23 May 2024
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10 Ways To Make Your Blog Visually Appealing & Attractive

10 Ways To Make Your Blog Visually Appealing & Attractive

You may be the world’s most perfect blogger, but virtually nothing of what you write will reach your target audience if you don’t make your blog visually appealing and attractive.


With the millions of blogs out there and the many thousands that talk about the same topic you’re writing on, you need to go the extra mile to make your blog stand out and become an authority.



One way in which you can do this is to find out how to create a blog that catches the eye right at the start.


After all, what is a blog without people who find it relevant and useful? This will make all the effort you’re putting into it worthwhile and draw the right traffic.


Here are Some Tips on How to Make Your Blog Look Good, Without Having to Redo Your Entire Design


#1. Topic Focus


While you may have all the information in the world at your fingertips, remember that it’s the specialist who succeeds and not the ‘Jack of all trades’.


Rather than covering a wider range of topics in your blog, focus on just one or two, or your readers will just get lost in the crowd.


While there are some readers who like to read everything at one spot, they are few and far between.


A blog with a specific topic or two, though, will keep your readers interested and holds their attention for long.



#2. Attractive Post Titles


With hundreds of thousands of blogs on the same topic as yours, you need to make your content stand out rather than just scrap the idea you have in mind.


To give your blog an edge over others in the same niche, use all your creative skills to create eye-catching post titles that will make your readers eager to know more.


Attractive titles don’t just end with your main blog titles. Rather, make each sub-heading interesting so that your readers will want to read much more of what you’ve got to say.


#3. Audience Focus


When creating your blog, focus on your target audience rather than on just what you want to say. From teens to baby boomers, practically everyone is online.


Once you have your target group in mind, focus your material of them so that you can reach your goals easily.


#4. Ad Placement


Yes, you do earn from affiliate marketing and ads, but you don’t have to make it so evident that your readers are confronted primarily by ads and have to search for content somewhere in between.


From pop up ads to flashing banners and float over ads, some blog owners literally drive away their readers from top class content.


So try not to distract your readers and make them run for the hills. Rather, keep ads to the minimum or have them blend in with your existing blog layout so that they don’t overwhelm your readers and don’t detract from your blog.



#5. Content Flow


You have so many ideas in your mind and just want to get it out there – and in the process end up messing up the content flow so that no one reads it.


If your flow is all off, take a while to chop off any needless content and keep it to the point.


The human mind has the ability to speed read, and many readers already have an idea of what they’re going to read when they visit your site.


So keep it simple, to the point and define any technical terms or acronyms for your readers.


When your content is easy to understand, readers will be more likely to love your content and keep coming back for more!


#6. List Posts


Make your blog visually appealing to readers and search engines alike by using list posts instead of running content. This lets readers just scan content and pick up what applies to them.


With regard to traffic, list posts attract many more readers, especially when you mention how many points the list covers so that your readers know what they’re going to be looking at for the next few minutes.


#7. Use The “Read More” Tag


If your posts are lengthy, make them look less overwhelming by using a “Read More” tag for long posts.


This will highlight just the necessary content, and also gives readers control over whether they want to know more about the topic or not.


This prevents your page from getting cluttered up and is more visually appealing.


#8. Visually Appealing Images


The images you use are among the best ways to make your blog visually appealing. Apart from being readable, using the right images that make the idea stand out will make your readers love your blog.


You can either break up all the text with images or use images to highlight just specific sections of your blog.


If you use stock images, make sure you attribute them correctly, or you may also choose to go in for open licensed images, usually use a “creative commons 0” license.



#9. Design


The combination of text and background on your blog, as well as the font you choose, can make your blog look pretty.


Rather than using light text on a dark background and hurting your readers’ eyes, choose a light background with darker text. Also, using the right font makes your blog look inviting.


Instead of using funky text just because you like it, think about your readers’ convenience. The most engaging content is of no use if they can’t read it!


#10. Include An Author Bio


Have you ever visited a web page and found it really interesting, but had no idea who had written it? Well, while such content may make for interesting reading, it has no authority, nor is it visually appealing.


Adding an author bio at the end of your content, along with your picture, connects readers to you.


They know that these are the thoughts of a real person, and they will be much more interested in knowing more.


Over To You


Making your blog stand out from the crowd does not require massive overhauling – all you need to do is focus on a niche or two and craft content in a way that readers will love it.


Create catchy titles, include relevant images and don’t overwhelm your readers with adds at every corner.


Last but not the least, use colors and fonts that will make your text easy to read and visually appealing and attractive and you will see a significant increase in your followers.


Ways To Make Your Blog Visually Appealing & Attractive

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