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How to Get Started with Home Based Call Center Jobs

How to Get Started with Home Based Call Center Jobs

There are many call center jobs you can do from home, which includes telemarketing jobs as well. You can apply for customer service jobs available in the form of remote call center jobs. Most of the positions are available through BPOs or business process outsourcing companies.


Many companies directly hire call center representatives (for example Hilton Hotels); whereas others contract it to BPOs, who then offer the service to their clients charging a fee for it.


Get Started with Home Based Call Center Jobs


Learning Points


  • what is a virtual call center
  • What are home based call center jobs
  • Qualifications needed for Call Center Jobs from Home


Beginners Guide to Work from Home Call Center Jobs


Virtual Call Center Jobs


What is a virtual call center? There are many office opportunities for call center representatives.


However, many BPOs as well as other companies also offer virtual jobs, where you can work from home instead of in a traditional brick and mortar building.


The work in virtual call center jobs is the same, as you will be offering customer service; assistance; tech support etc. from your home. A good source for finding such jobs is Indeed.



The Job


Typically, call center representatives are the ones you talk to when you have issues, meaning they are customer service agents.


There are also options for telemarketing jobs from home along with online order processing jobs from home, assisting people in their complaints, providing information on products/services of the company, etc.


These jobs are found typically in retail business; hospitality industry likes restaurants and resorts; (for example, you could work from home taking food orders); insurance companies; legal companies; tech support and so on, with different job titles.


You might be speaking with these reps when you make a reservation at the airlines or when you place a call to your bank. So you can work from home taking reservations.




These call centers are open throughout the day, so you could ask for a suitable work time for such online jobs, such as early mornings or late in the evening, if you already have a day job.


That’s the advantage of work at home jobs like a home-based call center representative. It’s a great option if you are looking out for part time jobs from home.


Qualifications/Requirements for Call Center Jobs from Home


Most of the home-based call center jobs do not need any college degree. A high school level of education is more than sufficient for an at home call center representative.


However, if you have a college certificate or relevant experience, you can land a better home-based job in this sector.



Equipment Needed for Stay at Home Call Center Jobs


Most companies specify the equipment or the supplies that you will need as home-based call center agents.


However, whether you are hired as an employee or as a contractor, you need the following for home call center jobs:


  • PC or a laptop (Some companies don’t allow Mac computers)
  • Headsets, Sound card, speakers for all online call center jobs
  • Virus protection
  • Necessary software, OS versions, Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat Reading
  • Internet Service (some companies provide reimbursement), but it is a must for virtual call center jobs
  • Land line phone
  • Skype or a similar service
  • Email account
  • Printer (Maybe)


Importance of Location


You can check out the entire list of call center companies who are hiring all over the country, or you can narrow it down by State, when searching for work at home call center jobs.


It makes sense to take on a job within your state for call center jobs. Location is important in case the company is hiring you as an employee.


In fact, many companies are insistent on you living within a certain radius, especially for hiring as employees.



How to Find a Call Center Job


For instance, you can access alorica website, a BPO firm, and apply for the call center home agent’s job after going through the eligibility process.


You can check out the pay, the benefits, the opportunities they offer, whether employee or an independent contractor, whether they offer any training or tutorials about their services.


Once you complete the application for the work from home call center jobs, you may have to go through some tests on your skills and will then receive the offer.


Some of the companies conduct a criminal background checking or a drug test for call center jobs.


Are you Suitable?


If you are working on at home call center jobs, patience is a must.


According to Gartner, 89% companies are now competing with the major factor being customer experience, as against 36% some years ago.


As an agent, you must possess the following skill-sets:


  • Patience (Let me give you a fair warning: People are going to be complaining and screaming at you. If you’re an irritable person, this job is just not for you.)


Requirements for Call Center Jobs from Home


  • Ability to solve problems efficiently and effectively
  • Provide timely and correct information when working in home based call center jobs
  • Go through proper training
  • Gift of the gab/friendliness (No sarcasm)




As far as the payment goes, all companies may not pay you the minimum wages for call center jobs. The reason is that you may be hired as a contractor and not as an employee.


As a virtual call center representative, you could probably make around $10 to $14 per hour if you are working in customer service jobs in some of the best virtual call center companies.


However, the good news is that some of the jobs are commission based, so you can make more money if you are good at salesmanship. Also, you can make more money if you are bilingual.



Wrap Up


Call center jobs offer a great opportunity to earn from the comfort of your home. However, you must be alert to signs of any scam, as there are plenty of con artists out there willing to take you for a ride.


The field is constantly expanding and more companies will be requiring the services of a call center agent to help them manage their calls.


Virtual customer service jobs are considered one of the best, as it is expected that the demand will grow rapidly by about 10% in the coming years (Bureau of Labor Statistics)


Most companies offer online training for free. If you were a stay at home mom, a student or a retiree, I’d say it’s a great opportunity to make a substantial income.


How to Get Started with Home Based Call Center Jobs

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