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How to Use Emails to Improve Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Use Emails to Improve Digital Marketing Strategy

Emails are one of the best means for digital marketing strategy implementation and practice. Although there were many predictions that with the emergence of other social media platforms, emails would become obsolete but in the last few years:

The benefits of email marketing have been immense.

However, it is important that effective email marketing strategies are used in order to ensure its optimum utilization.

In order to create the most effective email marketing strategy, it is important to first understand:

  • What is email marketing?

Email marketing is when a company sends out a large number of emails to its clients in the form of newsletters, advertisements, requests for business or sales.

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It is an effective means to communicate with clients and keeping in touch with them.

Nonetheless, planning a digital marketing strategy plays a vital role in deciding if you will be able to launch a successful digital marketing strategy or not.

#1) Your Digital Marketing Strategy Must Include a Segmented Email List

First and foremost, if you plan to use emails as your digital marketing strategy, you ought to segment subscribers on various criteria. Depending on your products or services, you can divide them into age groups or according to their professions or sometimes hobbies.

This will save you from becoming yet another spamming emails agency. So then you can group your emails according to the perceived interests of your subscribers.

If it is a press release, you would try to send it to media personnel only and not to everyone who has subscribed to your website.

According to Sarah Vandenberg, different people have different types of interests so it is important to segment them according to some basic criteria. These criteria can be based on age group or interests.

Therefore, for example, you can try to send them emails with discount coupons or promotional codes.

#2) Design E-Mails That Can Fit all Kinds of Devices

This is perhaps the most important aspect in current times while creating a digital marketing strategy because most people own smartphones and some also use tablets to check their emails.

According to a research done by Litmus, nearly 60% of Americans own a smartphone and almost 71% of those smartphone owners delete their emails without reading if they are not displayed properly on their mobile phones.

Therefore, if you don’t want that your emails are deleted right away; your digital strategy plan must include having an eye-catching email that has an equal visual appeal on all kinds of devices alike.

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As your email marketing best practices, you must always check your emails on all kinds of devices ranging from Android to Windows or even iPhones.

With a short guide from SendPulse, you’ll be able to create an HTML email that can be viewed on any device.

Moreover, you also need to check on all kinds of email service providers like Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo etc.

These are some of the marketing basics that decide the success of your digital marketing strategy.

#3) Your Digital Marketing Strategy Must Give You a Scope for Reply When an Email is Sent Out

One of the most important email marketing tips is that you must always give an option to your prospective clients to reply to the emails.

As a good digital media marketing strategy, you should not use those “no reply” emails to send out bulk emails to your prospective clients.

Most people prefer to get an email from a real person so that in case they have any queries, they can directly reply to them and ask about it.

It is a common logic that most people would be too lazy to log into the website, find the contact person and then write an email or a query to them, therefore, always get a real person to send these emails.

It is one of the important digital marketing tactics that you must ensure to include in your digital marketing strategy.

#4) Send Personalized Emails

One of the interesting digital marketing ideas is to keep the emails as personalized and customized to the customer’s needs as possible.

To begin with, this can be done using the first name of the customers.

Also, you can use the information of the customers purchasing a pattern to make the emails more and more personalized by giving them information about offers that they might appreciate rather than sending out some generic emails.

It can play a vital role in encouraging loyalty amongst customers. This point was reinforced by a study, which showed that 74% of the online consumers actually found it annoying to get so many irrelevant promotional emails.

Therefore, it is again an email marketing best practice, to ensure that your customers are happy with the kind of advertising emails that they receive.

#5) Have a Catchy Subject Line

The first thing that people see is the subject line and most of the time it is the deciding factor to ensure if your customers are going to read the rest of the email or not.

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Therefore, there has to be a perfect crafting and designing of the subject line which is catchy enough to ensure that the customer opens the email and does not send it straight to the trash.

Hence, creating a catchy subject line must be a priority while designing the perfect digital marketing strategy.

#6) Clearly Defined Message

Before you send out an email, you must always be clear about the message that you plan to send out along with your email.

This clarity would only come if your goals in the digital marketing strategy are defined properly. You don’t want to end up sending emails that are all over the place and does not have a clear purpose or message.

If you lack this, no matter how creative your designs or banners or even the language is, the emails would not be effective and will not be able to solve the purpose.

#7) Preview Pane Must Cover The Important Part of Your Message

If you have a crisp and clear goal in mind, you must aim to ensure that the preview pane of the email covers the essence of the things that you want to put across.

Some of the examples of digital marketing strategies in this category are when you receive emails about a donation for calamities.

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They don’t focus a lot on the banners and designs but try to cover all important aspects of the message in the preview pane.

A lot of people don’t like to open the emails so they just go through the preview pane to decide if they would eventually like to open the email at all. Hence you need to be very careful with your digital marketing strategy.


Hence, these are some of the basics for developing a digital strategy by using emails.

There are definitely various types of digital marketing platforms but emails have always been the best means to reach out to the masses.

However, it is definitely important to keep some of the above-mentioned points in mind to have the best digital marketing strategy that can help your business grow faster.

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This article is like a quick cheat sheet that involves some crucial digital marketing tactics on writing, crafting and designing your emails.

These seven points can be your guiding force to develop a digital marketing framework and once you have this sorted; you can keep crafting your digital marketing strategy framework in the best way possible.

How to Use Emails to Improve Digital Marketing Strategy
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