1 December 2021
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How to Start an Online Clothing Store: 6 Tips


Since the pandemic forced people to stay at home whenever possible, consumers are becoming more comfortable purchasing clothing items they’ve never seen or tried on beforehand.

In the United States alone, online clothing purchases account for around 29 percent of all fashion retail purchases – and the market is still growing. According to Statista, the online global fashion market is predicted to rise to a staggering $872 billion by 2023.

Here are six of the best tips to make sure you get a piece of this emerging market.

#1. Package and Ship Your Products Efficiently

Two of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to ship clothing items to your customers are to cut down on excess packaging and find a reliable courier service.

When packing clothing, avoid extra cushioning and use the smallest package available – buying poly mailers wholesale will reduce unnecessary packaging weight and cut costs because you’ll be buying in bulk.

Choose a courier company by comparing prices from several courier services. Generally, domestic shipping companies will be the least expensive.

If you are shipping internationally, the flat rate for USPS Priority Mail International will be the cheapest option – however, be aware that it’s not always the fastest or most reliable way to ship packages across borders.

Tips Opening Online Clothing Store

#2. Make Customer Support a Priority

To foster brand loyalty among your consumers, you must offer excellent online customer support services. It is vital that your customers feel supported throughout the entire process right from the beginning.

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Offering support in the way of a direct communication line (such as a live chat) that’s available when your customers land on your page is tremendously helpful – you can offer undecided customers product advice, help consumers navigate your site, and guide them through the payment and shipping process.

Guaranteeing after-sale support and troubleshooting can help convert first-time customers into a returning client base.   

#3. Determine Your Ideal Target Audience

If you don’t know who your client base is, you’ve already overlooked a vital step in business planning that should have been conducted during the initial phase.

To sell your clothes you’ll need to determine exactly who your target market is, define their buyer persona, and anticipate their needs.

For instance, if your target audience is eco-conscious millennials, you would design your website accordingly and emphasize your mission to supply sustainable fashion items to make your products more appealing.

If your shop sells baby clothes, you will need to appeal to the parents who will buy them. You wouldn’t use edgy vernacular in your product descriptions or try to market your items to teenagers.

#4. Structure Your Online Store Carefully

Something online clothing retailers struggle with is structuring their clothing categories effectively. To make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for, you should organize your products accordingly.

For example, classifying your clothing items by gender and then by a subcategory – like shoes or accessories – makes it easier for your customers to get to what they want with just a few clicks without having to sort through pages and pages of irrelevant products.

#5. Focus on Descriptions and Product Photography

Optimizing your photos and product descriptions is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from your competitors, keep your customers engaged, and make conversions.

For product photos, it’s more appealing to look at clothes being modeled by another person – so take photos of someone posing from every possible angle to make the item shine. Take close-ups of textures, patterns, stitching, and other features.

Go into as much detail as possible in your product descriptions and keep your target audience in mind. Describe the item’s texture, color, and when it can be worn. Remember, your customers are relying on your product descriptions and photos to make an informed purchasing decision – so don’t skimp on the details.

#6. Provide Popular Payment Options

If you have an online store, you can’t turn a profit without payments. Making sure that you offer multiple payment options will make sure that the payment process is easier for your customers.

PayPal is the most popular payment option because it is available worldwide and has good customer support. Other options to include are credit and debit card payments from global vendors, digital wallets, and direct bank deposits. The more options you include the higher the chances that a customer will complete the sale. Another helpful payment feature to include on your website is allowing customers to save their items and payment information to make future purchases faster and easier.

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