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iWriter Review – High Quality Content & Article Writing Service 2016

iWriter Review A Place For Quality Content & Articles - Buy Articles

iWriter Review

Content is still the king in the marketing realm; the presence of .com mills churning out content on the web is reaching overwhelming numbers. One such member to join the race is the famous iWriter.

There is high demand for quality content and for entrepreneurs starting their career on the web; it is of utmost necessity to find qualified professionals who can pull off the job with sincerity.

It is a simple website which meets the requirements of freelancers-both clients as well as writers which come together under one roof to benefit each other.

Out of the many websites alleged for scams, this one comes out clear by following an effective funnel letting the users sync effectively with each other.


iWriter Review


I did go through a few iWriter review on various blogs which were very disorganized and missed out on significant points.

So, I decided to do a section wise review according to the website which will make things clear for you. Let’s begin.

Launched in 2011, iWriter was following a simple animated design which gave it a friendly look. One could be deceived by the simplicity of the landing page and mistake it for one of those scams. I’m sure you would agree with me as well.

But after progressing with their idea, they have finally replaced it with a multi-layered theme which looks like this. The facts and statistics on the page look promising and entice one to take immediate action.

There are NO charges to sign-up so you can immediately begin your freelancing quest without any hesitation.

iWriter Review

Home Page:          iWriter Review

Words have power and so does this home-page. It really shows you where to go. Unlike other freelancing platforms which confuse the member with tons of options, this genius design simply shows you where to go next.

There is a rating system which maintains your reputation on the website which decides the quality of work, this is very important for writers (I will explain this in detail in ‘Write Content part’). The inbox only comes in handy when you take up a project.

The homepage explains briefly in three steps the process to be followed by clients and writers. If you’re still not clear, try the tutorials. They really helped me to understand the website in a better manner.

There is a favorites list so if you’re producing optimum quality content on the website, you’ll be in for a better compensation.

Next up is the statistics section which will display the total amount of service exchanged on the website followed by a column which shows the top writers on the website.


Bonus:          iWriter Review

Affiliate marketers might want to check the affiliate program which could turn your blog into a gold mine.

Get your affiliate link by keying in your website and giving them a short paragraph about yourself.


iWriter review


Profile Section:          iWriter Review

It was vital to cover this part before the others because it deals with the basic information. I updated my Paypal Id and like many other websites, I noticed that there is a minimum amount you need to earn before you can cash out.

I really liked that one can go for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments. Once your earning reaches the minimum amount, before the payment date, they are automatically credited to your Paypal account.

They will reflect the name of Bryxen Software on your Paypal payment. Check out the following proof. These guys do actually pay!

iWriter Review


Get Content:          iWriter Review

Even though I was tempted to write some articles right away, I clicked the ‘Get Content’ button to figure out the process. There are four options to get content-article, article re-writes, Kindle book and E-book.

It is recommended to write a clear project description because later on when I checked the ‘Write Content’ section, I found misleading descriptions which made it difficult for me to fully understand and write.

Adding the category, article purpose and special instructions would show that you’re serious about getting quality content and would attract only serious writers.


iWriter Review


Now comes in the cost. It all depends on the quality of content required. First and foremost, I tried the Basic level which cost me $3 dollars for a 500-word article. To be honest, the quality wasn’t bad at all and it was worth the compensation I offered.

Next up was the Premium level which really showed that these writers had earned their ratings through sheer hard work. iWriter charged me $5.50 for the article. (The rates that I’ve just mentioned are the minimum).

The content that I got was superb and didn’t need any editing at all!

If you think a particular writer has done an exceptional job, you can add him/her to your favorites list and submit future projects to those writers only.

Work out a plan for your content needs and then budget accordingly. You will need to add money to the iWriter account based on your needs.




Write Content:          iWriter Review


I saved the best for the last because this is where the entire action takes place. There is no bidding process on the projects. If your rank matches the project requirement then you can start right away.

I was really happy to see that even the standard writers could begin without any delay. The projects below are for Elite and Premium writers and it might take at least 30 reviews to become a 4 star Premium writer.

I wrote several articles. You can write the article on the website and save it to continue later. You can work on only one project at a time so don’t try to add more projects.

Gone are the days of article spinning so beware as the website has Anti Plagiarism embedded in it.
After submitting the writing project, I was requested for minor changes so be prepared for any changes. Several clients accepted my article right away and rated me very well.

One particular client didn’t check the article so the money got credited after 3 days which I think is fair but I didn’t get any rating for it.

I recommend that standard writers focus on articles with lower word limits. Also, check the approval rate of the client. If it is less than 75%, don’t take the chance or your article may get rejected.

A specific client rejected my article after several re-writes and finally rejected the article. Later on, I checked that his approval rate was 52%.

One article rejection brought down my rating. It was quite frustrating! This is the only thing that iWriter can’t control.

Clients reject articles without giving any proper reason so prefer to work for clients having high approval rates.

Rest is fine. Keep writing and build your reputation till you qualify for the higher bracket. Soon you’ll be earning enough to pay your bills. I can’t really comment right now if you can make it your main source of income.


Bonus:          iWriter Review

There is a fast track program for the standard writers which takes you from zero to hero in a matter of few days. You will just have to submit three articles which will be evaluated by their team.


iWriter Review


I don’t recommend this as you never know how strict their evaluation process be. Just stick to the normal procedure and resist the temptation to become a premium writer using the shortcut method.

Altogether, iWriter is good to go. There are some minor glitches here and there but rest is just perfect. You can’t really complain because at least you’ll be getting steady work.

Unlike other freelancing platforms where there is a race to bid and no work at all. If you encounter any problem, raise a ticket and they’ll get back to you within a few days.

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We hope you found this article useful and informative as always. Do leave your valuable comments below.

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