16 January 2021
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Importance of keywords in SEO of Your Blog – Does it Matter

Just like how location matters the most for the success of a shop or establishment, it is very important for your content to appear in the very first page of any search engine result. And unless that happens, the traffic to your blog will always be limited to just your social circles.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is in simple words what helps you make that happen.

Importance of keywords in SEO of Your Blog - Does it Matter


Better SEO gives your blog a better search ranking and ignoring the importance of keywords in SEO of your blog is a rookie mistake you shouldn’t make.

No matter how good your content is, you can’t climb up that rankings ladder unless you find and use the right keywords.

It is these keywords that decide whether your blog will be found by users searching for related content.


Now that you have understood the importance of keywords in SEO of your blog, the next big challenge is choosing the right keywords most appropriate for your blog.

There are a bunch of things to keep in your mind while you do so –


Choosing popular and commonly searched words as keywords could help you get a better ranking but it also has a downside to it.

The popularity of such keywords makes it highly competitive with a large number of sites using it. You would find it really hard to beat the rankings of well-established sites.

Keywords that are too unpopular also pose a risk as users seldom search for it. Thus, finding the right balance between the two is what is important here.


Using a more specific longer phrase of the commonly used keywords also called long tail keywords could yield you better results. This would help reduce the competition and effectively improve your rankings.

For example, instead of using a keyword like “SEO keywords” it is better to use something like “how keywords help with SEO”. The latter is what you should be optimizing for and not the former.

Importance of keywords in SEO of Your Blog - Does it Matter

A catchy post title surely makes the article attractive and attention grabbing but could result in a lower search ranking as it isn’t the words the user will be searching for in the search bar.

Hence, it is very important to add related keywords in the blog post title otherwise limit your catchy titles to just sub-headings and keep the main title as simple and straight-forward as possible.


Compile an initial list of keywords, prepare a list of related terms by running it through the Google Keyword Selection Tool and choose the best based on its popularity and competition.


You could also take assistance of experts to help you with finding the best keywords. There are softwares available that could assist you with the same based on conditions and details input by you.

Wordstream’s Keyword tool, KeywordTool and Soovle are free software’s that you should definitely check out.

Ubersuggest is another such tool that helps you find out different variations of the original keyword.

How Important Are Keywords in SEO
importance of keywords in SEO of your blog

SEMrush, Twinword Ideas are paid software’s for the same are the ones I consider to be the best in business.


The importance of keywords in the SEO of your blog does not end with just choosing the best ones. Placement of the same is almost as important as choosing itself.

The keywords could be implemented into the blog through the following elements in a blog –


Try and blend whole or part of the keywords into the Post Title. But be extra sure that the title still remains very relevant to the content and doesn’t confuse viewers.


Keywords chosen and used should be relevant to the content and wedged into the narrative naturally. It is important to make sure that it doesn’t stick out as a sore thumb.

The recent google updates make sure that the oldest SEO trick of stuffing the content with keywords does not work anymore.

Artificial inclusion of the keywords will be detected by the search engines and your blog might end up getting a lower ranking.


Adding links to your blog and its contents and using suitable keywords in the anchor text of those links is another effective method to place the keywords.

It will help boost your rankings provided the links are relevant to the content and blog.


Most people upload images into the blog with default file names like image001.jpg and their likes.

But now that you understand the importance of keywords in SEO of your blog, make sure that you rename them with keywords relevant to both the image and the respective blog content. A valid file name should look like this – “importance-of-keywords.jpg”.

This would boost the rankings in ‘google images’ searches and could ultimately lead to more traffic to your blog.


Keywords could also be used in internal links and navigation buttons of the blog. This should be done at the designing stage of the blog.

  • URLS

Keywords could be included in the page’s URL too. This has proven to one of the most effective SEO methods lately.

Importance of keywords in SEO of Your Blog - Does it Matter


Do not choose too many keywords. Five or less could be termed as an apt number. What is important here is that you should focus on optimizing those few chosen keywords.


The undeniable importance of keywords in SEO of your blog makes it fitting to say that keywords hold the key to making an article SEO friendly.

Only an SEO friendly blog can attract some decent traffic. And traffic is to your blog what customers are to a trading concern. Without it, the time, effort and money you invest into your blog become pointless.

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We hope you found this article on “Importance of keywords in SEO of your blog” useful and informative as always. Do leave your valuable comments below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

importance of keywords in SEO of your blog
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    This is a great article. SEO 101 for those who are limited on knowledge of the subject. Very competitive market to try and getting views, so the best advice is be smart about it.

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    Its true that keywords are important part of digital marketing strategy & you have explained it in a very informative & interesting way.

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    The search engine optimization should be done entirely on the basis of keywords. If you select the right words at the start, the whole campaign will be organized with trending topics. And if any mistake is done then the entire campaign will lose the effect.

    I came to know about, how important it is to be careful not to overstuff the keywords. The perfect combination of the keywords with the title, metatitle, heading and subheading and in the body of the text can only make the post appear on the first page of the search engine results.

    Keywords are the backbone of all the Digital Marketing Activities including SEO, Social Media, PPC, etc. I believe regular monitoring of keyword is also as important as finding it. Really interesting Keyword Tips. Your post is awesome I really appreciate it, thanks.

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