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35 Easy Ways to Make Money Before Christmas

35 Easy Ways to Make Money Before Christmas

Extra money is always nice, especially when the holiday season is knocking at the door. There are some amazing and easy ways by which you can make quick money before Christmas.

Everyone needs extra cash for Christmas as it is the time for celebration, gifts, and merry-making.

35 Ways to Make Money Before Christmas

Do you want to celebrate your Christmas holidays without constantly worrying about money? Then, you need to find some easy ways to earn extra cash before the holiday season.

You don’t need to have a lot of technical skills or knowledge to make more money before Christmas. You just need to be enthusiastic and ready to utilize your free time into earning extra cash.

Let’s take a look at the 35 easy ways to make money for the winter holidays:

Make Money Before Christmas

#1. Deliver Meals

You can earn a good amount of money for Christmas by delivering meals with DoorDash or Uber Eats. You can deliver meals according to your schedule. If you have a motorcycle or a bike, you will have no problems in delivering meals.

During holidays, there is a huge demand for delivery executives. If you choose to work during that time, you will be able to increase your daily earnings. This is an easy way to generate extra cash for this Christmas.

#2. Drive People

If you enjoy driving, you can utilize your free time by driving people around the city. Services like Uber and Lyft allow you to become a professional driver. It is easy to sign up for these services and become a driver.

You need to pick people up from the specified location and drop them to their destination. You will get paid for your driving services. Many people earn a good amount of money by driving people around the city.

#3. Shopping for People

Do you enjoy shopping? If you are nodding your head, you can convert your passion into cash. You can be a professional shopper at Instacart.

You need to shop for other people and deliver their goods on time. If you do not mind visiting the grocery store or shopping for various goods, this job will definitely excite you.

Although you can also be a personal shopper, you will get more jobs at Instacart. You can choose the number of jobs, according to your schedule. The more jobs you take, the more cash you can earn.

#4. Rent a Room of Your House

If you have an extra room, you can list your property on Airbnb for rent. It is an easy way to generate extra cash for this Christmas. Many tourists prefer staying in Airbnb locations to hotels as it gives them a homely ambiance.

You should be a warm and friendly host to get good ratings. If you have good knowledge of the best tourist attractions in your city, it will be an added bonus.

Airbnb is a popular website. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about payment. If you want to make money for Christmas, clean your extra room and rent it out.

#5. Take Various Online Surveys

If you are thinking about how to make extra money for Christmas, switch on your laptop. Start taking surveys on the most popular survey sites such as SurveyJunkie, Global Test Market, and Pinecone Research.

quick cash for the holidays

Although taking surveys won’t make you rich, they will help you earn some extra cash. The best thing about online surveys is that you don’t need any skills for taking them. You can earn extra money in your spare time by stating your opinion.

All of us spend long hours surfing the internet. Instead of scrolling your Facebook newsfeed, you can utilize your time wisely by taking surveys.

#6. Rent Your Car

If you have a car, you can rent it out to earn extra cash for Christmas. This option is ideal for people who do not use their car every day. Turo is a great website which allows you to rent your car.

The best thing about Turo is that it provides insurance which is equal to the market price of your car. When you are listing your car for rental, you need to provide the model, year of purchase, license plate number, and a photograph of the car.

#7. Lose Weight

It is possible to earn money by losing weight. There is a service called HealthyWage where you can challenge yourself to achieve a particular weight loss goal.

You need to mention how many kilograms you desire to lose on HealthyWage. The minimum weight should be 10% of your current body weight. You also need to specify the time that you need for losing weight.

You can win up to $10,000 on HealthyWage. The calculator of the app determines the amount that you will win. Once you achieve your weight loss goal, you will get your earnings.

#8. Declutter and Sell

If you want to earn quick cash for the holidays, sell all the unwanted stuff that you have at home. This is a hassle-free and simple way to make money before Christmas. Moreover, it will help you in de-cluttering your house before the holiday season.

Make a list of all the items that you won’t need again but are worth selling. It can be an expensive costume that you purchased last year for a party, but you will never wear it again.

Take good quality pictures of all the unwanted items that you want to sell. Choose a plain background for clicking the pictures. You can list those items on eBay or join a local selling platform.

You can find local selling pages on Facebook. They will let you sell your unwanted items for cash in your area.

#9. Teaching

If you enjoy teaching, you can offer private tuition’s to students. It is a wonderful way to increase your earnings before the holiday season. You can help plenty of students with your knowledge and skills.

earn some extra cash before the holiday season

Many students need additional help in some subjects to perform well in their university examinations. This is the reason why tutors are always in demand.

You can also give online tuitions to students all over the world. You must advertise your teaching services in schools and colleges to make more money before Christmas.

#10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn some extra cash before the holiday season. If you have a great social media presence, you can get plenty of sign-ups through clicks on Twitter and Facebook.

Affiliate marketing is completely based on commission. Each time a person signs up on the given link, you earn money. It is a flexible and simple way of making extra cash before Christmas.

#11. Run Errands

If you want some quick Christmas cash, you should be ready to run errands for your neighbors and relatives. You can approach them to do their daily chores such as shoveling snow, yard work, etc.

It will help you earn extra money in your spare time. You can also search for odd jobs at Craigslist.

#12. Customer Service Representative

During the holiday season, companies look for temporary customer service representatives who can work from home. They need to handle calls of customers and chat with them.

The pay is $9 to $15 per hour. It is one of the easiest work at home jobs that you can do for boosting your earnings before Christmas.

#13. Swagbucks

One of the easiest ways to earn extra money is to explore Swagbucks. You can earn points by watching videos or taking surveys. You can redeem the points for cash by PayPal or gift cards.

#14. Website Tester

You can raise money for Christmas by becoming a website tester. Website owners need the opinion of people on their websites. You have to state the points that they can improve for making your visit to the website better.

You can earn a good amount of money by working with reputed companies as a website tester.

#15. Writing

Writing is one of the best ways to make money before Christmas. If you can write interesting articles on trending topics, you will never run short of gigs. You can get writing gigs on freelance websites such as Fiverr and UpWork.

how can i make money for Christmas

If you want to earn a lot of money through writing, you must choose a particular niche such as healthcare, travel or finance. Established freelance writers charge up to $150 for one article.

#16. Editing and Proofreading

Just like writing, proofreading is also a rewarding freelance work. You can offer your proofreading and editing services on freelance websites. Startup companies are always in search of good proofreaders who can edit and proofread their marketing documents.

#17. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is an easy way to make money for Christmas. If you love pets, you can offer your pet sitting services to your neighbors.

During the holiday season, people are often traveling to faraway places. Therefore, they need a trustworthy pet sitter for their pets.

#18. Dog Walker

Apart from pet sitting, you can be a dog walker to earn extra cash for the holiday season. It is a good option for people who love dogs.

The elderly pet owners are unable to take their dogs for a long walk. You can offer them your dog walking services for making that extra cash before Christmas.

#19. Shop and Sell

You can visit a garage sale or a second-hand store to shop for interesting stuff. If something beautiful and unique catches your eye, buy it at a cheap price. You can sell it at double the price to generate extra cash for this Christmas.

#20. Crowdsourcing Websites

There are many crowdsourcing websites such as mTurk where you can make quick cash for the holidays. You have to complete minor business tasks during your free time.

You can earn $10 a day online working at your own schedule. Although the pay is not great, it is a good option for boosting your daily earnings.

#21. Sell Handmade Cards and Crafts

If you are good at arts and crafts, you can make cards, candles, and accessories for the holiday season. There is always a demand for personalized handmade cards for special occasions such as Christmas.

real ways to make money before Christmas

Sell your goods to your neighbors and relatives. You can also sell them on your Etsy store to make more money before Christmas.

#22. Styling

If you have an enviable sense of style, you can work as a freelance stylist. You can help people choose their outfit for special events. You can also help them with their hairdo and makeup.

You can start by offering your services to your friends, relatives, and neighbors. Collect testimonials to build your portfolio. You can later advertise your services on social media.

#23. Promoting

Businesses are always in need of people who can promote their events and products, both online and offline. You can make money by attending an event and streaming it live on your smartphone. You can earn extra cash for Christmas by passing out flyers or putting up hoardings on a busy street.

#24. Tour Guide

You can raise money for Christmas by working as a local tour guide. If you know the history behind the top tourist attractions of your city, you can easily work as a tour guide. You must have a friendly and charming demeanor.

#25. Brand Ambassador

Marketing companies hire people who can talk about their products and company in a positive way. You can easily do some brand ambassador work if you are friendly and capable of convincing people.

The best thing about brand ambassador jobs is that they are always available. You get paid at an hourly rate.

#26. Consultant

If you have any special skills, you can provide consulting services to make money for Christmas. It can be about business, gardening, digital marketing, finance, etc. You can set your rate for your services.

#27. Rewards Credit Card

You can get great deals and offers by using a rewards credit card. So, you can sign up for a new credit card to get extra rewards and points. You might get free travel from your regular Christmas shopping.

#28. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is one of the most rewarding and easiest work at home jobs. Startup companies are always looking for dedicated virtual assistants who can handle various tasks such as managing emails, social media, and scheduling meetings. If you are a beginner, you can earn $15 to $20 per hour.

#29. Babysitting

how to make extra money for Christmas

If you want quick Christmas cash, you can opt for babysitting your neighbor’s baby when she is at work. This job is ideal for people who love being around babies.

#30. Housesitting

Housesitting is another great way of making quick Christmas cash. There are many people who travel to faraway places during the holiday season.

You need to take care of their house when they are not there. You can register at Housesitter.com for getting clients.

#31. Sell Photographs

If photography is your passion, you can earn some money by selling your best photographs on stock photography sites. You can also offer your photography services for Christmas cards to make money before Christmas.

#32. Wrap Christmas Presents

If you can wrap presents in an artistic manner, you can offer your gift wrapping services to people who cannot wrap presents. You can help companies and families who need to wrap plenty of Christmas presents. It will help you earn extra cash for Christmas.

#33. Bake

If you can bake delicious goodies, you can earn a good amount of money for the holiday season. People love buying fresh baked goodies during the holidays. You can turn your baking skills into cash if you can bake delicious cupcakes and other delicacies.

You can take orders for office parties or home parties. You can also contact the local confectionery shop for selling your baked goodies.

#34. Decorating Homes

Everyone wants their home to look beautiful during Christmas. However, most people are not good at decorating their places without any professional help.

making money for Christmas

If you are good at home décor and have an eye for aesthetics, you can make money for Christmas by decorating homes of people. You have to hang fairy lights and decorate the Christmas tree.

#35. Design Websites

If you know about web developing and graphic designing, you can raise money for Christmas by offering your services. Register on the freelance sites to get lucrative gigs.

Businesses and bloggers are always in search of skilled people who can design their websites.

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Wrapping it up

“How can I make money for Christmas?” If this question has been bothering you for a few days, you need to check out the above-mentioned ways to make money before Christmas.

There are plenty of ways to make money for the winter holidays. If you have any technical skill, you can register on the freelance websites to offer your services. You can sell old clothes, books, and gadgets to earn extra cash for Christmas.

You can also do odd jobs and make quick cash. If you are enthusiastic about making money before the Christmas holidays, you will surely be able to do so. You need to spend just a few hours every day to meet your goals.

make quick money before Christmas
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