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How to Pass Link Juice for a Better PageRank

Link juice is the power that every link possesses which it can pass on to another web page.

One of the benefits of internal linking is the passage of this power from one web page to another. It is important to understand how does link juice work to harness the power effectively.

It helps in increasing domain authority and improving search engine rankings. You will get more organic traffic and hence, better revenue.

Key Takeaways Of This Post

  • What Is Link Juice?
  • What Is Its Importance In SEO?
  • How Does Link Juice Flow?
  • How To Get Link Juice and Improve Its Flow?
How to Pass Link Juice for a Better Page Rank

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What Is Link Juice?

Every web page has an SEO value. All the web pages together form the SEO value of the website.

When you link one web page to another (internal link), you are passing the SEO value of the linking web page to the linked web page.

It is similar for external linking between two websites. This SEO value and power is called link juice.

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What Is The Importance Of Link Juice In SEO?

The purpose of getting backlinks and internal linking is to pass the link juice.

It is an important SEO factor that determines the PageRank and Domain Authority.

A high-quality link will give more juice than a low-quality link. Therefore, you must concentrate on quality not quantity.

Try to get quality backlinks for every web page rather than just homepage and link your high-quality web pages to low-quality web pages for better ranking on search engines and more organic traffic.

How Does Link Juice Flow?

There are various factors that determine the amount of juice that will flow through a link. Here are a few link juice examples to illustrate the factors clearly.

Factor 1 – Sharing Of Juice Percentage

Website W links to X and Y websites only. Therefore, X and Y will receive 50% of the link juice respectively. If W links to another website Z, then the percentage of juice comes down to 33% for all.

What Is Link Juice

(Source – www.woorank.com)

Factor 2 – Exclusivity Matters

Instead of getting multiple backlinks where the percentage of juice is likely to be low, try to get exclusive backlinks with nearly 100% juice from links. This is where internal link comes into play.

In internal linking, you are likely to receive 100% juice as your web pages are your exclusive property. It is recommended not to link your high-quality web pages with any external website.

You can let 100% juice flow to your other web pages for better ranking. This will lead to better PageRank of the web page and overall DA of the site.

how to get link juice

(Source – www.woorank.com)

Factor 3 – Do-Follow and No-Follow

Website W gives 2 Do-Follow backlinks to M and N websites and 1 No-Follow backlink to P.

P will receive 0% juice while M and N would receive 33% link juice instead of 50%. It is because the juice from links divides as per the number of links irrespective of the type of links.

Link Juice Transfer Do-Follow and No-Follow

(Source – www.latestseoinfo.wordpress.com)

Similarly, there are various other factors that determine the ranking on search engines due to link juice.

For example, there are two new websites A and B and website C is already established and has good PR and DA.

Case Study 1 – A has 4 backlinks and B has none and hence, A will have a better ranking.

Case Study 2 – A has 4 low-quality backlinks and B has 1 very high-quality backlink, B win’s on result pages.

Case Study 3 – A and B has an equal number of backlinks from same websites, but A has better internal linking, A wins again.

Case Study 4 – A has 4 shared backlinks from high-quality sites while B has one exclusive backlink from equally high-quality site, B will win due to 100% of juice passage while A is receiving 15-20% from its backlinks.

Case Study 5 – B has multiple high-quality backlinks and C has a handful of high-quality backlinks, better internal linking and most importantly, a better PR and DA. C will always win in such a scenario.

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How To Get Link Juice And Improve Its Flow?

#1. Internal Linking

Interlinking of pages is the best way of improving linkjuice flow.

Some of your web pages might have high PageRank and SEO metrics. You should find those and link them with other low PageRank web pages on your site that are relevant to them.

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It is time-consuming and rather difficult, and hence, most of the bloggers and website owners avoid it and end up ranking poorly.

How To Get Link Juice and Improve Its Flow

By internal linking, you are passing 100% juice to the inner pages that have low SEO metrics. It will also engage your readers as they are likely to check out other related articles and web pages. The bounce rate will improve significantly.

google link juice

(Source – www.hermish.com)

Internal Link Juice Tool – This is a great link juice checker tool where you have to provide your website or web page’s URL and PageRank to get different internal link SEO metrics. It also provides suggestions for improving your juice per link.

If you want to know the PageRank of your Website, you should use this PageRank Checker to find it out.

#2. External Linking

External linking is just as important as internal linking.

You need to form better SEO link building strategy to get high-quality backlinks rather than just buying backlinks. For this you can do:

  1. Guest posting
  1. Blog commenting
  1. Embed videos, and
  1. Creative images that will get shared

Do not try to get a backlink from web pages that already have too many outbound links or low search engine ranking. The reason is that the juice percentage is going to be very low to make an impact.

Avoid buying cheap and low-quality backlinks no matter how many you get.

Google Ranking and Links

(Source – www.moz.com)

#3. Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is the process of fixing the broken links and removing bad links.

You can find the backlinks through Moz Open Site Explorer and check if any low-quality and toxic link is pointing to your website. You can remove them using Google Disavow Tool.

Once you list them there, Google will not take those links into account while assessing your website. You can also follow their SEO strategy guide to form a better inbound link profile for your website.

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find the backlinks through Moz Open Site Explorer

To check broken links on your overall website or a single page, you can use Dead Link Checker.

#4. Epic Content

If you want high-quality backlinks without any external SEO work, then you should prepare some epic articles.

Epic posts are unique, and they contain interesting and exclusive material and graphical stuff. For example, an article based on case study and survey with an infographic will get hundreds of backlinks as popular websites are likely to use your stats and infographic on their websites.

#5. Spread Link Juice Concentration

When you buy high-quality backlinks from SEO experts, most of the links points to your home page. It will help in increasing your website’s PageRank and DA, but your inner pages will not get the boost.

Therefore, you should make an effort to spread the quality backlinks evenly on different pages. You will get dual benefits of a better web page and site PageRank.

Balanced link distribution is the key to getting unlimited traffic for different pages and widespread popularity of the website.

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#6. Avoid Irrelevant Site, Pages, and Contents

Avoid doing link building for your low-quality pages that have no significance like disclaimer page, privacy policy and likewise. You should never get a backlink from a site that has very low PageRank and other SEO metrics. Always try to link to relevant internal and external pages.

Similarly, you should ignore passing internal link juice to irrelevant contents. It will only reduce the juice percentage without achieving any objective. The same is applicable when it comes to external linking to irrelevant content pages.

Furthermore, avoid linking to web pages that are not indexed by the search engines and has no-follow attribute. Install Moz SEO Toolbar to find whether a website has do-follow or no-follow attribute.

Link exchange scheme is not a wise move as the give-and-take policy cancels the overall impact.

#7. Get a Sitemap

You need a have a proper sitemap on the homepage to show all your web pages. It helps the search engine crawlers to index your web pages better and understand your internal linking.

Hence, all the correct juice percentage from the links will be taken into consideration by the search engine crawlers for ranking.

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#8. Linking to Popular Pages on Social Media

Social media is increasingly becoming a very significant factor for deciding PageRank. Therefore, you should try to link to those web pages of external websites that are very popular on various social media platforms.

They are naturally more engaging, and you will get better link juice, and it will enhance your search engine ranking.

As a matter of fact, your Alexa Page Rank will increase significantly which is currently the best alternative metric to Google PageRank.

Wrapping Up

Link Juice is the answer to the question how to improve Google PageRank.

Design better internal linking strategy and get high-quality, relevant, and exclusive backlinks.

With time, your domain authority will also increase significantly. Check your internal link structure from time to time to remove bad links and discover opportunities to improve internal linking among web pages.

how does link juice work
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