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Top 10 Low-Cost Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Low-Cost Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Best Business Ideas for Women with Low Investment


If you’re looking out for business ideas for women entrepreneurs with low investment and high profit, you’ve landed on the right page.


The business ideas that I’m about to list here don’t need much startup capital and the risks are minimal. Sound right up your alley? Read on!



It goes without saying that you need to invest some time and energy for such business ideas. Consider your passions. It always pays to do something you love.  If you’re passionate about something, say cooking, think on the lines of baking sale, catering for small groups, delivery service at local stores and so on.


So, let’s get started with the best business opportunities for women!!!


10 Low-Cost Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs


Smart business ideas for women entrepreneurs with low startup costs


#1. Selling on eBay – Business Ideas for Women


It’s really easy starting your business on eBay, which is one of the best small-scale business ideas for housewives. Think of it as selling stuff at a yard sale. You can decide the price and the delivery options. First, buy some stuff on eBay to understand how shopping on eBay works.


  • You need to first get an eBay account and the good news is that it’s free.
  • Try selling something from your house to begin with. Opt for the Sell link and fill in the details for the item.
  • Check out the rules for selling on eBay before setting out on such low cost business ideas for women.
  • Once you’ve done your research, start checking out the latest shopping trends and products that are selling well.
  • Get in touch with suppliers/wholesalers and start creating your inventory.
  • Check out the average selling price for your products and price accordingly.


Tip: Beware of getting into a readymade eBay business, as they charge heavy fees.


#2. Bed and Breakfast Business – Successful Home-Based Business


Bed and Breakfast Business – Successful Home-Based Business


The bed and breakfast business is a booming one, as it offers the luxury of upscale hotels combined with a private residence. Remember that it’s the personal touch that makes the difference to guests. If your house is near the waterfront or the highway, that’s an added attraction!


You would be required to throw in a hearty home cooked breakfast as well in such small business ideas for women.  If you are a person who interacts well with people, this business is just the one for you.


Tips: Check out the zoning by laws, business licenses required and other clearances for these types of home business for ladies.  For instance, you need to have separate bathrooms for each family in your B&B in the New Brunswick province.



#3. Affiliate Marketing


You get commissions for a referral in affiliate marketing programs. For instance, in case of an Amazon affiliate, if you recommend a book through your blog and a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and buys it on Amazon, you get a commission from Amazon.


Benefits of such Home Based Business Ideas for Moms:


  • The start up costs are quite low, with many affiliate programs being free to join.
  • You don’t have to bother about inventory and supplies.
  • You just need to lead your visitors to the product.
  • Simple sign up procedure.
  • No shipping problems to deal with.


Remember to promote products that match your target audience’s needs. For instance, if you’re writing about sport in your blog, don’t put up an affiliate ad for a printer. Put out ads of relevant products to generate more sales. Be honest and build good relationships with your visitors.


#4. Blogger – Best Small Business to Start


Blogger – Best Small Business to Start


Be a blogger and you can run your business from home, while your kids are asleep or when they’re at school.


If you have a passion and are a creative person, you can share your expertise with others and start earning money with this low cost online business.



It is quite simple to start a blog, but you have to work on it to monetize it. You can opt for a free one, but with paid blogs you can upload more videos and images.


You may not make money initially, but keep posting useful content, engage with your viewers, build relationships and then see the money roll in.


After creating good content, start promoting your blog in the social media, through podcasts and forums. Respond to comments. Make money through several methods like affiliate marketing, advertising, offering services, products and so on.


#5. Tutoring


Online Teaching Jobs


As part of starting a small business from home ideas, you can do tutoring on your own or join online platforms for tutoring. But if you join an online platform, they might charge a considerable commission, so you’ll make less money.



You could initially start with Fiverr.com, where you post a gig, meaning you could offer tutoring for math homework. When you complete the gig, you get a $5 for your services.


Online tutoring is a big time saver and you don’t have any initial investment. All you need is a computer, a web camera, microphone and a good Internet connection.


#6. Home Daycare Center


Home Daycare - business ideas for women with low investment


You can start a home daycare business on a small scale even if you just have a small home. It is one of the best business ideas for women with low investment.


Use the living room space or the basement for nap and meal areas. Check out regulations in your state regarding minimum space needed per child and get the proper licensing.


It is one of the popular business ideas for women at home; you get the freedom to set your own hours, but see to it that you meet the local requirements of parents. For instance, in some areas overnight care could be necessary.


  • Decide on the age group that you’re more comfortable with while considering such business ideas for women from small towns.
  • Prepare a set of activities, games, songs, stories.
  • Get toys and games that are appropriate for the children’s age group.
  • You could also arrange some outdoor game equipment or plan trips to a nearby playground, a walk etc.


#7. Personal Chef Business


Personal Chef Business - entrepreneur ideas for women


You can start one with very little capital and nil experience! If you love culinary activities, you could convert this passion into money. This business requires you to prepare meals for busy families. You can also offer meals for small corporate lunches, parties and other events like birthdays, while considering such entrepreneur ideas for women.



You could prepare the meals in your own home or in your clients’ kitchens. In the latter case, you don’t even need to purchase expensive kitchen gadgets. Another option is to take a commercial kitchen on rent, but this increases the costs.


  • Make a thorough research and select a niche service. For instance, you could offer regular meals; diabetic cuisine; vegetarian fare or gourmet foods.
  • Select a location that will bring in a lot of customers, especially for rented commercial kitchens. For instance, you can get more clients in big cities with plenty of corporations.
  • Typically, people with medical conditions look for personal chefs to cater to a specific diet.
  • Select a catchy name. For instance Munchy Personal Chef.
  • Have an effective marketing strategy in place.


Tip: Create a website describing your services. Advertise in local papers and magazine. Distribute cards and interact on social media platforms. List your business in online directories.


#8. Dog Walking Services


Dog Walking Services - starting a small business from home ideas


It is the easiest and cheapest small business that you can start from home. Pooch spending has increased a lot these days and the opportunities for dog walking services are booming.


You should have some experience with dogs, so try walking your friends’ pets for a few days. Volunteer at local kennels and handle different types of dogs of varying ages. Try to get some understanding about dog behavior as well. You could even attend a course for first aid and medication for animals.


  • Target clients in your locality. Send out flyers while trying out such small profitable business ideas.
  • Follow the necessary regulations, insurance requirements etc.
  • Restrict yourself to walking 4 dogs at a time.
  • Along with dog walking, you could offer services for dog grooming, pet setting etc.


#9. Grocery Delivery


Grocery Delivery - best business opportunities for women


More and more individuals don’t find the time to do their grocery shopping and wouldn’t mind paying extra to get it delivered to their homes or even their offices.


Search for clients in commercial areas and office plazas, as the people working here are more likely to pay for such a service. Time is of the essence in this type of work from home business ideas; so, see that you deliver the groceries on time.


  • Make an initial investment in essentials like a delivery van or a car. If you plan on delivering meat and fish, you need to opt for a refrigerated van.
  • Enter into agreements with local groceries, so that you get a specific commission for services.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase from wholesale groceries and then sell them to individual clients.
  • Select the kind of produce you’d like to deliver. For instance, bread, rice, fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, frozen foods, ice-cream, health or beauty products, edibles, detergents etc.
  • Have a good advertising strategy in place, by word of mouth, flyers and through social media.


#10. Custom Tailoring


Custom Tailoring - business ideas for women


Do you have sewing talent? Never mind even if you don’t! You could hire the talent and start a sewing business right from your home, delivering customized tailoring options to your clients.


Tailoring is a great option for a low investment manufacturing business. There are several categories to choose from, such as embroidery, clothes repair, clothing for special occasions etc.


  • Buy a sewing machine and use that extra room in your house as a sewing studio.
  • You will also need stuff like thread, scissors, measuring tape and some computer software for designs.
  • Advertise your services, create a website and post pictures of your best or latest work.


Tip: Make some sample pieces to showcase your work.


Last Word


The biggest benefit the Internet offers us is that we can start a business from home, with little capital, which is almost impossible in offline businesses.


All of you possess the ability and the qualities needed to run a small business from home. But to make it work, you must dedicate enough time to it everyday.


Be creative and check out new ideas and then carry them through even if you meet with small failures to begin with.


Many ordinary women I know have picked up such business ideas and made a roaring business of it.


Wish it and dream for it, then DO IT. You too can kill it!!!


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best business ideas for women with low investment

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