15 July 2024
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How Voice Search Will Influence SEO in 2019 and Beyond

How Voice Search Will Influence SEO in 2018 and Beyond

Google has been regularly updating its search engines with regular updates to improve users’ search results. Considering voice search vs text search, according to Sundar Pichai, 1/5th of Google queries are done through voice-activated search.


Voice search is more convenient than typing out words and the queries are much faster also. It has taken over due to Artificial Intelligence Assistants, such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. All one has to do is to click on the microphone in the search bar and speak out the search words.



While optimizing for voice search, it is important to consider how voice search will impact your strategy for SEO success. Here are some techniques to help you face the evolution to voice search and ok Google.


Voice Search Vs. Text Search


Voice search generally offers more accurate results from search engines. As a result, you get relevant response for your queries, rather than unwanted or unrelated links.


For example, if a person wants to know about Mark Zuckerberg, he will probably type in the name as a keyword while making a text search. On the other hand, you will merely ask ‘ Who is Mark Zuckerberg’ in case of a voice search, so you get more accurate results.


Voice Search is different from Text Search in that:


  • It makes use of conversational words
  • Queries are related to local content
  • It requires immediate and specific results


Use Question Form to be prepared for Future of Voice Search


Voice Search works best when used in the form of a question. This is because most users using this mode of search use it for asking questions like which is the nearest restaurant or who is the author of this book and so on.

future of voice search

Consider Micro Moments for Voice Search Optimization


The suffix ‘near me’ is baked in Google results, so as a brand you have a better chance of getting hold of Micro moments. Rethink your ad strategy and personalize it for micro moments searches. It means that the user makes a quick query to take immediate action on something that he needs right then, say selecting a restaurant or booking a ticket.


Users are looking for specific, accurate and personalized answers with voice search. Brands must think of the particular customer at that particular moment, rather than think about mass consumers. Let me explain this better.


If someone is looking for your particular brand, he probably wants one that is near him and not a general location all over the country and If someone asks ‘Which is the best toothpaste’, you have to give him one answer not a hundred different options. Brands must give customers one specific result or one answer for that micro moment in a voice activated search.



Importance of FAQ Page


Voice search usually begins with the prefix ‘Who’ Why’ How’ ‘What’ ‘Where’ When’ and so on. The result has to answer a specific need. How to optimize for voice search?


In order to do this, you need to create an FAQ page and your questions must begin with these above mentioned adverbs. You can then answer the FAQs with conversational or casual language in order to suit the voice search queries.


Using Longtail Keywords


how to optimize for voice search


The user is not looking for a search result with a wide or vast content. It has to be specifically related to his particular query.


A longtail keyword contains several words with a general head term and a few additional keywords.


For instance, if you are looking for a nearby burger shop in Orange County, the keyword would have to contain ‘burger’ as the head term, with ‘best burger Orange California; burger shop Orange; burger shop near the water ‘and so on.


Short keywords are not useful for voice search, as we talk differently from what we type. We use a casual, conversational phrase, longtail keywords, prefixed with Hey Alexa or Hey Siri.



Micro Data Details


SEO strategy must include phrases that describe the nearby location or neighborhood. Include Landmarks near your business location, some local institutions, phrases that are used for describing your neighborhood. A ‘near me’ in the title tag or in the meta description is a good idea. Boost your SEO strategy with Schema Markup.


Natural Language


Instead of typing out ‘Classy Black Dress’ the query in voice search will probably be ‘where can I find the best black dress for a party near me’.


If you type out words, you probably use cryptic language, such as Delhi weather today. In a voice search, you’re more likely to ask ‘What is the weather like in Delhi today’.


Use of natural language in keywords is a must to keep up with voice search trends and remain relevant on search engines.


Get on Board


voice search optimization


Google Voice search will have a terrific impact on your SEO strategy and voice search is on the rise.  Your content has to more user centric and more specific. Ensure that your site has a good speed and quick loading times.


As a brand, you need to get a solid hold on voice search NOW. Voice search is impacting customer search behavior in a big way, so as a marketer you cannot lag behind.


We are now in the age of AR and voice search. It is no longer a fad but here to stay. With such a phenomenal increase in voice search, it is critical that you optimize your SEO strategy to suit the future.


More businesses are being conducted using mobile phones, so voice search will play a more dominant role in the future.


With voice search, people are looking for direct answers to their queries so you need to create a well thought out strategy for your SEO. So focus your SEO strategy on voice searches and up your game to stay ahead of the curve. Voice Search is the future of Search.


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How Voice Search Will Influence SEO

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