12 December 2018
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How To Make Money From Google AdSense – Start Up Guide

How To Make Money From Google Adsense - Start Up Guide

You must have read many articles that say “make money online”, stats may be hundred, thousands, or even more, but majority of them are not true. Most of them are just sales pitch in an attempt to sign up for some seminars, online courses, meetings, etc. But there are many authentic and legally approved ways to make money online out of which Make Money From Google AdSense is one.


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There are authentic and legal approaches to make money on the web but main issue is that the genuine approaches to earn money aren’t “get rich fast” schemes. Majority of them require a considerable amount of dedication and time for an actual return to come. But now, these stories are of past.


How to make money from Google AdSense


Read this blog and start getting money in your bank account. Let us understand the word Google AdSense first.


Google AdSense:


AdSense is an advertising program which is initiated by Google; it’s a simple route for earning money online without giving any money. This system permits affirmed distributors in the Google Network of content website to serve videos, blogs, picture etc.


If you honor Google Policies then you can make profit effortlessly. Google AdSense pays you maximum in industry and it will be your best bet.

Google AdSense

Concept Behind Launching Google AdSense:


An industry expert says, 99% of people leave website without doing any business, which in turn generates zero monetary value. Hence, Google came up with idea of Google AdSense. With Google AdSense you get paid each time a guest clicks an advertisement.


The decent part about earning from Google AdSense is that visitors don’t have any compulsions to buy anything from ads they clicked to make money; they simply need to tap the Google Advertisement Link. Let’s come to main part How to make money from Google AdSense.


Step by Step Process on How to Make Money from Google AdSense:


  • Creating Google AdSense


  • Making Money through YouTube using Google AdSense


Creating Google AdSense Account


  • Create a Google AdSense account by visiting HERE. The account is totally free.


Make Money From Google AdSense


  • Click on to SIGNUP NOW tab (refer picture above)


  • If you don’t have Google Account then first create Google account (Option available in that page) or if you have Google account directly sign in to your account.


  • After you signed in, you will land on the page as shown below where you need to input your website link.


Make Money From Google AdSense

  • Once you have filled the above form and pressed the continue tab, you need to fill your general information like name, address (should be alike with the bank records). These details are for your payment purpose (Sample shown below)


Make Money From Google AdSense

  • After you consent to their terms, your application will be submitted to Google for approval. In 2 hours to 5 days (typically same day) they will affirm or not endorse your application. You can’t sign into your AdSense account until you are endorsed.


  • Partial Approval – Upon endorsement, you will get an Email demonstrating your endorsement, and a connection to sign into your record, and begin making advertisements for your site.


  • Full Approval – Until you put promotions on your site, Google can’t completely endorse you. So the advertisements you put on your site will be placeholders for Google Ads. In 5 days Google will visit the advertisements on your site and make the last endorsement. At that point you will have the authorization to see live promotions, and begin making money.


Making Money Through YouTube Using Google AdSense



  • Once you register on YouTube you will see a page like this (Below) and press on the blue tab indicating Enable My Account


Make Money From Google AdSense


  • Once your account is enabled, you can start monetizing your uploaded videos. Since monetization account activation process takes 7 days maximum, within this tenure Google will verify and send you a mail regarding activation. Once final activation is done, you will start earning.


  • Click on your icon present at right hand top and then tap on Creator Studio. You will see your dashboard. Go to video manager, you will find all your videos uploaded on YouTube. Select the video which you want to monetize and press the action button and click monetize. Refer Image Below.


Make Money From Google AdSense


With these simple steps you can take advantage of Google AdSense program and start making money.

Hope you enjoyed reading How to make money from Google AdSense.


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  1. Hi, Gaurav, another interesting post from you.

    You have clearly described how to apply and get approved for Adsense. But getting Adsense approval is just like flogging a dead horse. It is really tough to get one. Also if once approved, it becomes tougher to maintain your AdSense account. Renowned blogger Kulwant Nagi of Mybloggingcage fame is said to have been debarred from Adsense programme by Google allegedly for no fault of his own. Umpteen no of guys in the blogosphere maintain the same stand as mine. This has only discouraged me from going for one. So right from the beginning, I am thinking of going Adsense alternatives which have easier terms & conditions. I think you will agree.

  2. Thanks, Gaurav, for the information.

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