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How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website – 10 Quick Ways

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website - 10 Quick Ways

WordPress is a common platform used by many organizations and individuals to build their website. However, many face the problem of slow page load speed that makes visitors unhappy with the site performance.

How to speed up your wordpress website is something that many have struggled with. The dissatisfied visitors are not likely to revisit the site again resulting in huge business loss.

Almost 50 percent of people do not visit a site again that takes more than three seconds to load.

Buyers visiting the various e-commerce websites are the most impatient lot, so if you are hosting your e-commerce website on WordPress, it is very important to increase speed of WordPress and ensure that your website loads within three seconds.

Even the ranking of a site on Google goes down if the page speed  of WordPress is low which ultimately leads to less traffic. But, you can easily avoid these problems by taking all the right precautions. Speeding up your wordpress website, a very informative article by Marcus Taylor you must go through.

Here is a list of steps that you can take to speed up your WordPress website and to speed up WordPress site load time are low and your visitors stay happy.

  1. Opt For a Good Web Hosting Provider to Speed up your WordPress Website

The speed of a hosting website is significantly influenced by the web-hosting provider. To save costs and to get unlimited space and bandwidth, many choose to go with a shared host.

It is not only cheaper, but also brings a huge amount of traffic. However, its biggest drawback is frequent breakdowns and slow site speed during peak hours.

BlueHost Web Hosting for Your WordPress Website

So to speed up your WordPress website, you must invest in proper hosting providers such as WP Engine which is fast and comes with top-notch support.

There are dedicated cloud servers as well, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Engine and more that you can purchase for a nominal price.

  1. Reduce the Number and Size of the Images Used

Images used in webpages are one of the major contributors of slow page downloads.

To speed up your WordPress website, use an image optimizer, WordPress speed optimization tips and plugins to decrease the size of images used in webpages without bargaining on quality.

Using plugins allows you to reduce the size of all images automatically as soon as they are uploaded. You can simultaneously check out the best wordpress plugins to make your website run efficiently and smoothly.

  1. Optimize Database Tables

Optimizing your database tables is important to free up space and to keep the database running efficiently and to increase speed of WordPress site.

It can be either done manually or with a plugin. Some of the tools that can be used for this purpose include WP-Optimize and WP-DBManager.

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

  1. Choose a Lightweight WordPress Framework

Selecting a framework that contains widgets, sliders and other dynamic elements, although maybe very pleasing to the eye, but it can seriously slow down your webpage.

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

To speed up your WordPress website, you must use lightweight themes such as the default themes available in WordPress.

If you have a feature-rich website to make WordPress website faster, it is better to opt for a theme that uses a good framework such as Bootstrap.

  1. Make Use of a Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network allows visitors to download all your static files quickly by serving the files on servers.

Almost all organizations and individuals using WordPress use this feature for speeding their WordPress blog. There are WordPress site speed test plugin available to do the same.

  1. Reduce HTTP Request

Each time you get a visitor on your site, JavaScript library references, CSS files and images are sent to the visitor’s browser.

To speed up your WordPress website, you must cut down the number of items in your site’s webpages; reduce the number of HTTP requests needed to render a page, as a result speeding up load times.

You can do this by combining files such as scripts and CSS and having a simple web design.

  1. Turn off Trackbacks and Pingbacks

WordPress communicates with other blogs and articles that are equipped with trackbacks and pingbacks. So, each time someone mentions your blogpost, it alerts your site, which in turn updates data on the post. Keeping them on can put an adverse amount of strain on your server.

  1. Include Lazyload to all Your Images

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

With LazyLoad only those images are loaded, which are above the fold load. The other images begin to load only when the user scrolls down.

Lazyload will not only speed up your page loads, it also saves bandwidth by loading less data for users who do not scroll all the way down.

  1. Minify JavaScript, CSS and HTML

Get rid of all white space from the source code as much as possible. As long as the codes are valid and are executed without any bugs, the servers will work without any glitches.

Use WordPress speed up website plugin such as W3 Total Cache or WP Minify Fix instead of manually sifting through the entire code.

  1. Ensure That External Scripts Are at Their Lowest

Using external scripts on web pages adds a big amount of data to the total loading time. So, to speed up your WordPress website, it is better to use only the essential scripts such as commenting systems or tracking tools.

The most beneficial aspect of reducing your website’s loading time is that it will help improve the user-experience immensely.

The advantages of adopting these measures are the same for both PCs and mobile devices and it will also enhance your rankings in the SERPs.

Faster site-loading speed and reduced bandwidth usage on the client side will only help you both in the short as well as the long run.

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How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

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