24 May 2024
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How to Use Business Networking Sites for Career Growth


So, you’re looking for new and creative ways to grow both your career and your personal brand in 2022. You haven’t really been super active on the internet before, but you know that in order to succeed in today’s day and age, you need to change that.

Perhaps you’re already on social media sites but aren’t seeing the type of results that you want to. You want to make a change so you can have thousands of followers but you don’t exactly know what you need to do to reach that goal.

Well, business networking sites and social media sites aren’t as complicated as they may appear. And if you know what to do, and what not to do, you can find a ton of success using these platforms to reach new heights in your career.

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So, what are some basic tips and tricks that you can use to:

  • Get the most out of social media websites?
  • What social media websites should you be using anyway?
  • And how can you get thousands of followers fast?

We’ve got the answers to those questions, and any more you may be asking yourself, in this article! Now then, let’s get started!

Make the Most out of LinkedIn

When it comes to business networking sites, none are as big as LinkedIn. As of 2020, LinkedIn has over 600 million users, all of whom are trying to make connections in their respective fields.

So, if you aren’t on LinkedIn, you need to fix that right away. Setting up a profile is easy, no more complicated than a profile for a typical social media website.

You will need to have your resume handy, however, so you can tell everyone about your educational background, skills, and work experience.

Once you’re on LinkedIn, be sure to get the most out of the platform. Share articles about yourself or your work so that potential employers can see that you’re thriving in your field.

And when you finally make some connections, be sure to leave a reference for those individuals. Not only are you helping out a friend by doing this, but you’re encouraging them to do the same for you as well.

Pick the Right Platforms to Invest In

We’ve officially reached the point where there are too many social media websites. There are over a hundred, and if you aren’t careful, you can end up wasting a bunch of time on one that won’t help you get the results you’re looking for.

With that being said, there are four major social media websites that you should stick with: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

It’s worth pointing out at this point that you do not have to be active on all four platforms. Picking one or two that others in your field have had success on is more than enough for you to see positive results.

To piggyback off that last point, try looking up some coworkers on these platforms and take notes on what they’re doing. You may notice that nobody has a Facebook page or profile, which means it might not be worth your time to create one.

You also might see that everyone does really well on Instagram. While this can be intimidating at first, you’ll know that Instagram is for sure a platform that you should explore in the near future.

Yes, Facebook Is Still Useful

As we touched on earlier, for some fields, Facebook pages and profiles might not be that useful anymore. But for the majority of people, you’ll find that Facebook is more than worth taking advantage of.

Remember, there are roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2021. So regardless of what you do for a living, you should be able to find tons of potential customers and clients on the site.

If you do decide that Facebook is for you, take some time to figure out if you need a Facebook page or profile. The two are different, and depending on what you do, one might work better for you than the other.

This is again a great time to see what others in your field are doing. You may notice that everyone has traditional Facebook profiles instead of pages, which means that’s probably the route you should take, too.

Instagram Can Truly Change Your Life

While Instagram isn’t the most popular social media website out there today, it still has over 1 billion active monthly users. And while that number is still incredibly high, that isn’t what makes Instagram so useful for certain people in particular fields.

Instagram is a very simple, easy-to-use platform. Posting pictures with captions is a part of Facebook, but it’s really all that Instagram is. So, if you’re not tech-savvy, you may find Instagram to be easier to use.

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Also, Instagram offers its users a variety of tools that make it perfect for business use. For instance, you can link an item in a post and Instagram users can purchase it right from within the app itself.

Of course, making it easy for people to buy goods can make it that much easier for you to sell them. And the audience that you can reach on Instagram is so massive that you can sell a ton more goods than you would if you only use your own online store.

If you plan on selling goods via Instagram, be sure to sign up for a business profile, as this option isn’t available for traditional accounts. And if you already have a traditional account that you’ve been building up, no worries, you can transfer it into a business account pretty easily.

It’s a Good Idea to Master Video Content

Regardless of what social media websites you decide to use, it’s a really good idea to master video content early on. People very much enjoy watching videos, and if you can learn how to make them, you can stand out from the crowds on various social media sites.

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Whiteboard videos, for example, get great results and are easy to make or affordable to outsource. And regardless of what you do for a living, it’s not too hard to come up with a video idea that everyone will love.

Also, people love to save Twitter videos and reuse them later. So, you can continue to reach new people for years after you post a video, which of course is a good thing.

Set Yourself up for Success Early On

There are indeed a few things that you can do to make your profiles look professional and memorable. And if you set your profiles up the right way early on, you can even grow faster too, which is what you want.

A few pro tips? First, be sure to set up every single profile or page the exact same on each site. Using the same name, picture, and URL will help people find you easier.

Try to be active each day and remain professional at all times. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to show a bit of your personality so people can get to know the real you a bit better.

Link to Your Website or Store

Last but not least, at the center of your social media marketing strategy should be your traditional website or store. Having something to link social media users to on every single profile can be helpful if they decide they want to know more about you.

Also, you can link your social media websites on your website and get more followers as people browse your site and see your profiles listed.

Doing both of these things can help you grow both your website and your social media accounts. And if you’ve got ads or products on your site, you can even start driving enough traffic to your site to start making some serious cash.

How to Use Business Networking Sites to Grow Your Career

Well, there you have it! That is an in-depth guide on how to use business networking sites, as well as social media websites, to grow your career! So, as long as you keep these ideas in mind, you should be able to find the results you’re looking for in a hurry!

Remember, LinkedIn is an absolute must, regardless of what you do for a living. The big four – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, are all worth checking out, too.

When you’re setting up profiles, or editing an existing one, be sure to set yourself up for success. Use a professional headshot, provide plenty of information, and post often so people know to check your accounts daily.

Looking for more ways you can take your career to the next level? Check out our blog!

Business Networking Sites for Career Growth
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