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Link Building for SEO: How to Build Links for Better Ranking

Link Building for SEO

Link building for SEO is the strategy for getting an external page to link to your website page/s in order to get a high ranking in search engine traffic.  However, getting high quality backlinks could take some time, as all links are not the same.

Quality Links

For instance, an inbound link from a site like Wikipedia.com or the Wall Street Journal will surely have a better impact on your SERP, when compared to a link from an unknown, low ranking website.

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Ways of Link Building

Link building for SEO involves earning links to your site on another website. While considering ways to build links, there are:

  • Organic links or natural links – You don’t have to ask for these and they are the best. If you can get natural links from an authoritative site, they can result in high authority backlinks. They are like votes for your site quality. You don’t have to influence another site to link you with any agreement or exchange.

For instance, if you vote for your city mayor based on your choice, it’s like a natural link for the person. However, if the candidate bribes you to vote for him, either by offering money, goods or services, the vote, or links doesn’t mean anything and will not add to the value of the person or your site.

  • Whitehat link building strategy – Building good quality links in an ethical way.
  • Blackhat link building – Spam links or low quality inbound links (stay away from these). With the Google Penguin update, you have to earn your rankings or else there’s hell to pay with Google penalty.

How to Get SEO Backlinks?

While considering link building in SEO, generating organic links is pretty time consuming.

In addition to on page SEO, you need to implement strategies with off page SEO, by creating quality links to your site.

You can also outsource link building by making use of link building services.

#1. Submitting a Guest Blog Post

  • Write a good blog post for guest posting purposes.
  • Shop around to see if you can offer it as a guest post on a relevant blog having a good domain authority, as an SEO strategy.
  • Most guest bloggers’ posts will include a link pointing to the site of the author.
  • If you are wondering how to submit a guest blog post to a popular site, there are many media outlets, such as Huffington, JustCredible, Mashable, GetThatRight, Business Insider and the like who accept an original post on relevant topics.

#2. Reaching Out to Related Websites

  • After writing some good content, you can email people who you think might be interested in it, for link building and to get backlinks.
  • Collect names using Ahrefs Backlink Checker to get the referring URLs of your competitor site and find more linking opportunities.

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#3. Link Building for SEO: Submit to Directories

  • List your site on various directories on the Internet.
  • Offer a good description of your site for link building.
  • It can be expensive, but believe me; it’s totally worth it to get more inbound links. Use a backlink analysis tool for checking out the returns.

#4. Create Backlinks with High Quality Content

  • How to build links for SEO? By creating good and steady content on your blog, others will naturally want to link to your site, being a page authority.
  • Be a trusted information source for your target audience to become the first page on Google search.

#5. Linking to Another Blog/Exchanging Links

  • Link to another blog with your anchor text, and it is most likely, that they will return the favor and link to yours. Especially if you use a do follow link, as opposed to a no follow link.
  • Again, you have to link to other blogs in your post, as it is not possible to cover all details in an article. Take advantage of the resources available in another person’s site. It adds value to your content and rewards your readers with more information.
  • You can even exchange links for link building, but do it right. The important thing here is that you can exchange links with a site offering complementary or relevant products/services. It’s mutually beneficial and offers more value to visitors as well, apart from being a top SEO linking strategy.

For example, if you are a copywriter, you can exchange links with web designers to whom you are regularly referring business. Or you could be a stylist who works often with a photographer during photo shoots. You could exchange links with each other.

#6. Publish Resource Lists

  • It’s a page on your site offering useful links for a specific topic.
  • They can work as an SEO bait for getting links and are a great means of link building strategies for SEO. Alongside, you’ll also be offering valuable content to readers.

Check out the number of people linking back to this report of Content Marketing Institute:

SEO Link Building

(Image Source: crazyegg.com )

  • Create useful resources in your field. It needn’t be original research, but just a compilation of information gathered from various sources.
  • Make a comprehensive list of resources and make it a resource page. They are easily found and bloggers would like linking to them, as you’re actually doing them a favor by offering a resource.
  • It also makes it easy for other sites to link the resource to their post, so that they don’t have to do the job of curating.

#7. Run a Contest for SEO Link Building

  • Conduct digital contests while building link for SEO.
  • Pay your participants for creating content on their social networks or blogs or even in your website.
  • For instance, you can offer a scholarship with a contest and create a page with the details of the scholarship/contest.
  • Make a search of schools in your state or city listing scholarships on their sites.
  • Convey information on your scholarship to these schools and ask them to list the details on their site, so that students can apply for it.
  • You get high quality authoritative links that are also locally relevant, offering a great means of SEO linkbuilding strategy

#8. Answer Questions/Make Comments

  • There are sites like Quora and Google Groups where you can answer questions.
  • Answer with a relevant link back to your site.
  • It increases your credibility, but remember to provide an expert or professional answer. Don’t stuff your answers with links.
  • Post comments on other blogs and include a link to your blog. Don’t cut a sorry figure with a spammy comment.
  • Read the post completely and leave behind insightful comments.
  • When people read your comment, they will click on your link and visit your site.

#9. Write a Review

  • Write a review of a relevant product/service. Companies are always on the lookout for testimonials.
  • After writing out the review and posting it, contact the product/service provider and inform him about the post.
  • Allow them to share it on their site or elsewhere.
  • Amazon offers a great means of reviewing its books/products. You can build backlinks by displaying your profile with links leading to your site. You can be helpful and also visible to potential customers as an expert.
  • Give testimonials or reviews for local services or businesses. For instance, if you have a favorite dentist, you can give a glowing review about his services, on condition that they offer a link to your site. It’s a win win situation.

#10. Use the Social Media

  • Social media can improve relationships and improve your SEO ranking.
  • Find link building opportunities with Google+.
  • You can prospect for a person to link with using the ‘Find People’ section on Google+. You can send messages to them, initiate chatting with Hangouts, send email notifications.
  • Use Twitter for link building. There are many tools available for finding relevant influencers and their websites. Organize them using Twitter Lists and then start interacting with them and build a relationship with them.
  • Pay for social ads to help with your link building strategies. For instance, you can make use of ads in Facebook for attracting your target audience, based on their workplace. If you want journalists to link back to you, the workplace would be publications, such as The New York Times or the Mashable.
  • You can also make use of ads in LinkedIn, though they are pretty expensive.

To Sum Up

In short, backlink building is one of the major aspects of SEO. But don’t make it your only strategy. Good inbound links cannot survive without a good quality content, service, product or site.

Create useful content on your site, so that it naturally attracts a link. You don’t have to look fearfully over your shoulders every time Google comes up with a change in its algorithm.

In addition, use the above smart ways for link building. You no longer have to beg, borrow or steal for getting those elusive links.

How to Build Links for Better Ranking
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