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Top 17 Jobs That Require No Experience But Pay Well

Top 17 Jobs That Require No Experience But Pay Well

There are many people who are on the lookout for jobs that require no experience but pay well. Students, homemakers, people changing their career paths and so on.


Here in this article we will be listing out places that are currently hiring or have jobs for people with no experience.


There are many sectors like travel and tourism, health care or even the government sector that have jobs that require no experience or qualifications. What’s more these jobs pay a decent amount of wages too.



According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are less than 50% jobs that actually require any work experience. So, if you are looking for easy jobs that pay well without experience then it should not be difficult to find them.


jobs that require no experience or qualifications


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  • Part-time jobs that don’t require experience


Topmost 17 Jobs That Require Little Or No Experience


#1. Nuclear Power Plant Operator


Jobs That Require No Experience But Pay Well


Nuclear plant operators are typically required to operate nuclear reactors. They are responsible to start the equipment, monitor it, log data and report any abnormalities. Operators are required to work in shifts of 8 to 12 hours.


It is one of the high paying jobs with no experience required. This job requires just a school diploma to qualify for it. On-job training is provided.


Operators need a license to work. This license is valid for one plant only. If the operators change the plant they have to apply for a new license. Licensing information can be procured from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


Jobs related to plant operation is generally posted by utility companies. The job demands a high level of concentration and workers operate in a very secure environment.


Average annual income: $91,370



#2. Elevator Installers / Repairers


An elevator installer and repair-person are responsible for the installation and maintenance of elevators, lifts and escalators. It is a physically demanding job that requires the worker to operate in cramped places and at heights.


If you need a full-time job now, that is also well paying and requires no experience then this is the right option for you. Elevator installers work full day and are often on a 24-hour call duty. They might even be required to work overtime in case of emergencies.


You just need a high school diploma to qualify for this job. On job training and instruction is provided. Some states might require you to have a license in order to operate.


More and more buildings are coming up each day thereby increasing the demand for elevator installers. They are typically employed by building contractors.


In order to learn more about the job and opportunities available visit the International union of Elevator constructor’s website.


Average annual income: $78,890



#3. Sailor on a Commercial Ship


Sailor on a Commercial Ship - travelling job requiring no experience-1


Sailors or deckhands on commercials ships work full time and are sometimes away from home for months. It is a unique traveling job requiring no experience at all.


Sailors are responsible to maintain the deck equipment. For cargo ships they are expected to load and unload cargo. In case of passenger ships deckhands are required to provide assistance to passengers.


Sailors can work on deep sea ships that carry heavy cargo across the world or they may work on small carriers that sail across domestic ports.


Entry level sailors require no work experience or educational qualifications to qualify for the job. You can get more information about the job opportunities in this line of work from the Maritime Administration website.


Average annual income: $54,870



#4. Gaming Managers


Gaming Managers - high paying jobs with no experience required


Gaming managers are required to oversee the work of other casino workers or gaming dealers. They might be required to make rules and coordinate operations in a casino. They are employed by casino hotels or racetracks.


Gaming managers generally start as gaming dealers who are paid just $10 per hour. You require a high school degree to become a dealer. But as the dealer’s progress in the hierarchy and become managers, they can earn as much as $33 per hour.


Working in a casino is a no experience overnight job. Because of the nature of the job the managers and dealers are required to work on holidays, weekends and nights.


In order to know more about this work and the job opportunities available you can visit the American gaming association and casino careers site.


Average annual income: $69,180



#5. Criminal Investigators / Detectives


Criminal Investigators - Detectives - Jobs that require no experience for college students


It is one of the jobs that require no experience for college students. Though some local or state level agencies might require a school diploma only, most of the federal agencies require you to have a college degree.


After qualifying for the job, the person undergoes an on-job training.


As a criminal investigator the person gathers evidence for various cases. He/she is also required to conduct arrests and raids. The job requires a high degree of alertness and physical stamina.


It is a high risk full time job that might be conducted in shifts. It also has a high rate of on job injuries.


You can know more about the job opportunities from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. department of homeland security websites.


Average annual income: $61,600



#6. Web Developers


Web Developers - no experience jobs that pay well


Web developers are responsible for the development of websites. They design the websites, do coding and testing, integrate the web pages with multimedia and ensure that the website performs well.


It is one of the no experience jobs that pay well. The job prospects are also very good in this field because of the growing use of internet the world over.


The educational qualifications vary a lot and depend upon the task the web developer would be doing and the employer’s requirements.


For some developers a high school degree is enough to qualify for a job. They need to be well versed in front end coding languages like HTML and XML.


For other developers who work on the back-end side, employers might ask for a college degree in computer science.


You can search for job opportunities in the web development field on job portals like monster or freelancing sites like upwork. For more information you can visit the site of Association for computing machinery.


Average annual income: $66,130



#7. Librarians


Librarian - No experience job


Librarians typically work in schools and colleges. Some librarians also work in public libraries or medical or legal libraries.


In order to qualify to work as a librarian a person needs to complete a Masters course in library science. To know about the various accredited programs, you can take help from the online resources available at American Library Association website.


Though school and college-based librarians get holidays as per the academic calendar, public librarians might be required to work on holidays, weekends and evenings.


A librarian is generally responsible for keeping the library organized and helping people find the information they are looking for. Some librarians might also be responsible for organizing special programs like story telling for kids and so on.


It is one of the no experience jobs that can be done part time too. Nearly 25% of all librarians work part-time.


Average annual income: $57,680



#8. Forensic Science Technician


Forensic Science Technician - job that requires no experience


A highly competitive and sought-after job that requires no experience is that of the forensic science technician. Though this job requires some on job training, prior work experience is not mandatory.


However, the person applying for the job should hold a bachelor’s degree. You can get to know about the various schools that offer forensic science programs through the American academy of forensic sciences website.


The technician is required to work in labs or assist investigators in crime scenes. He/she needs to collect evidence and test it in their labs.


Mostly such technicians are hired by the local or state governments.


Apart from searching for job openings in the regular job sites like indeed you can also look at the official website of US government jobs USAJOBS.


Average annual income: $56,750



#9. Accountants and Auditors


Accountants and Auditors - high paying entry level job requiring no experience


As the economy grows people will continue to need experts at tax laws and accounting to take care of their financial records and tax returns. Complicated tax laws further add to the increasing demand for certified accounting professionals.


An ideal high paying entry level job requiring no experience, accountants are recognized by the degrees and certifications they hold. A bachelor’s degree is generally the minimum entry level requirement in this field.


In order to know about the various academic programs that would brighten career prospects in the field of accounting you can visit the AICPA and AACSB International sites.


An accountant can be employed full time by individuals or companies. It is advised to join the Beta Alpha Psi, an international organization for students when you are studying accounting. It helps to build accounting networks.


Apart from searching for jobs on various job sites you can also look for local jobs hiring immediately on craigslist and accounting jobs today, which is a career portal for financial professionals.


Average annual income: $68,150



#10. Secretaries and Assistants


Secretaries and Assistants - office jobs requiring no experience


Working as a secretary is one of the jobs that pay 15 an hour with no experience at all. You just require your high school diploma and some working knowledge of computer applications like MS-Office to start at entry level.


Some secretaries receive on job training too. There are various types of secretaries like:


  • Legal secretary
  • Medical secretary
  • Administrative secretary


Each specializing in a specific type of work. Secretaries are employed by all industries.


Typically, a secretary is responsible for organizing day-to-day work schedule and performing some clerical duties. It is one of the easy office jobs requiring no experience.


Mostly secretaries work full time in an office, but with the advent of internet people are also opting for virtual assistant jobs from home.


Average annual income: $37,230



#11. Adult Literacy Teachers


Adult Literacy Teachers - jobs that require no experience


Teachers who are employed to teach adult students are called adult literacy teachers. They are usually employed by various local and state governed organizations that run such literacy programs.


One of the jobs that require no experience, this teaching job’s minimum educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree.


Adult literacy teachers are required to help people finish their school diploma by teaching them various subjects.


Since most students of such classes are working themselves, teaching them might require working at odd hours. Adult literacy teachers generally work part time in the evenings.


In order to learn about the various job opportunities in this area you can visit the US department of education site as well as teach non-profit organization run together by Microsoft and US education department.


Average annual income: $50,650



#12. Aerospace Operations Technicians


Aerospace Operations Technicians - jobs that requires no experience


Aerospace operations technicians work to maintain equipment required for developing and testing new aircraft parts. They generally work in industries and manufacturing units.


In order to qualify for a technician job, you are either required to have a college degree or you should have completed a vocational training in the respective field. You can visit the aerospace technical education website to know more about such courses.


It is one of the jobs that requires no experience and is growing at a fast rate. A career in this field will open work avenues in the private as well as the public sector for you.


Average annual income: $68,020


#13. Electricians


Electricians - Part-time jobs that dont require experience


Electricians are always in demand. Whether you need wiring done of a newly constructed place or you face any fault in the existing electricity supply lines, electricians come to your rescue.


Becoming an electrician is also quite easy. You just need a high school diploma to qualify. Most electricians receive on job training with some classroom course as well. No experience is asked generally.


You can learn about various such training programs on the Home builders institute website.


The work schedule of an electrician varies according to the job requirements. Mostly work full time, even on holidays and weekends.


Average annual income: $52,720


#14. Boilermakers


Boilermakers - jobs for 18 year olds with no experience


This is one of the jobs for 18 year olds with no experience. You just need a high school degree to get started. Though, you would be required to complete a training program that may last a maximum of 4 years.


As a boilermaker you are responsible for installing boiler parts and repairing and maintaining them over time. It is a physically demanding job that might require some traveling too.


Boilermakers work full time and may work overtime in case of urgent work. In order to search for various job opportunities, you can look up the International brotherhood of Boilermakers website.


Average annual income: $62,060


#15. Registered Nurses


Registered Nurses - jobs at hospitals with no experience


If you are looking for jobs at hospitals with no experience then this one is for you.


Registered nurses perform patient care attendant jobs. As a nurse you are required to take care of patients and advise and educate them. As part of the job you would be handling medical equipment, observing patients and recording health related data.


To become a registered nurse, you require either a bachelor’s degree or an associate or diploma program certificate. You can get more information about various such programs on the Johnson’s and Johnson’s website on nursing.


Average annual income: $68,450



#16. Commercial Pilots


Commercial Pilots - commercial pilot job without experience


Commercial pilots are generally employed by non-scheduled airline companies. These companies offer unscheduled services to passengers charging on an hourly basis.


You can start a commercial pilot job without experience. You just need a high school diploma and a flying license from the Federal Aviation Administration. On job training is provided after being hired.


The job requires some traveling and working at irregular hours. You might be required to undergo a medical fitness exam annually till the time of your retirement.


Average annual income: $77,200


#17. Ironworkers


Ironworkers - places hiring with no experience


Ironworker is a kind of construction worker responsible for installing iron support for structures and buildings. They work on the construction sites and may be required to work at heights.


To become an ironworker, you just need a high school diploma. No experience is required, though on job training is mostly provided by employers. Some ironworkers also complete apprenticeship programs before starting their career.


You can know about various such apprenticeship programs from the Department of labor website.


The jobs in this field are increasing because of the increase in construction activity over the past many years. Hence you will find many places hiring with no experience for this particular job. One of the sites to look for job opportunities is the jobline for ironworkers’ site.


Average annual income: $50,830


Other than the jobs listed above, some more bonus jobs that require little or no experience are:


  • Call center jobs
  • Receptionist jobs
  • Traveling jobs
  • Drafters
  • Logisticians
  • Computer network administrators
  • Chemist
  • Kindergarten school teachers


Wrapping up


Finding a job that does not require any prior work experience is not difficult anymore. You can choose any one career path from the ones listed above and start earning a decent income today.


Most of the no experience jobs listed above pay more than $50,000 annually. The income statistics have been taken from the US government’s labor statistics website.


Another plus point of the jobs listed in this article is that most of them require just a high school diploma to get started. You can learn more skills while training on the job or through some apprenticeship programs. College degree is not a must for many of them.


So why wait any longer when you can earn well with so many high paying jobs with no experience required options available.


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