investment for affiliate marketing is either too low or nil. Tangibly, all you need is a computer and some connectivity. Time and effort are intangibles you would have to put into any business.


You simply act as a signboard that redirects buyers to a seller’s site in return for the commission they pay.

There are two major types of commission you could earn –

  • PayPerSale – A fixed percentage based on the sales referred by you.
  • PayPerClick – Payment based on the number of visitors you redirect to the seller’s site. Any person trying to earn from the web should surely test drive this killer of an idea as affiliate marketing is one of the top ways to make money online.
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To start with it, choose your products or services wisely.

I would recommend choosing products with fewer affiliates to trim down the competition. But make sure you give some consideration for the demand of the product too. You shouldn’t end up promoting an unwanted item.

Do an extensive research on the seller whose product you are planning to promote. Their credibility will be what decides yours.

Don’t try to be the Jack of all trades. Concentrating on a few particular products will be better than trying to promote everything under the sun. It would be better to choose a field you are already an expert in or one that excites you. Build a nice cozy niche for yourself and expand on it.


The popular affiliate networks are Commission Junction, ShareASale, Link Share, ClickBank, Paydotcom, JVZoo and Amazon Associates.

Most of these networks work in a similar fashion. While a higher commission is something you should look for, choosing affiliate networks related to your products is also extremely important.

Amazon Associates is easy to use and it covers almost every product and seller. But all of that comes at the cost of low commission rates and longer payment cycles.

Commission Junction also has a large network but loses out on the support factor.

ShareASale also has a large network, provides easy comparison of offers and a quick payment cycle.

Link Share has a smaller network but offers you more flexibility and ad rotation.

ClickBank is a trusted player in the affiliate marketing business and has been there for a long time. Their back-end support is very good and the website is easy to navigate. They have an excellent track record of payments to it affiliates.

PayDotCom is quite similar to Clickbank, only difference is they don’t handle the affiliate payments. The vendor directly pays its affiliates, which can sometimes create delays.

JVZoo is another platform where you can join. It is similar to ClickBank and PayDotCom but relatively new in the market.

Do your research well to figure out the affiliate networks best for you.

It is this plethora of options that restates the fact that affiliate marketing is one of the easy ways to make money online. Do your research well to figure out the affiliate networks best for you.

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And when it comes to selecting affiliate networks, monogamy definitely isn’t a rule of the state. You may register with as many networks as you want to.


Once you chose your products and networks, the affiliate networks would provide you with the affiliate links for those products.

Try and promote the products through your social networking sites, YouTube or any other forums related or relevant to your product. For this to be really successful, you need to have a decent follower ship on your social media profiles.


It is always better to have a platform to post links and advertise the products and services you are promoting.

Owning an already popular blog or website with some significant viewership would be a great head-start. Use them to your advantage to endorse these products and don’t forget to provide links to such products you recommended.

Text links are surely the easy way out. But using banners and other such creative options would make the endorsement look more attractive and eye catchy. Unless your affiliate networks provide you with the coding for the same, you might require some outside help on this.

Make Money Online Part Time at Home

While blogs are free to operate, websites require you to pay some website fees.


Launching a review site is an effective and popular method to do affiliate marketing. Review sites are used by prospective buyers to know more about different products, services and brands.

Use your site to review the products you are promoting and also to compare it with its related products. Make sure that you provide the link to the seller’s site along with the reviews.

Apart from your technical review, you may also give the customers the option of posting their reviews in your site. This would help increase traffic to your site.

Your reviews shouldn’t be completely one-sided too. Pointing out the shortcomings of the product in a diplomatic manner could earn you the trust of the users. The bottom-line is that earning money shouldn’t be your only aim. It should also be seen as a service that provides value to the buyers.


Well, who doesn’t love discounts and offers!

Create a coupon site that offers Voucher Codes, Coupons and Gift cards all under a single roof. The people visiting your site attracted by these offers could end up redirecting themselves to the seller’s site thus earning you that commission.

Running a coupon site would need some dedicated work as the offers and coupons should be updated frequently.

Top Ways to Make Money Online


Using Trial Download sites for affiliate marketing is one of the legitimate ways to make money online. Download sites are another popular technique to promote products and services. This works best if you are endorsing a software product.

Earn traffic to your site by providing limited trial versions of the software to the buyers. A satisfied buyer might end up buying the product through your affiliate link.


Affiliate marketing is one of the smartest ways to make money online at home but that makes it competitive too.

Nobody has a hundred readers on their first day of blogging. Affiliate marketing is the same and you have got to give it some time.

Build that road; slowly earn your traffic and one day it might turn into the busiest highway.

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